I did a good thing TODAY or how I do support the server

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I did a good thing TODAY or how I do support the server

Post by Seelya » Sun Sep 06, 2020 6:33 pm

Hellows. Seelya, the Silvered here.

First of all I want to thank the devs, which names I just remember Torta, since I have an issue with names, for this server. In all my 15 years playing wow I ***NEVER*** saw a place with so many nice and wonderful peeps around. And Im talking about 15 years playing retail. I had 2 raiding guilds that broke up because of raid drama. The first with 200 peeps, the second with 300 peeps. When I think about it and remember those peeps I only can name one or two that were truly helpful other than the nice chitchat of everyday. Chitchat dont make you level up much less a raid happen, you know...

Then here I am, where I walk around and see lowlvls buffing peeps around out of nothing. Then I played for a while and decided to make my third guild: Adventure. I saw that this time it will be different. I want to come here and share some funny stories that happened to me since I begun this journey at turtle's steps here, one step at a time. After you read this post I invite you to do the same and tell the community how you, a broken person like me, tries your best to support it without having 2 cents to give. Believe me, you will feel good.

Ive been playing for over a month now and Ive met quite a stage of funny, interesting, lovely and hateful characters around so this is my story so far.

I have begun as a warrior and soon find out how difficult it is. I was dying a lot. A LOT. And by A LOT I mean nothing less than 10 times in a sequence, sometimes 15. I was thinking the server was hardened for some reason because I didnt remember the mobs being that hard on retail. And to make everything delicious I got the hardcore glyph! LOL Know nothing, naive Seelya...

Then I begun to think someway to bypass those impossible to do quests and I remembered that warriors are gear dependent. VERY gear dependent. Ok lets go to the AH. But where is the money? Im broke... Oh well, there I was walking around, in the Newcomers guild, which I cuddly call Noobguild, when I stumbled with that gnome with a WHAT? Wormhole? Ok, why not? Cant get any better than this... Suddenly Im in Stormwind, exactly close to Ellwin, where I wanted to go to keep questing at lvl 9 or 8. Wow! Perfect! I dont know if whomever made that thing was thinking in this but I was.

And I could keep moving on, still broke, but going forward. Still missing bags and gear all grey or white with just one or two scarce greens and a rusted sword that lost its sharp. Suddenly someone in the noobguild comments about the children's week quest. I remember how it is so I asked about it and the person said that I could do it anyway. Cool, I waited to get to level 10 and got it. I spent my scarce economies on that damn super expensive ice cream and started to walk.

Then I had reached lock modan and I realized I would have to walk all the way to Menethil to get the ship to Darnassus since silly Seely made her heartstone set to Ellwin's inn. How nice!!! :P But I used to do this walk from Menethil to Ironforge in the good times. I used to call it the "Great Walk". A lot of land to cover by feet with damn chocolisks, yes, theyre made from chocolate, ask me ingame for some, at some points and then those damn orcs. I hate orcs. Sorry, cant help it. I like taurens tho, if it make you feel better. But I had to do it in the inverse! In all my years playing wow I NEVER did that, and for an oldschooler like me, that enjoy the fun of the game instead of the noobs, jerks and morons who just want to zap to 60 or that keep mumbling and squeezing numbers with idiotic game mechanics, that was SURE FUN!

I did the whole thing and got the 5g. Nice! Im not broken anymore! Then someone said this quest resets every week! I was COOL! I wont be broken at the low lvls anymore! At least it will help me while I build up some money making skills.

Time passes and I meet some peeps. I dont mind telling the truth, love me or hate me, so they made it for theyr good or bad fame.

There I was helping a druid run the ban ethil barrow den. I was at lvl 20ish or something like that, with nice gear so I could come back and do that HELLISH place alone and get out ALIVE. I saw a druid and asked if she needed help with it, which she said yes. Nice, I invite her and we go. When we reach the ghost druid that gives the quest all the sudden pops up a priest called muunsomething. I think with my buttons "I help one, I help two. Why not?" I invited him/her/IT to the group. Oh, oh, oh, silly Seely attacks again...

As soon as the priest joins the group she/he/IT begins to boss me around. One order after the other without stop, talking as if I dont know what Im doing, being extremely annoying. Irritating as she/he/IT could be, cmon, that thing is an it, for sure, we did the whole place.

When we finished the place the creature begun to flood party channel with a ton of game mechanics crap about priests without anyone asking for it. I told him that Im not interested in that and that Im here to make friends and have fun. The thing said SAME, SAME, and kept his endless monologue. It was a monologue, noone was paying attemption to him... But that made me EXTREMELY angered.

Some days after that I stumble at a gnome who out of nowhere talks to me asking if I came to check the foruns. I was thinking I was becoming famous! Peeps I never saw before are calling me by the name? LOL Seelya, you are so innocent... It was THAT priest again. All I had to say was "Ah, its you................." and he didnt anderstood the long line of periods but he thinks himself as the lost genius of wow talent trees. I just told him how much annoyed he made me feel with all his crap and he stood quiet. This time.

Some more days after that and I stumble with a human toon at the Darnassus's bank. I already had made my guild and was looking for a potential recruit. I begun to chat and guess who was that? Yeah, IT, the muunthing. But this time I wasnt got by surprise. I was aware and in my own ground. So again I said the same line "Ah, its you....." and again the thing didnt get it. Well, evil grim, time for some PAYBACK! He again begun to ask about me checking the forums. Then I changed the subject completely.

