Future Tier Sets and Shaman T2 3pc

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Future Tier Sets and Shaman T2 3pc

Post by Healingrain » Sun Feb 11, 2024 2:53 am

For those unfamiliar; Shaman T2 3pc is busted. It effectively gives Chain Heal a 147% spell coefficient on a 2.5 base cast time spell. For comparison, a base cast time spell of 2.5 usually has a 71.4% coefficient. If you take a 3.0 base cast and lower it to 2.5 with the common cast time reducing talent support you see for a lot of casters or healers, you get a 85.7% coefficient on a 2.5 second cast.

So T2 3pc is extremely good, and it obviously scales very well with gear. On Blizzard servers it was nerfed to 1/6th of its original value in Sunwell patch because the loss of hundreds of healing power and any other set bonuses from 3 slots of TBC gear was absolutely worth getting this insane spell coefficient. The same will be true of any future tier sets or healing itemization coming down the pipeline on Turtle WoW.

My suggested solution to this problem is to mostly or totally redistribute this set bonus to a new deep Restoration talent at least 25 points deep This has several positive effects;

1. Allow future gear/tier set progression
2. Preserve T2 3pc as a distinct itemization choice in the event of a split like 20/10 or even 25/5 between talent and set without making it feel REQUIRED.
3. A smoother power progression for fresh 60 Resto Shaman, no longer living or dying by this set.
4. Give deep Restoration a distinct and powerful capstone talent that is very much lacking currently.
5. Discourage the pilfering of capstone talents from other specs like Bloodlust on Restoration builds.
6. Does not really "buff" or nerf raid geared Shaman at all because the spec is already powerful and valued in a raid environment.

The Restoration tree also has a number of bloated 5/5 talents that could easily be shaved to 2 or 3 to accommodate this new talent and better reflect how little you get out of those talents currently.

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Re: Future Tier Sets and Shaman T2 3pc

Post by Burunduk » Sun Feb 11, 2024 4:17 am

Devs don't care about resto shamans.
They only try to do something with enhancement, but their first class changes failed...

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