Do you think 8/32/11 can work?

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Do you think 8/32/11 can work?

Post by Akos1896 » Wed Apr 24, 2024 10:00 pm


Was theorycrafting with the talent tree. Wanted to create a melee+totem-twist focused enh build with added utility from bl.
Gave up many talents from ele for it. Do you think this can work for PVE?


Wanted nature's guidance for hit reliability and went 3 talents deep into totemic focus to make twisting more manageable.
Kept every enh talent which gives an offensive melee support.
In ele I went for cheaper shocks and bigger fire totems. Gave up on shock CD reduction, clearcasting and elemental devastation. First two is ok for me, I wanna theorycraft a less shock-heavy build. Lack of elemental devastation kinda hurts but it is too deep in ele tree plus my test subject won't really have high enough spell crit% to make it reliable.

What I wanna accomplish with this build:
Melee hit focused, utility DPS. Pull happens, you run in. WF, strength, mana and magma totems are down, magma gives a decent amount of damage by itself. WF and grace of air are twisted. Shocks come on CD but not big emphasis. Made them as cheap as possible, focus is on maintained totem twisting while hitting.
The more support-oriented version. Barely a melee anymore. Same with nightfall. You put down the totems, twist, shock on CD and nature's guidance helps to proc that nightfall more consistently.

In short:
* less bonus for shocks
* cheaper totems for better twisting

Do you think it would work?

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Re: Do you think 8/32/11 can work?

Post by Imonobor » Wed Apr 24, 2024 10:51 pm

It is absolutely worth taking one point off Totemic Focus to grab Totemic Mastery. 20 vs 30 yards is quite the difference. Unless you got the set bonus that does the same thing (not sure if they stack, but I'd guess not).

Otherwise, only one way to find out how well it works. Take it for a spin.
I think it's gonna do fine, but won't be anything exceptional. If you enjoy playing as a support, you will enjoy it though, and that's the true endgame :)
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Re: Do you think 8/32/11 can work?

Post by Kargal » Wed Apr 24, 2024 10:53 pm

Hello ,
Imo elemental focus is mandantory since it proc from mele crit
Improved WF totem is complete dogshit , just twist rank 1 totem if you twist .

Lots of things Will change soon for talents i hope shaman Will be change for the best .

GL HF to all die hard enhancement brothers. <3

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Re: Do you think 8/32/11 can work?

Post by Jstansberry » Sun May 19, 2024 10:33 pm

Improved Weapon Totems is a terrible talent UNLESS you are in a Grace of Air + Flametongue group (prot/ret paladins, hunters, feral druid group). The component of that talent that improves WF totem is an incredibly marginal bonus - it ends up being roughly ~1.4 flat DPS increase to each WF enjoyer in your group. The Flametongue Totem component however is quite good - it's just very rare that you'd ever be using FTT instead of WFT.

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