"Are you stalking me?"

"No. Why?"

"You ARE stalking me! You keep stumbling on me all the time! Now tell me, you love me, dont you?" >:D

"No, I dont! Im not stalking you! This was just happenstance."

"No, you DO love me. Cmon, tell me, have no fear! You are such a beautiful girl and I LIKE girls!"

He stood quiet for a while.

"No, Im not a girl and it seems this is your time to make me upset?"

"Cmon, dont be a chicken! Tell me the truth! YOU DO LOVE ME! YOU WANT ME! SAY IT!"

"No, I DONT! Please stop!"

"Nooo, after all your bullshit I wont. And I didnt even begun to talk dirty yet..."

Then the guy said I was going to his ignore list. I gave such a GOOD LAUGH at him. Thats exactly what I wanted! HAHAHAHAHA! Poor fool. He got what he deserved. If you see me in game saying "Hissssssssss" its because I saw this muunthing in one of his many alts. If you see him do me a favor? Tell him that Seelya sent him a kiss! >:D

I have met a bunch of wonderful peeps indeed! I just had to tell that story. I know you loved it. This server have some very incredible peeps that pop up out of nowhere and help you without asking a thing. Peeps like Kilan, who gave me swords and armor just after checking my gear after I said hi, or Horn, the russian, who gave me a sword out of nowhere, Raynin, who gives me potions and leather gear for my crafting, Steyr, the noguild man, which helps me too with crafting. There are so MANY peeps giving me gifts everyday! Sometimes I log in and see them at my mailbox! All made with love! There are more peeps, of course, and Im sorry for not remembering all of you. But I love you all.

Then one day I was at Stormwind when a troll appeared at a corner and called me. I was like 0.o Awhaaa? A troll? What he wants? Haster is his name, trolling is his game. Wait, not really! He asked if Im a tank and when I said yes he told me to go meet him in Booty Bay out of nothing, he said he would give me a gift. I was thinking wow, Ill meet a troll drugdealer inside this server now? After seeing the guy that sells mushrooms for tea and the gardening quest behind the archdruid's building in darnassus I dont get surprised with anything anymore. I bet the troll had weed to sell! LOL!

"Ok, Im here. Whats up? Arent you not trying to troll me, right?"

"Cmon, mom. Get this quest here! Me gonna help ya get some nice xp."


I got the quest and begun to follow him. He killed a giant at the entrance of Booty Bay who gave me a red satchet and a quest. We walked around while I was following him and he killed one more giant. Then we went to a place full with pirates and he blasted them with aoe magic.

"So, mom, ya tinking Im still trying to troll ya?"

"Hmmm, nope."

Suddenly he got distracted and all those mobs he killed respawned at once and went running to kill me, all red or skull to me. I died, of course... He was afk checking some guide for sure. When he returned...

"Sorry, mom. Had ta go afk to check what ta do."

"Now you trolled me..."

"Naaaa! We good! Lets go kill dat last giant."

Then we went for it. After he killed the giant, I barely being able to hit it because of the lvl difference, we came back to Booty Bay when I turned in the quest and got an incredible trinket that gives me 1% dodge. Being a Night Elf gives me another 1% dodge so it helps. Its not a lot but it helps.

After the whole thing was done...

"Haster, why you asked me to come with you? You dont need me for this. You did everything by yourself."

"No particular cause, mom. Look, me had the mats for dat quest. Me have the level ta kill the giantz. Me thought its a lot of matz and its a tank trinket. So me looked fer someone who could use it. Me found ya. Ya in the level range for getting da trinket. Why not help someone anyway?"

Instant friendship. Thats how I call this. I hope I will be able to repay him someday. That was a true adventure, at least for me. Cant forget that I got 14,200xp doing that. Nice xp for a trolling in the 2x quest xp week event! :)

One day I was around in Stormwind again doing something when someone called Omega whispered me.

"RFK LFM 23-33"

I paid no attemption. I was playing with my hunter. And then this guy insisted whispering me. I talked about it in guild chat and Skeliga, my friend in guild, told me to not go. That playing with Omega is "complicated". So, you know what happened... Silly Seely attacked again. I went...

Actually the whole run was going ok, save from one wipe and an almost another wipe it wasnt for that dwarf fighter whose name I forgot and me in one of the most beautiful kiting scenes I ever saw. The dwarf fleeing from the mob running in circles around a big stone while I was hitting it with arrows. "High five" he said to me after we survived.

Things become strange when we got to the goblin escort. After running the whole place we went to do it. Everything was fine till we begun to kill the boars and Omega stopped to skin one by one, completely ignoring the goblin and the quest. Mr. dwarf got angered and begun to complain. Omega completely ignored him and kept skinning pig after pig with impunity. After a while the warrior shouted in a burst of dwarf rage:


Omega kept skinning as if nothing was happening. The dwarf shouted again.


"A bad rep, I must add." Said I.

"YEAH!" shoulted Mr. dwarf again.

"Lets tank the goblin, dwarf." said I.

"What you mean?".

"I use my pet and you are a warrior. Lets tank this. Ignore the idiot.".

"Good idea, elf! Lets do it!".

