Keep Haste on Shroud of Haunted Torment

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Keep Haste on Shroud of Haunted Torment

Post by Ayesha » Mon May 20, 2024 10:40 am

In 1.17.2 Preliminary Itemization Changelog, we read:
"Shroud of Haunted Torment: Removed 2% Haste."

I suggest keeping 2% haste on the item and removing the 5% mana regen instead.

2% haste is currently not available on any valuble caster/healer item besides Intricate Gyroscope Goggles (that also has Equip: +26 ranged Attack Power and is not a valuable gear option because you lose crit that you could get with Mish'undare, Circlet of the Mind Flayer, druid and shaman 2,5, or aq40 head), Gloves of Unwinding Mystery (that would replace Gloves of Spell Mastery, and I don't know which caster that can afford the ladder would prefer the former) and Dreamthread Bracers (that is a part of a set of 4 items with 2 crit and 0 spellhit). While % mana regen bonuses are found in druid and priest tier pieces, as well as several blue healer items.

I would say in the current situation where we have plenty of shadow priests brought to raids who regen mana and we are able to rotate mana potions and teas, casters don't have a lot of mana issues. That makes 2% haste so much harder to replace and thus more valuable.

Haste for casters doesn't do much unless you are able to stack a lot of it. If you remove it from this item, stacking casting speed would just not be an option and force every caster to get Cloak of Consumption instead, which is already a highly contested item, and every healer to get Hide of the Wild. Having haste on the item allowed for alternative itemization and experimentation with haste builds which are unique to Turtle Vanilla experience.

Alternatively, you could consider adding a ring, neck, trinket, another cloak item with approx similiar values of 16 SP and 2% haste to the low tiers to allow for more gearing options for fresh casters or rework existing pieces such as Gyroscope Goggles to add something that would be more useful for casters.

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