Immortal Census

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Immortal Census

Post by Beefus » Sat Jul 02, 2022 11:22 pm

Hi Everyone,

Playing around with scraping data (and other pieces of matter) from, I thought I might answer for you a question I had:

What race/class/gender should I play?

Here's what the data says of those who've made it to Immortality:

Druid: 24 (5.9%)
Hunter: 100 (24.5%)🥇
Mage: 50(12.3%)
Paladin: 54 (13.3%)🥉🧋🐔
Priest: 24 (5.9%)
Rogue: 51 (12.6%)
Shaman: 19 (4.7%)
Warlock: 29 (7.1%)
Warrior: 55 (13.6%)🥈

RACE/GENDER: 197 female/209 male (48.6% ♀️/ 51.5%♂️)
Dwarf-Female: 7 (1.7% BUT THEY DO EXIST)
Dwarf-Male: 22 (5.4%)
Gnome-Female: 11 (2.7%)
Gnome-Male: 12 (3.0%)
Goblin-Female: 3 (0.7%)
Goblin-Male: 15 (3.7%)
Highelf-Female: 41 (10.1%)🥈🧝
Highelf-Male: 18 (4.4%)
Human-Female: 44 (10.8%)🥇🥱
Human-Male: 38 (9.4%)🥉🥱
Nightelf-Female: 29 (7.1%)
Nightelf-Male: 15 (3.7%)
Orc-Female: 12 (3.0%)
Orc-Male: 34 (8.4%)
Tauren-Female: 11 (2.7%)
Tauren-Male: 14 (3.5%)
Troll-Female: 18 (4.4%)
Troll-Male: 24 (5.9%)
Undead-Female: 21 (5.2%)
Undead-Male: 17 (4.2%)

So the obvious answer if you want to make it to immortal in July of 2022: Female Human OR a Hunter.

Want to be different? Goblin-Female OR a Shaman.

Recommendation for further research: Next time I'll do a regression to find exactly which race/gender/class had the most and least success, since Humans can't be Hunters and Goblins can't be Shamans.

Anything surprise you in the data?

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Re: Immortal Census

Post by Jolikmc » Sat Jul 02, 2022 11:57 pm

The biggest surprise? The fact that someone only went and done this. This had to have taken some time and effort unlike the automated census data I provided in another topic. Kudos are in order! 🍺

It's kind of typical that high elf females are in the top three spots. I mean, they're pretty. Or rather, they're "conventionally" pretty. And also? They're female. That, right there, is gonna draw people in.
I'm also not very surprised that male humans are in the top three. People are, as noted in the data, boring. (:

I am a little surprised by the lack of female goblins, admittedly. I mean, they look (and act) like gangster molls. That's gotta appeal to someone, right? Also surprised by the lack of tauren girls. Seriously, who doesn't like a nice, sturdy girl who goes "moo"? Heh heh.

Once again, thank you for going to much trouble to do this! This is very enlightening!

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Re: Immortal Census

Post by Beefus » Sun Jul 03, 2022 1:50 am

Me too on a lot of those!
I always thought High Elf females were the reason for higher population on Alli here, but maybe the hu-min-maxers] are twice as much of the population.

The fact female goblins make up such a tiny fraction... I blame their lack of Cata faces. Having only one vanilla face (with a lipstick variation) would hurt any race's customization appeal, I think. Not sure what it has to do with Hardcore but that's my unsupported theory.

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Re: Immortal Census

Post by Lexiebean » Thu Aug 04, 2022 8:53 am

Very nice!

You might also like this spreadsheet that I made ages ago.

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