And we did and got the job done. And Omega kept building skins and his bad rep. Omega is the last letter of the greek alphabet and then I realized why hes called Omega: Because after I ran with him that was the last run I would EVER do with him. He keep whispering me for running with him and I keep laughing remembering this. LOL He just whispered me while Im writing this. "LFM Scarlet Monastery, Cath, Multi-Run if possible, L37-44". Poor guy. Noone want to run with him. I wonder why...

A guildie of mine asks in guild chat channel

"Anyone want to join for SM cath and others?" asked Talaszun

"Are you going with omega?" said I


"Good luck, you will need it."

"Oh? Why is that?"

"You shall find soon... lol"

"If he is trash then tell me and I wont go"

"Not trash, just crazy. But see for yourself. There arent pigs to be skinned in SM."


One day I was needing to get mats for the fashionist quest. Peeps told me to go farm the murloc scales in Theramore and when I alrived there the damn murlocs were all red to me. I could barely fight one. I was going to give up when I met Loglady, a druid elf. She was seeing me asking about it in world chat and came to show me where to get them.

I need to say that I desinfect my hands every time I touch the world chat channel. I simply dont like it. Nothing against peeps saying endless crap, but well, its part of the game. :) No offense. I find very distracting endless flooding of text in my screen. It keeps calling my eyes all the time.

I needed to get 16 scales and Loglady helped me get them all. We stood there for 30 minutes farming. That is, SHE stood there 30 minutes farming for me while I barely could hit the damn murlocs. In the end Runewalsh, a lock, appeared and asked if we were doing a quest for some itens that drop there. I said we were just farming scales but if he needed the murlocs for something else no problem at all. I invited him to the group and we got his quest done. As I said before, if I help one, I help two. Cant be easier than this. The only funny thing is that when his quest item dropped I got it without having the quest. I just had to handle it to him and everybody was happy.

You know, I may sound silly, and I obviously talk too much, but Ive been sad these days. I met someone inside the game and I fell in love with her. She was just perfect: Good humored, intelligent, bold, blunt and blond. I fell in love. It may sound really silly but thats true. I dont mind if the person is behind a screen at the other side of the world. Im a romantic. I want to love. We chatted and she were there for me, wanting to talk more and more, and I love a good chat. I tried to show the best of me. Naive Seelya being silly Seely again.

In the third day she had an outburst of anger saying a ton of crap to me, that the game is not tinder and that shes not my girlfriend and all this kind of crap... I was like ok. You know, I didnt patronize, bootlicked or anything, I just told her that I fell in love with her. I just wanted to feel loved. Im a lonely person, locked inside my house since February because of the Covid plague. I always have been a lonely person. Lonely peeps will anderstand me. I dont anderstand why peeps refuse love given for free. I just wanted to see her happy.

And I ended crying A LOT. Three days in deep sadness so strong were my feelings for that person I never met before. When peeps have become so cold and hard? Its always all about them, its not about making others happy. Thats SO totally different from the nice peeps Ive met in this server. One could argue that thats because peeps arent losing anything or that theyre not exposing themselves or commiting themselves. I think thats just bullshit. Im going to die. And soon. You are going to die. Everybody will die. That is the way it is. And imbeciles keep fleeing from this reality delving in their lunatic dreams about having this and that, being this and that when they should be in the now, living the now and trying to make peeps happy.

Once I met an old man. Peeps in my religion like to say that that guy is enlightened. I just hated him because after leaving me my wife become his wife. And I dont have any issues talking about that. Im not afraid of speaking the truth, hurt as it hurts. I wanted to test him, to prove that he was a rude. And being a studied person, an intelectual as I am, I devised the most devilish question one could. And when I met him I asked that to him.

"Our Master talks about being happy, that we are to be happy, that that is our duty. So I ask you what is the meaning of hapiness? What is happiness? How to find that since that is a concept, a subjective thing that does not exist.".

He seemed a bit lost in the first second while thinking. Then he said...

"There are many things people call hapiness in this world. But what is this? How to find it? Maybe you will find that making others happy is the way to find true hapiness.".

Aw, crap. I was defeated. I know when I lost. He was right. My hate was consumed and finally ended and I took his answer for myself and tried it. And I found it to be true for me. And my ex wife is crazy... She married Mum-Ra...

There was a toon called Chis. Talking to him was funny. She was a hunter guildless around Stormwind. It seems everything happens in Stormwind. I wonder if its that name...

"Hi" whispered I.

"Hi and I dont want to join ANY GUILDS" she replied.

"Ooook" said I laughing at such unexpected answer.

We begun to chat. The next day she asked me to join my guild. Is it my charm? I dont know, but normally peeps who talk to me join my guild. I wonder if its my smell or the chocolisks.

Chis was a reactive person, the one with a drama alert arrow blinking over her head. I knew that but I was wanting to give it a try and see if she would settle in the guild since this is a nice guild made with nice peeps. Everything was going right till we went to SFK...

Eight wipes after at that boss with the ghost wolves peeps tell me that we could pull the wolves without aggroing the boss......... CRAP! After the run ended Chis was furious and in a burst of anger deleted her toon and all other toons she had in the guild. It was the most intense show of ragequit I ever saw. lol

I dont mind the wipes at all. Im here for the fun. If that is part of the learning curve so be it. Ragequiting will only make you lose everything. I just move forward. Its ok, its part of the game.

