Patch 1.16.1 — Class changes and more!

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Re: Patch 1.16.1 — Class changes and more!

Post by Garish » Wed Aug 03, 2022 2:09 pm

Feanoro wrote:
Tue Jul 26, 2022 6:36 pm
Let's see.

- For many classes, their vanilla playstyle has been completely thrown out and replaced with the BC style.
E.g. you liked hunter mobility and having to time shots? Too bad, enjoy the snorefest BC Steady immobile turret. Feedback was completely ignored.

- Class changes seem to be designed without considering how it would affect overall groups.
E.g. spriest insane mana returns means infinite healer mana. Retail shows us that means fewer healer spots. Heal groups will now consist of an spriest, a moonchicken (because both providing crit and needing the infinite mana to function), and whatever healers.

- Buffs now make content even more of a joke. The retail mentality of "muh parse" clearly drove a lot of this.

As such, this is no longer remotely vanilla+, as the vanilla class experience is completely destroyed in many cases in favor of a bizarre BC would-be. If I wanted BC gameplay, I would have rolled on a BC server.

All good things must come to an end, I suppose. Best of luck, but excuse me for hoping another project picks up the now abandoned Turtle philosophy of enhancing vanilla rather than replacing it.
nop, every off-build healer or dps suffers from mana issues, putting more mana in a off-build(aka PVE shadow priest and retri/tank paladin) is good way to kill 2 birds with one stone. the "vanilla" experience is toxic to "off-builds"(being that these builds shouldn't even be "off" to begin with)

-off builds should be just weird stuff like warrior fury 2h, shockadin, melee hunter, smite priest...

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Re: Patch 1.16.1 — Class changes and more!

Post by Feomatar » Sun Aug 07, 2022 1:09 am

Warriors need charge in combat (with increased cd).

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Re: Patch 1.16.1 — Class changes and more!

Post by Redmagejoe » Sun Aug 07, 2022 9:42 am

Feomatar wrote:
Sun Aug 07, 2022 1:09 am
Warriors need charge in combat (with increased cd).
Intercept. It was decided that Warriors are (as is the general consensus across the WoW community) strong enough without many changes needed. Any changes made to Warriors will more likely be nerfs rather than buffs, so perhaps best not to draw too much attention to the class.

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Re: Patch 1.16.1 — Class changes and more!

Post by Soleman » Thu Aug 11, 2022 7:55 am

New Talent: Ardent Defender (Row 7). When you have less than 35% health, all damage taken is reduced by 25%. In addition, Exorcism is now usable on all targets with a damage penalty of 90% if they are not undead.

Please give prot paladins a ranged pulling mechanic as they are the only tanks without one. satisfied_turtle

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Re: Patch 1.16.1 — Class changes and more!

Post by Chnams » Tue Aug 23, 2022 8:49 pm

Why the change to Inner Fire on Priest? Couldn't it give ranged attack power instead, to slightly buff wand (I don't remember if RAP increases wand damage), rather than melee attack power? I understand that that's how the spell worked in Beta, but I assume there's a reason it was removed: A priest has no business auto-attacking in melee. A buff to wands would make sense instead, as Inner Fire is a discipline skill, just like Wand Specialization, and it could slightly increase Priest damage, especially while levelling where you do a lot of wanding.

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Re: Patch 1.16.1 — Class changes and more!

Post by Flynnoak » Tue Aug 23, 2022 11:00 pm

Question i saw that druids in cat form were supposed to get Claw now also deals 100% of weapon damage in addition to its current damage.
but I have switched wpn/no wpn and there is no change.
Did this not happen?

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Re: Patch 1.16.1 — Class changes and more!

Post by Sapiverenus » Sun Aug 28, 2022 5:00 pm

Great patches. Great voice acting, instanced content and zones.

I don't think classes should be "always on" or always ***** DEEP. Gotta group and cover eachother's weaknesses and bring out strengths [within game design reason] because each class has their own thing. My take on classes.

Everything else is pretty A tier or S tier though.
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Re: Patch 1.16.1 — Class changes and more!

