Ret in raids - SoC vs SoR

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Ret in raids - SoC vs SoR

Post by Plerk125 » Sat Jun 10, 2023 7:03 am

Hey everyone,

had a similar post but a few things changed, so I gotta ask again:

When I found out about turtle WoW and saw the changes for paladins, I immediately wondered, if SoR is now more DPS compared to SoC. Now I have to think of a few factors:

1) I just begin with raiding. My gear is full blue, some SP ret gear, some crit plate items.
2) SP obviously is better with SoR, AD and crit with Soc ...
3) SoC scales better with very slow weapons, SoR not that much and a faster weapon also offers more mana regen with JoW.
4) SoC can crit and thus offer more uptime for vengeance, which is huge I guess.

As I had no chance by now (wanna try today with a dmg puppet) to test, my question is: am I right that my DPS based on my seal choice will heavily affected by the gear choice (SP plate vs crit plate)??? Or is there a clear winner starting with MC going to Naxx?

Thanks in advance for any insight of people who either have the data by recount or did the math. Please no speculations; that I can do myself. :D


[edit; just in case:

SoC = seal of command
SoR = seal of righteousness
SP = spellpower]
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Re: Ret in raids - SoC vs SoR

Post by Darkstromkar » Sat Jun 10, 2023 7:11 am

SoR can proc WF.... SoC can't.... Win SoR

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Re: Ret in raids - SoC vs SoR

Post by Bittermens » Sun Jun 11, 2023 2:14 am

Seal of Command PROCS windfury
The issue is that, it is aggro magnet the moment you start combo critting like a bastard

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