There is a gnome called Cool. Well, lol, we become good friends. But he have this thing: Hes past time is to troll noobs in world chat channel. Thats one of the reasons I dont touch it. I love Cool, hes a nice guy when you get to know him well but cant avoid laughing when he tell me to see whats going on on world chat channel.

I must confess I helped him with one idea of two for what to say in his trolling schemes and even participated to motivate noobs to join it. LOL. His last scheme for trolling was to make an undead lock and walk all the way to the dward starting zone and begin to complain to peeps saying he cant find any quests to do there in hope the noobs will fall for his ruse and help him while he cries out of laughing at the other side of the screen... Cant deny the guy have a talent for that! And quite the bad rep... >:D

Well, I hope you liked these stories. They are all true. Really! Feel free to talk to me ingame and call me if you need a tank or some smithing stuff. If you are a person like me, an oldschooler that just dont care anymore about game mechanics, that run away from demented peeps that argue about +1 or -1 in everything, or just want to make new friends and have fun you have your chair reserved in my guild.

I know I wrote stories about how OTHERS helped me. Thats because I believe that if I begin to boast about how I helped others I will nullify all the credit or merit of having helped them. That display of arrogance will only destroy anything good I could have done for someone. If you want to post here telling me what you did for someone its ok, I will love to read it, but consider that and check your feelings before doing that. Maybe you will want to do as I did and share the stories of how you made new friends when strangers appeared and helped you out of nowhere.

Now if you DO REALLY want to help me you could say hello ingame and chat! I love to chat! No hints I talk too much, hmm? And Im a writer! I wrote a book about science fiction and adventure! I translated the first chapter to English and need peeps to read that and give me an opinion. Not just to criticize it irrationaly, a real opinion about everything. Its just one chapter with 40 pages out of the 840 from the whole book. Its no sacrifice at all, right?

I hope you had fun reading my post. I hope more will follow it telling us about your adventures in turtle wow finding nice peeps everywhere. This server is wow as it should be: heaven.

Seelya, the Silvered.
Men are from Mars, women are from WoW. Wait, no girls play WoW... This is a ruse!

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Re: I did a good thing TODAY or how I do support the server

Post by Dragunovi » Sun Sep 06, 2020 7:29 pm

That was one hell of a read.
Still making items...

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Re: I did a good thing TODAY or how I do support the server

Post by Sinrek » Sun Sep 06, 2020 8:40 pm

smiling_turtle Cool story. Post moar!
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Re: I did a good thing TODAY or how I do support the server

Post by Seelya » Sat Sep 12, 2020 12:50 am

Hellows, peeps! Seelya, The Silvered here again!

It seems lots of peeps liked my stories! Thank you all for the many views! And since Sinrek asked for more, MORE you will have now!

Here is an entire new list of funny things that have been happening to me or that I witnessed during play time in the game. I hope you like my stories and the way I write it. It was made with love! Be ready, its AGAIN a HUGE post! LOLZ! There we go then: I did a good thing TODAY Episode II.

And I love you all!

Pokémon in Turtle Server?

In one of the few times I was checking the world chat channel I saw a guy called Pikachu. I got curious and shift-clicked his name to see whos this person. Orc Hunter Level xx. When I saw that I knew I had to say something. Couldnt resist and let this one pass untouched...

"Hey, Pikachu! How many hunters tried to catch you today?" :D

"..." said Pikachu.

Immediately a flood of trolling comments begun on the poor pokémon who came to visit Azeroth... I was laughing a lot. Cmon, orc hunter called Pikachu? How fluffy! LOL.

Camp Fires Everywhere!

One day I was at Stormwind, always Stormwind, talking to Kilan about something I found out about those campfires. I was all excited about it thinking I made such a wonderful discovery of an exploit or something like that.

"Kilan, I have to tell you a secret!"

"Whats that?"

"I found that these campfires give rested xp!!! If you group 4 of them together the pointer in the xp bar begin to tick every 2.5 seconds! And it work inside cities! I wonder if 6 or more will make the rested xp go up even faster!"

"Oh, Ive seen that before. Thats why peeps leave fires here and there around."

"So thats no secret at all?"

"Not sure, but dont do that inside cities. It may call the attemption of the devs and I dont know if this bug is intemptional or not. They may decide to fix it."

"Yeah, sure."

All the sudden a guy called Dragunovi stop in front of us right on the spot peeps appear after using the wormhole and begin to make a campfire.

"Come, peeps! Make your fire here! Lets make many fires!" said him.

I was like waaaait, whats going on there?

"Kilan, whos that guy?"

"Dragunovi, one of the devs."

A LOT of peeps made a whole bonfire with all the many campfires together and they all where around it. Dragunovi sitted on the floor and begun to talk.

"I called you all here to tell you one thing. Make the campfires because they give rested xp! The more you make the faster you get it! We are doing this as a preparation for an event where we will go hunt undeads in Duskwood!"


"WTF? Kilan, he JUST SAID everything we were talking till now for everybody!!! And you JUST told me hes a dev!"

"LOL YES!!! Go figure that. Lets go there then."

Then I realized that if everybody already didnt know that, now they do... :P

After that I went to talk to Dragu and told him the whole story. He laughed a lot. We became friends! Hugs to you Dragu and thanks for your comment! :D

Dance, food and Beer in StormWind.