Post by Flameroller » Fri Sep 02, 2022 6:18 pm

Well... the paladin changes remain extremely meaningless. That's a damn shame.
New Talent: Sanctified Command (Row 5). Gives your Seal of Command a 45/90% chance to resist dispel effects and your Judgement of Command will restore mana equal to 10/20% of the base mana cost of the Seal of Command to you and nearby party members. Requires Seal of Command as a prerequisite talent.
Will not be taken. 21/42 mana on judgment is meaningless. SoC costs 210 mana, along with the cost of judgment at like 117 or something (forget and can't look it up, no sources available and my pally on the server is 54 or something) means you spend about 330 mana per judgment with max rank SoC, removing 21 or 42 for 2 talent points is literally meaningless. You're going to get a handful of extra max rank judgments during a fight before ooming, which means your behavior doesn't change AT ALL. You will still instead use rank 1 SoC most of the time and only use max rank sparingly, pop mana potions on cd and burn runes on CD, just to be middling to low dps.

It needs to be free and not restore any mana to other players. Also crusader strike STILL can't be used, because debuff limit. There are only two fixes: remove the debuff limit (best option but I understand it's not easy to do), or make it a buff for the paladin.

Well, at least prot paladin is be pretty much viable now.

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Re: Patch 1.16.1 — Class changes and more!

Post by Akarui » Sun Sep 04, 2022 12:17 am

i hope this is not last class changes. Hunter has fun but useless changes at all :\

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Re: Patch 1.16.1 — Class changes and more!

Post by Corehoundfan » Tue Sep 13, 2022 2:52 am

Thank you!

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Re: Patch 1.16.1 — Class changes and more!

Post by Armwvingtoobman » Tue Sep 13, 2022 5:10 am

Everything about this server looks rad as hell, except for the early mount. mounts bad

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Re: Patch 1.16.1 — Class changes and more!

Post by Reix2x » Fri Sep 16, 2022 9:42 pm

Thanks! keep on the good work

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Re: Patch 1.16.1 — Class changes and more!

Post by Sunseeker » Thu Sep 22, 2022 8:58 am

Did you add Champion's Grace skill to the priest trainer? All priest trainers doesnt have this skill, aslo i can't find it like Codex book or something else.
Right now if you take Holy Champion talant for holy priest you can learn following new skills:

• Proclaim Champion | 250 Mana Cost | 10 Second Cast | 2 Hour Cooldown
Proclaim the friendly target as your champion for 2 hrs. Increases armor by 230, all resistances by 10, and allows the use of various Champion spells on that target.
Note: Persists through death and continues its duration and cooldown countdowns while offline.
Note: Armor buff does not stack with Scroll of Protection IV

• Champion’s Bond | Learned at Level 44 | 250 Mana Cost
Creates a bond between priest and Champion. When the priest takes damage up to 20 will be taken by the Champion instead. Lasts 10 min.

• Empower Champion | Learned at Level 50 | 1100 Mana Cost
Empower the target Champion, increasing all healing and spell damage done by up to 20 and attack power by 30. Lasts 2 hrs.
Note: Does not stack effects with Greater Arcane Elixir or Juju Power/Elixir of Giants

• Champion's Resolve | Learned at Level 58 | 250 Mana Cost | 5 Minute Cooldown
Wards the champion against Fear. The next Fear effect used against the target will fail, using up the ward. Lasts 10 sec.

• Revive Champion | 81% Base Mana Cost | 2 Second Cast
Return the priest's Champion to life with 2500 health and 2600 mana.
Note: Cannot be cast in combat.

But i can't find
Champion’s Grace | Learned at Level 40 | 250 Mana Cost
Bestow the target Champion with grace, increasing all healing done by the priest by 10%. Lasts 2 hrs.

All people i asked inside the game also don't know nothing about this skill. So I just want to now is it bug or you still didnt add this skill to the game?

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Re: Patch 1.16.1 — Class changes and more!

Post by Tasman » Thu Sep 22, 2022 1:04 pm

Tried out paladins new taunt in prot tree and didnt like execution of it.
1.You cant get it before you reach 27 lvl.
2.You need to waste 3 talent points just to get it.
3. It dont have passive effect that benefits paladin in terms of maintaining aggro, when seal is activated and not discharged.
As a suggestion, I would consider to make completely new seal, which main goal will be taunting and maintaning aggro.
I see it like this, baseline seal learned at 16 lvl, when activated will grant all paladin attacks (holy and physical) to generate 20% more threat and when discharged on the target would taunt it like current one.
As for Improved Seal of Justice, it can stay with increased chance of stun for an upgrade.

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