<Aegis of Mankind>

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<Aegis of Mankind>

Post by Demray » Thu Mar 31, 2022 1:11 pm

Calling all proud and steadfast men and women of the alliance!

Humanity is in peril! Our borders are constant under siege, our politics are corrupt and our so called allies are incompetent at best, directly disloyal at worst.

If you want something done right, let it be done by a Human.

<Aegis of Mankind> is a RP/PVP human only guild, inspired by the Late and Great, Lord-Baron Othmar Garithos, his vision of a clean and orderly human ruled kingdom guide our path and deeds.

We strive to serve and protect all that is Mankind, through strict tenents and strong faith in the Human Spirit, we are the last bulwark between Man and the perils that threaten our very existence.

The Knight of the Aegis must follow these 3 tenents.

Compassion - To Serve and aid all of Man

Conviction - To Preserve the Human Spirit.

Chivalry - To Defend the honor of Mankind and our civilized culture.

Talk to the Sir Roamin the Paladin, to get more information.
"So stand here today, as I did, feeling that you can't possibly deserve it or ever be worthy, and know that you're in the same place every single human has ever stood"

- Uther The Lightbringer

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