One day I just alrived in Stormwind and jumped out of the griffon aviary and begun to run to the bank. The first person I see is called Lambada, a carribean dance that had become very famous in Brazil on the 90's. I was wondering if that person was a brazilian.

I turned the corner and pass by the central area where peeps alrive by using the wormhole and see a dwarf called Hamburguer. I begin to laugh and tell in guild chat that.

"LOL Peeps, I just saw a person called Lambada, a dance, and now I saw a dwarf called Hamburguer. The only thing that is missing now is the beer!"

When I get to the bank's entrance I see a night elf called Skoll. I begin to laugh a lot.

"WTF? Now there is a guy here called Skoll, which is the name or a brazilian BEER! LOL! They together make a party! Go figure that!"

"Ive noticed that there are many players with a talent to find creative names in this server." said Joy.

I laughed a lot seeing that.

Click the Portal! BUT LOOK FIRST!!!

There is a tauren shammy called Gundula that is my friend. We were playing with her in SM the other day. One or two days after that we went to Uldaman to do the quests and she had respeced to dps, which I dont remember the name of the tree. Never played a shammy. We ran around the whole place and got it done. Nothing special until the time of going out.

Midgarean, the mage, openned a portal many times for us to go to Ironforge to turn in quests and get the next step, then we had to return to Ulda some three times I think. Then, in the end, he again openned a portal, NOT the wormhole, to IF and we all clicked. When I appear in IF I see the guards screaming and coming running to me to attack. I step aside and see whats going on. They went for Gun! Poor cow got hamburguered by the dwarves on the spot.

"GUN! What happened??? Why you came to IF?"

"I DONT KNOW! With all the portal clicking I just reacted thinking it was the wormhole and clicked!"

Everybody exploded in a burst of laughing.

"Yeah, yeah... You can laugh this time... Took your screenshots already before I go? I know you took them..."

LOL Poor tauren. Love you Gun! Sorry, but I had to tell this one.

Who dont hate an hipocrite?

Hipocrite: A person who preeches one thing and does another.
Crazy: A person who says one thing and does another.
The difference: The first do it on purpose, knowing what hes doing, the second is a raving lunatic who forgot to take his little medicine today.

Everybody hates a hipocrite. Who dont, right? Its quite upsetting seeing someone who boast about his crap as if hes a superman or the superior being and when you find out the truth you see that hes just another ruse. The worst type is the one who lies to himself. This one is more of a crazy than a proper hipocrite.

I met a toon called Priscilla yesterday when I was helping the two noobs in one of the next stories. We begun to chat. It seemed all nice. Later in the day, when I finished taking those two around I tried to resume the conversation with her.

Apparently everything was going nicely. We talked about the covid issue, the place we live, mage and warrior classes and when she told me her birthday I said shes a scorpio. She said she dont believe in astrology. Ok, fine, but I said that I could give her an explanation of it as she never heard before that would make she think a bit about it. Im not here to convince or argue with anyone about anything, it was just a nice invite for yet another interesting subject. Apparently she accepted and I begun to explain my point of view.

All the sudden the person tells me all I said is BS and that its peeps like me who believe in flatearth, bigfoot, blablabla who preeches pseudoscience blablabla. I was very offended by that rudeness.

I was a teacher and Im a logicist, I study and practice true logic. Common sense is for the masses of ignorants. Intellectuals study logic, oratory, rethoric, discourse analisys, conversational hypnosis and this type of things. Im a lawyer, a person who study A LOT. And Im hindu, thats my religion. And in one of our sacred scriptures, the Ramayana, its taught that there was a race of ape like men in the regions of north India and Hymalaia that today is called yeti, or the big foot, or sasquatch, but at theyr time they were called Vanara, the beings of the forest, who helped mankind in a war before the deluge. The guy offended me two times. He said Im insane when he called me a flatearther and then offended my religion saying its BS.

I was very angered and had to say something.

"You know, for someone who preeches scientific thinking you dont do it at all. You offended me with your agressiveness and you didnt let me finish my explanation. I believe in scientific thinking, and it teaches that TRUE scientific thinking requires us to GO and LEARN everything about the subject in question BEFORE we can have a formal opinion about it. Anything you say about the subject BEFORE that is just plain judgment based on a BIASED point of view. And you didnt went to study what Im explaining to you NOR did you let me finish my whole explanation. So thats how you practice scientific thinking?"

The guy stood silent for a moment. He tried to argue still.

"So now its about ME?".

"No, its not about you, its about your thinking. You anderstood everything I said quite well. Dont sofismate."

"Im quite surprised that you didnt listed me in ignore yet."

Crap, I ALMOST said "Its because Im not like you." but rather I said "Im the most patient person you will ever meet."

I wouldnt list him in ignore to have that cursed name being brought with me inside my notebook. Bad Karma, friend. Stay away from da voodoo! Then the guy went to here to see my post and begun to critizice it...

"You say youre called the silvered but your pic have no silver in it."

"Everybody is a critic..." lol

He went trying my patience on and on with small idiotic comments about the post and when he finished it he was sad because of the few sad stories that it have. At least he stoped pesting me. Hipocrites... Argh...

Just as a side note, since Seelya too is culture, the scientific reasoning or the scientific model of research is based on the teachings of Socrates, the Master of Plato, which taught in ancient Greece exactly what I told to that ignorant. That is the phylosophycal foundation that bases the search and construction of TRUE knowledge, which is made throw the process of research, study and experimentation in the real world.

