Demon Hunter build for Hunters

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Demon Hunter build for Hunters

Post by Jadowsofel » Tue Nov 14, 2023 2:15 pm

Greetings. I am Jadowsofel, kaldorei disciple of <Demon Hunter>.

This guide will lay out a basic blueprint explaining how the build works along with some conjecture filtered through personal experience. It may or may not be the first of its' kind, but I've not seen such a build elsewhere before and am posting this now only because of the many inquiries and much interest that I've encountered since I began doing dungeons & raids recently. As a new build, the possibilities are still unknown and any notion of what could be considered optimal is speculation at best. Nonetheless, I offer this guide for those drawn to creative/off-meta modes of gameplay and hope that it will serve as a semblance of proof that some degree of innovation is still possible on this old game that we all love so much. Please experiment for yourself.

Two quick points before I begin:

1) I'd like to mention & thank the user Portholes (player name Iag with a capital "i") for their post entitled "Elemental Cat Build". viewtopic.php?t=6169 This was a catalyst of sorts which kindled the mechanical, nuts-and-bolts-level inspiration for much of this build.

2) My calling this a demon hunter build merely reflects my own personal approach to the aesthetic & lore-derived interpretation for my gameplay. Essentially, this is a melee/magic, chaotic (proc-based) "shadow warrior" build.
/drink Mchealbolton/Doraexplora
As such, it can be interpreted in myriad ways depending on ones' own personal approach to aesthetics/fashion, idiosyncratic lore character background, etc. Please consider adjusting enchants and other non-essential items to best serve your own preferred manner of gameplay. However. because the demon hunter was the original creative impetus that drove my efforts, I will continue to present this as a Demon Hunter build.

OK, so...

This is an exclusive TWoW Rogue, Hunter and Warrior build that, not unlike the Elemental Cat, primarily utilizes magic-damage-on-melee-hit effects to trigger the proc from the Blade of Eternal Darkness and/or
the Ornate Bloodstone Dagger. However, UNLIKE the Elemental Cat, the dual-wielding Rogue, Hunter and Warrior classes are privy to items and benefits that the Druid is not. I discovered that the weapon effect from the Blade of Eternal Darkness can be triggered by weapon enchants such as Fiery Weapon, Icy Chill and Lifestealing as well as from Shadow Oil and Dragonbreath Chili procs. Darkmoon Card: Maelstrom and Heart of Wyrmthalak can also proc the effect. Additionally, these classes can carry a bow which offers a magic-damage-on-melee-hit effect and also have access to Mail and Plate armor items that give the passive magic-damage-on-melee-hit effect as well.
Note: The Blade of Eternal Darkness has no internal cooldown for its' weapon effect proc rate.

See below for an example of an ideal gear setup:
Incendosaur Skin Gloves
Incendosaur Skin Boots
Incendosaur Skin Pauldrons
Lavadrenched Chainmail
Leggings of Fiery Temper
Thunder Lizard's Hide (Horde-only)
Ring of Electrical Binding
Blazefury Medallion
Blade of Eternal Darkness
Flurry Axe
Tempest's Rage
Flamestring Bow
Darkmoon Card: Maelstrom
Heart of Wyrmthalak
Hand of Justice
Dragonbreath Chili
Shadow Oil

Each item synergizes to maximize consistency rate of Blade of Eternal Darkness's (aka BoED's) weapon effect proc.
Note: When considering your offhand weapon, I suggest focusing on weapon speed (the faster the better) and one that has an innate damage proc which may have it's own chance to proc the BoED's weapon effect.

Math has never been my forte but allow me to break this down as you consider the possibilities:
Blade of Eternal Darkness has a 10% chance to proc upon successful spell hit.
*Every successful melee strike you land will give you an additional 10 simultaneous spell hits from all of the passive magic-damage-on-melee-hit items.
This equates to a 65% proc rate for Blade of Eternal Darkness per successful melee strike.
*The 3-set bonus from the Incendosaur set grants an additional 5% chance to land a magic attack upon successful melee strike which has it's own chance to proc the BoED weapon effect.
*The Flurry Axe has approximately a 5-10% chance to grant an additional strike and thus additional procs.
*The Tempest's Rage has a 5-10% chance to proc it's 15% haste ability. More haste = more procs.
*Fiery/Icy/Lifestealing enchants have a proc rate that scales with weapon attack speed. At 1.5 this probably results in approximately a 5% proc rate. Again, enchant procs can trigger BoED procs.
*The Darkmoon:Maelstrom card and the Heart of Wyrmthalak both have approximately a 5% proc rate and can themselves proc the BoED weapon effect.
*Shadow Oil and Dragonbreath Chili both have a 5% proc rate and can also proc the BoED.
Factoring this all together, the potential for immense burst damage becomes clear.

