Feral Spirit Wolves (Insane DPS Tip)

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Feral Spirit Wolves (Insane DPS Tip)

Post by Manletow » Fri Jun 07, 2024 11:30 pm

This is crazy. Been playing Orc Shaman for hundreds of hours and didn't know this:

Feral Spirit wolves are buffed by your Attack Power and choice of weapon.

So before you summon Wolves -- EQUIP a 2hander with ROCKBITER enchant.

Your Wolves will hit for like DOUBLE the damage... they MELT people brah.
Kinda busted tbh.

Just a tip! Have fun chomping Alliance piggies turtle_in_love_head
Paladin is broken in PVP.
Frost Mage is broken in PVP/PVE.
Warrior is awful in PVP.
Feral Druid is mediocre in PVP.
Enhancement Shaman is fine. Stop begging for goofy custom abilities.

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