At that time there was an school of phylosophy that were diametrically opposed to Socrates or his socratic method of finding the truth: The Sofists. The sofists were specialized in rethoric, orathory and discourse analisys. Theyr methods were to seek in a message, text, discourse or words for ways to warp it creating arguments of apparently logical congruence that would prove a lie to be true or truth to be a lie. They would practice it every time they could.

Therefore it becomes obvious that the socratic method was focused in seeking the truth in reality while the sofist method went away from it, becoming a technique to manipulate peeps creating hidden ruses to guide them to their fall. Stay away from da voodoo! And from hipocrites!

Peeps in Turtle are nice!

After I wrote the first post and begun to tell peeps to come and see my guildies were curious. One of them that I love so much is called Feline. He didnt believe in the troll trolling story, it sounded a bit absurd that someone would go out of his way to just help a stranger. Why would he do that? To come to Stormwind just to help someone he never saw before?

Of course the troll didnt come to Stormwind, I said that to add drama to the scene! And if Feline said that it DID work! :D Anyone who reads with a bit more of attemption will notice that the troll is in fact in BootyBay whispering me.

But then yesterday a mage called Camil whispered me out of nowhere saying that I needed to have a long range weapon with some bonuses and showed it to me. Ricochet blunderbuss of the Tiger is the gun. He told me to accept it because I needed it. When I asked him if we know each other he said no. I was suspicious of that since I have a friend Ill soon tell his story and you will anderstand. I accepted it thinking it was my friend, or at least suspecting of it.

"Feline, it just happened again."

"What just happened again?"

"Remember the troll trolling story you didnt believe? It just happened again. A mage I never saw before just whispered me saying he is sending me a gun with bonuses and that Im to accept it because I need it. I told you there are nice peeps in this server!"

Feline stood scratching herself lol.

Skelly, the Toon Deleter... Argh!

I once met a lock named Gravemore. He was annoying as HELL, a true smartass with all that comments about game mechanics, which I HATE with force. We become friends but the beginning was unnerving. Most of the time I was upset with all those type of comments and was repenting myself of being invited her to the guild. We ended becoming best friends. Go figure that...

When I got to lvl 30 she helped me with getting the axe from the warriors quest. It was a funny fight with that elemental. She was close to lvl 40 and after the first wipe we did it. She was all happy and gratzed me for picking the axe.

After a while she simply vanished. I noticed the toon was deleted since there was an "unkown" listed in my friends list and grave wasnt there... I got disappointed. I didnt want to lose grave. Shes such a wowhead walking player and I finally got over her pesting manners...

Some days after that she reappeared with another toon, a new one...

"Grave, what happened? Why you deleted your toon? Why a new one from the zero?"

"Lets not talk about that. Lets say I had issues and thats over. Ginvite?"

"Ooook. Should I tell everybody its you or should I keep this our lil secret?"

"Yes, dont tell anyone its me."

"Ok... I dont see why that, but ok."

Crap, Grave was leveling at an insane rate. I was lvl 35 and she was lvl 31 when the double quest xp week event begun. When it ended she was at 52 and I at 43. I was like WTF? How she do that??? Are there chinese farmers selling XP in the turtle server????

Then, all the sudden, grave deleted her toon... AGAIN! I was like ARGH! THAT AGAIN? I was talking to shadowmancer about that, and I suspected that THAT mage who gave me the gun was she. But I said we should wait to see with what our friend will return in the next time...

While Im writing this I receive a whisper from a lvl 1 toon. That is like 2 days after the last paragraph.

"Hey, its your friend <name>."

"Hellows <name>. What is that now? <cant say the name of class nor race>! Very tolkien! Want a ginvite?"

"You bet. So Seel, I'll be playing <class name> now I think. Screw warrior. I'm too old for that. I need an easy-to-play class."

"<Name>, go hunter before you get to 50 and delete YET ANOTHER TOON!"

"Na, I like <class name>."

LOL Oh well, that's Grave... Stubborn to the boots...

Since recently Grave kicked the bucket and told everybody whos she I dont have to keep the secret anymore. She was Skelliga, the palading (LOL the ding machine! This joke was an accident I just noted before posting LOL) at the second incarnation and Puck the gnome mage at the third.

What scared me was hat followed when I said THAT:

"We need HEALERS in this guild! But its been complicated to find guildless healers to recruit."

A whisper pops up to me... >:(

"We need healers?"

"Skelly! KEEP WITH THE MAGE! Dont delete it now!"

"But you said we need healers!"

"Yes, I did, and now you play a mage! Dont do that again!"

He logged off and suddenly I got yet another whisper...


It was Skelly who made a priest and called her Gravemore... I was laughing and angered at the same time...

"Grave, if you make a priest and level her up and then delete her when you reach lvl 40 or higher ILL BE VERY ANGERED WITH YOU!!! IS THAT CLEAR???"

"Yes, yes, I wont delete her."

"And the mage!"

"Yes, ok."

We shall see. I remind her about that from time to time lol, just to be sure. By now Skelly would have 2 60s... YES, IM SAYING THAT, SKELLY! STOP DELETING TOONS! >:D

More nice unknown peeps giving help around! I love you all!!!

Other day I was around in Stormwind when a toon called Anachrony comes out of no where and gives me a blue set of boots with a chant to walk faster. She just gave it to me our of nowhere. What could I say? It would really help me! I thanked her a lot for that and she have been giving me free chants since then.