This brings me to my next point..

For a DPS(Havoc)-focused variation of this build, I propose (presuming sufficient +hit) that haste is key.
The concept is to land as many melee strikes in as quick a succession as possible so as to land as many procs as possible. This necessarily involves eschewing traditional defensive & offensive stats such as stamina, agility and strength so as to maximize melee strike output and thus proc output. The majority of your damage will come from magic damage via procs - not your melee weapons. Haste provides a static boost to your weapon attack speed and auto-attack continues concurrent to any queued special ability attack. With this in mind, now consider that both the BoED and Flurry axe have a base attack speed of 1.5. The global cooldown or GCD timer for abilities is 1.5 seconds. This means that any haste increase will bring your base attack speed for both BoED & Flurry Axe (+12% haste for Tempest's Rage) below the GCD timer allowing for more auto-attacks to rotate on a separate, shorter timer within & during the cooldown of your primary ability attack of choice, presumably Wing Clip.

See below for a list of enchants/consumables/buffs that increase your haste:

Enchant Gloves Minor Haste
Arcanum of Rapidity
Sigil of Quickness
Warchief's Blessing ... s-blessing
Danonzo's Tel'Abim Medley
Potion of Quickness
Juju Flurry

There are of course many custom TWoW armor pieces that add haste as well. Mix these in wherever possible whilst ensuring that your +hit is sufficient.

Also consider that hunters have the innate method of increasing haste via Aspect of the Wolf + Improved Predator Aspects 5/5.

As a hunter, this build also potentially allows for a somewhat viable tanking variation where you focus on stamina, agility and/or armor instead of haste. This is because rapid procs can generate rapid threat. Combined with the hunter's use of Mail quality armor, Aspect of the Monkey, Distracting Shot ability as an opener for bonus threat and using your pet to off-tank, it's a fun, experimental variation to consider. Indeed, Vengeance is one of the two talent specs of the demon hunter.

Now to my final point..

Another dimension to this build is the fact that both Shadow Oil (56%) and Dragonbreath Chili (100%) scale with spell power. This allows for the build to somewhat prioritize the inclusion of +spell power into the setup. Though the grind to exalted with Cenarion Circle is daunting to say the least, keep in mind that the nature of this build will allow for perpetual uptime for the Wrath of Cenarius item proc, further increasing the damage of the Oil & Chili. Thus, I consider this to be the other of the two BiS rings for this build.

Here's a list of some items to increase spell damage synergy:

Wrath of Cenarius
Greater Arcane Elixir
Flask of Supreme Spellpower
Gilneas Hot Stew
Gift of Arthas

Doubtless there will be items and consumables, some finite, that I've missed but the information and lists above will at least provide a reasonably attainable basis for players to strive for that can bring this build to life.

Here I offer examples for approaching talents for both DPS(Havoc) and tanking (Vengeance).
As stated several times already, I implore you to experiment and create a style that best suits your own manner of gameplay. This is only a suggestion:


I'm happy to share this guide with the server and hope that it might inspire you to try it yourself and even consider playing this build as a glaive-wielding kalorei or sin'dorei demon hunter too, or, better yet, inspire you to innovate a new build or approach to gameplay of your own.

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Re: My Demon Hunter build

Post by Pepesmite » Tue Nov 14, 2023 2:49 pm

Nice build, by the way. So good that you decided to create it six times. Don't worry, I've already fixed it.

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Re: My Demon Hunter build

Post by Jadowsofel » Tue Nov 14, 2023 3:12 pm

Pepesmite wrote:
Tue Nov 14, 2023 2:49 pm
Nice build, by the way. So good that you decided to create it six times. Don't worry, I've already fixed it.
I'm just excited to share. There's a problem with posting this to several different forum sections?

My apologies, I was unaware.
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Re: Demon Hunter build for Hunters

Post by Capycottt » Tue Nov 21, 2023 3:10 am

by the way,Ornate Bloodstone Dagger can't work in cat form
only Blade of Eternal Darkness

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Re: Demon Hunter build for Hunters

Post by Mac » Tue Nov 21, 2023 7:47 am

This looks like a lot of fun.

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