[RP] [Tel'Abim] Banners of Shal'Anar [Leveling]

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[RP] [Tel'Abim] Banners of Shal'Anar [Leveling]

Post by Karapuz » Sun Nov 19, 2023 2:48 pm

As you decipher the final riddle hidden in the depths of Stormwind, a sense of accomplishment washes over you. Your journey has led you here. With a subtle click, a hidden compartment in the ancient wall reveals itself. In the shadowed corners of Stormwind, where secrets linger, you have uncovered what many have failed to find. The arcane tome in your grasp opens to reveal a message. Faint, echoing whisper speaks of a harsh reality and calls for your purpose:
The Banners of Shal'Aran: A Solemn Proclamation

Bal'a dash, Belore'dorei

In this hour of twilight, you stand apart from the oblivious masses. I am Aribeth of Alah'Thalas, and your discovery of this tome marks you as one of the few who understand the grave situation we, the high elves, face. The Banners of Shal'Aran is more than a guild; it is the sophisticated embodiment of our unyielding struggle for resurgence and the rightful recognition of our lost supremacy.

The fallen spires of Quel'Thalas and our prince's cowardly abandonment... are a testament to the dire straits our race has been thrust into. Unlike him, We remained.

In the aftermath of our homeland's ruin at the hands of the Scourge, we have been relegated to the periphery, subjected to the ignominy of lesser races presiding over our fate. Our current leaders in Alah'Thalas, in their misery, bow before others, tolerating the mockery of those, who dare to criticize us for a past intertwined with theirs. This, after enduring unspeakable horrors that have scarred our land...

You have not been chosen to receive this message, your own curiosity and ambition led you here. You have shown the potential to rise above the pervasive despair and mediocrity that has led our people into a demeaning acceptance of their miserable state.

We engage in casual roleplay and spontaneous events; each step toward level 60 leads us to reclaim our heritage and seize back the power that is innately ours. Should you accept this solemn charge, know that the road ahead is fraught with challenges. Yet, it is a road that leads to the revival of the glory of our kin. Join us, and let us remind the world of the might of the high elves.

Aribeth of Alah'Thalas

Requirements & Additions:
  • High elf race
  • Engagement in spontaneous, improvised RP with other people around, as well as between members; for the magic happens when it occurs. :)
  • To pass a PvE trial, a test not only of skill but of your beliefs.
  • We want to stay small in numbers, no more than 10 people planned. It's casual RP. Think of it as PvE Chat-DnD adventures :)
  • Any level is welcome, but the lower - the better. More adventures to embrace

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