A while before that another toon called Myzandria, thats always around the Stormwind bank did the same to me, giving me a nice item out of no where. Actually Myzandria was the very first kind unknown toon who gave me a gift.

"Do we know each other? Why youre giving me that?"

"No, we dont and I see you need it, so why not? Take it! :D"

I just got a new member for my guild called Puck (Its Skelly, Shadow! Its true!), a gnome mage. See what he just typed in guild chat:

"You know that paladin Andraste? Straight up stole the name from Dragon Age but anyway, I buffed her and ran away and she chased all the way to SW to buff me back, hehe."

The other day I saw that a toon called Smultron got an epic sword. I dont remember the name of it, its the wind fury or something like that. Everybody who saw it will know what Im talking about. Im horrible with names, I told you that. I just can remember Smultron's name because shes a gnome and I kept thinking it reminds me of Smurfs lol. We begun to chat and she gave me a bunch of nice hints for warrior tanking. Since Kilan told me shes the top tank in the server I HAD to ask. Thanks a lot, Smurf! :D

I never tire of finding the many nice peeps that show up in this server! Love you all! :D

When I was the troll >:D

The other day we were running SFK. This place have an interesting feature: the damn platforms all around the end area after a stair that goes up. That said if a lowlvl toon aggro someone at that upper level the mob will come running over all platforms literally forming a train of death aggroing ALL mobs in its path while look for the player. SOON you will have some 15-20 worgen and ghost wolves on you at once... Nice, hmm?

I was telling the group that and how I aggroed those the first time I went there when suddenly I targeted a mob on the upper lvl and threw a knife, aggroing the whole place. I dont know why I did that but I was laughing a lot. Soon that army alrived and we wiped.

"Ok, point taken. Ill wait right here." Said Skelly. She was level 20something at that time. LOL.

Poor Skelly. I told him it was my fault, just wanted him to see how that happens. :D

Bill & Ted come to Turtle Server

I was walking around Stormwind the other day when I saw two guys completely lost. One gnome warrior called wartortle and a nelf priest called Evanez.

"Hi peeps. You seem lost. New to the server?"

"Hi elf girl! We are!"

"Yeah, we never played wow before!"

"We are noobs!"

"You are a noob!"

"You too, noob!"

I was like Ooook, I just met Bill & Ted inside turtle wow... Go figure that.

I helped both with bags and took them to do the chidren's week quest from the beginning to the end. It went smoothly and when we were at Jayna Wartortle said he needed to take a screenshot since one of his relatives gave that name to his daughter because of the game and he wanted to show him hes playing vanilla. It was cute.

Today a guildie of mine called Bek asked me if I could help him run dead mines. I said "Ok, Sure.". He said he had more two peeps in his group and I had invited another guildie, Jocelyn. Then he left the group and asked me to invite him, then I asked him if the other two would come. As he said nothing I passed lead to him and he invited one of them. Suddenly I see that nelf priest and begin to laugh. Soon after there is that gnome in the party and I said "Oh, its you two!" laughing a lot. They told me they were able to do the children's week quest by themselves and thanked me a lot for that. I was happy for them.

We ran Dead Mines smoothly, with the occasional almost death. Pretty common thing, all undead control LOL... When we reached the Goblin Deforester boss room all the sudden the priest passed by me and entered the room aggroing some 4 or 5 mobs and got killed on the spot. I was like WTF is he doing??? Noob...

After a while running I ask them...

"So peeps, you still think you are noobs or already got a promotion?"

The priest says:

"Still noobs! Died for nothing in a party tanked by a lvl 45."

Oh well... What can I say? :D

Rogue Frenzy or why brazilians postergate everything?

It was the last day of the 2x quest xp event hold by the server. It was the last 1:30 hours for the server to end it. I spent some time before running a priest I made for it and then I had a rogue I wanted to get that pet just to walk around stealthed making him walk alone to scare peeps around and have fun.

But I had JUST one hour and a half and my rogue was still lvl 5. Half way to 10... CRAP!

I asked Feline for help. He jumped in his rogue lvl 19 and came running to help me.

"Why you decided to do that on the last minute? You could have done that before!"

"Its a brazilian thing! We do everything in the last minute! Adds drama to the story!" Awha??? I said that? LOL

"I dont anderstand that! That dont make any sense!"

"It dont have to make sense!! Its our culture! I just live with it!"

"Ok... 0.o"

"We have to do this FAST! No time to chat! If quests arent enough we will need to grind till the last second!"

"Ok We grind when we do all quests!"

"This will be like when I played wow 15 years ago! LETS ROLL!"

We begun running insanely passing the knife in everything that moves that crossed our path while I ran from dolanaar to the cave behind the village to get the head of that satyr, then to the satyr by the road, then got spiders, owls and tigers, then back, then to the village southeast to get the moonwell and the book and jewel, than back, then south to the lake to meet Delanan then back, then checked that three sentinels to get the quest and I dragged Feline right down to hell when we entered the Ban Ethil Barrow Den and begun to run maddly poking everything. Everybody HATES that place!

I was quite surprised that we could kill them at that insane speed but yet it was like 12-22 xp per head so it wouldnt help much.

"If this thing dont work out we will have to keep just grinding nonstop till the last second!"

