The 1st Call of the Silver Hand!

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The 1st Call of the Silver Hand!

Post by Ruphuhell » Fri Mar 17, 2023 11:54 pm

The 1st Call of the Silver Hand
To all Paladins, Crusaders, Argent Dawn members and Knights of the Silver Hand, you are called to attend a convening of the Order of the Silver Hand on the evening of Wednesday, the Twenty-second of March at Northshire Abbey. We ask you to bring information of your activities to further our order's knowledge and understanding of worldly matters.
Event Details
Where- Northshire Abbey
When- 19:30 Server Time (Eastern Kingdoms) the 22th of March. 19:00 Gathering time.
IC Agenda
19:00-Drinks and conversation
19:30-Opening Speech and Prayer
A quick summary from Koldin Gaidlick about the topics to be discussed at the meeting, a recap of the days' agenda as well as information regarding the charitable gathering.
20:05- Reports from the other units
The leaders of the different units will give their reports
20:30- Short break
20:35- A continuation of reports
21:00- Prayers and Recess
The formalities of the meeting come a close. You may retire to the outside to discuss the reports, engage in training with your fellow knights, or perhaps slink off to Lion's Pride Inn for a bender or..other..activities?
An opportunity for you to corner the evening's speakers and have a few words with them about what they have said, or simply mingle and discuss with your fellow attendees.

Join the official Call of the Silver Hand Discord Server for more news!(
The Silver Hand has been presented as a very ceremonial faction since the early literature and even as the lore progressed further we can see that ceremony is still very important. I would like to see this represneted in the Call meetings.
The meeting takes place on the top floor of the hall of arms in Northshire Abbey. The speakers will - as usual - stand on the turn in the stairs to adress the chamber from below.
To represent this ceremonial order and hierarchy I would like for;
Squires and Recruits to stand against the banister closest to the top of the stairs,
Unit leaders (such as Guild Leaders) to stand against the banister farthest from the top of the stairs,
Inducted Silver Hand Paladins and other such Holy Light followers to stand on the side of the room to the right of the leaders.
Non-Paladins, civilians or other groups (E.g. mercenaries, rogues etc) to stand to the left side of the room.

What is the Call of the Silver Hand?
The Call of the Silver Hand is a ceremonial congregation of members of the Order of the Silver Hand. As the Call of the Silver Hand is a ceremonial event, all in attendance are expected to uphold the expectations of ceremonial etiquette with special exception given to ranks and titles.
The Call of the Silver Hand may be witnessed and may be addressed by any follower of the Church of the Holy Light and with the special permission of the Speaker of the Call any living individual may be given the opportunity to address the congregation of the Call.
A Call of the Silver Hand is traditionally hosted in the Hall of Arms of an Abbey. Now that I, Koldin Gaidlick, am acting as the Speaker for the Call of the Silver Hand for the foreseeable future, it is suitable to establish an etiquette for the Call meetings from now on to ensure a fair and decent commencement of proceedings.
A Call of the Silver Hand is begun through a welcoming prayer and speech by the Speaker of the meeting in which the agenda for the evening will be pronounced. All items on the agenda will have priority over items that are not on the agenda, therefore in order to secure an opportunity to address the congregation, addressers should approach the Speaker prior to the meeting.
During a Call of the Silver Hand questions of the addressers are not permitted. Questions of the Speaker are permitted when called for by the Speaker. Due to the time constraints placed upon a Call of the Silver Hand the word of the Speaker is final during the proceedings. All inducted members are welcome and encouraged to criticise the Speaker’s word after the meeting has concluded.
During a Call of the Silver Hand it is proper to address all inducted members of the congregation with respect. To this end the Speaker will address all members with the epithet “the exemplary”. Inducted members of the congregation are expected and encouraged to address attendant inducted members with the same epithet. The speaker will address all good attendees of the Call of the Silver Hand with the epithet “the honourable” or, in the case of members of nobility, “the right honourable”. All other titles, ranks, and epithets should not be observed starting from the beginning of the opening prayer to the conclusion of the closing prayer..

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