"Ok!" said Feline.

We ran right to get the first box, then went down to kill the guy from the sentinel's quest and get the other box, then we went to the area where the druid is, went up and got the third box then the forth and came back running to the ghost, farmed the quest item, killed the bear, Feline used it then I, we got anxious losing 1 minute awaiting for the boxes to respawn so both could get the quest done, went running back to the ghost, went out running killing everything, went to that lil cave at the north of the Den, got the other furbolg miniboss killed then turned in the sentinel quest.

And DING! Level 10! We had 3 minutes till server hit 00:00am. In the five minutes of the prorrogation of the second time! We laughed a lot! That was an Adventure! :D

The forgotten dream.

Have you ever had that dream that you completely forgot once you woke up? Who hadnt? Follow this strange yet incredible story that happened to me... That one is as crazy as the dance, food and beer in StormWind.

The first time I went to the Arenas to see those tents was strange to me. Never saw that. The second time I went there were for using the one I just got. There was a tauren druid there at the platform called Humboldt. I used the tent and, LOL, he got trapped inside it. He couldnt get out in cat form no matter how much he tried. He just gave up, sitted and we kept chatting while the tent was up. Other peeps were alriving and mounting tents too and I saw how that thing worked.

Some time after that, and I mean many days, maybe one week or more, I was running around Stonetalon Mountains questing in the area of the Venture Corp. mobs when I got a whisper.

"Hey, night elf! Can you help me?"

"Sure. Who are you?"

"Its me, Humboldt! You dont remember me?"

Of course NOT, Im HORRIBLE with names......

"Uh, no..."

"Im the druid you got trapped with your tent in the arenas!"

"OH, THATS YOU! LOL Sorry for that! What you need?"

"Theres an elite here but I cant kill it alone. Damn mob keep fearing me and almost kills me every time I try to kill him."

"Ok, np, lets do that. Invite!"

I got my shield for tanking and when he pointed the elite I jumped it with a charge and we begun the fight. HOLY COW, I got feared all the fight while he tried to beat the elite and heal me. I barely recovered the aggro in time to save him from dying many times, some 5 or 6 and we did it and laughed.

While I was fighting something begun to bug me.

"WHO IS Humboldt? I heard that name before!"

That question kept repeating in my mind everytime I saw the tauren druid when I taunted the elite back to me. Suddenly I REMEMBERED! Huboldt was the name of a scientist that travelled in time to meet the heroes of my book to ask them for help! The Earth was destroyed because someone altered the time line and he was protected in a field that barred time effects so he appeared just in time to expand the field of his ship to protect the queen's cruiser and then call the heroes for help!

THAT and HE was a literal HOLY COW!!! I had dreamed with one entire story for a new book for my series and had forgotten it COMPLETELY and that druid was there to remind me of it!!! I remembered the whole thing in the middle of the fight! I was in awe!

As I said in the first post Im a writer and wrote a book! I intend to make a series of aventures with science fiction as the background and wow, I dreamed with an entire story that now I can write down! And I owe that druid the gift of being reminded of it! Unbelievable! :D

Trolled by a fishing trainer.

I like to go fishing to relax in the game. Its quite relaxing indeed! One day I went to Auberdine and was doing the quests there. I had to return to Darnassus to get the basic training to be able to do the quest given by that dwarf fisher that stood in the beach in front of the FP. Gubber Blump is his name and in the quest he gives he says fishing is his game. LIAR! Hes a troller! Dont trust him!

There is another fishing quest given by a gnome on the top floor of the inn too. Nice. I did Blump's quest then went around to keep fishing so I could do the gnome quest. My skill was in 119. I came back, turned in the quest, nothing big here, then I noticed there was another quest given by the dwarf. I went to check it when I noticed that he offers fishing training. I was curious but since I got past the basic level I did that just to see the machine complain that I cant get any training anymore. LOL Silly Seely attacked again!

I DID get something but it wasnt a training! It was an UNtraining! the dwarf bugged my fishing skill and reverted the max value back to 75 so my skill now readed Fishing 119/75. Ouch!

I thought with my buttons since in the past I used to code in C...

"Lets see if who made this game made it right then... If the programmer did this thing right I wont be able to get any more skill ups because there is a conditional IF to halt it from a variable overflow. If not the skill will be able to go up indefinitely till it reaches the variable cap and when it get the next skill up it will reset back to zero or to a negative value, since variables work in the computer's memory just like the pointers of a clock. When you reach 12 it goes back to zero, theres no 13th hour.

Well, I didnt got any skill ups anymore so whomever did that did it right! Point for Blizzard! But my char was still bugged and I tried everything and got no results. I oppened a ticket. After a while I closed the client and opened it again later in the day and the bug was gone, but I already had a message from Torta telling me to talk to them in the server discord. They didnt fix it, the bug fixed itself when I closed the client. Relogging didnt work when I tried it. Since it was fixed I didnt go give peeps more work.

But YOU stay away from da voodoo! And from Blump's fishing training option!!! :D

So peeps, that was the stories I selected to tell you this time! I hope you have liked it! Post comments! And tell me YOUR stories before this post becomes a kind of Seelya's personal journal. Thats not a bad idea, talking about that... But I want to hear your stories too!

Be nice! And remember! Do what the troll said! "Stay away from da voodoo!" :D

Seelya, The Silvered.
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