Aydeas Poetry

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Aydeas Poetry

Post by Aydea » Wed Feb 16, 2022 6:13 pm

I wrote this when I joined the server, it is supposed to reflect the feeling I got from the community

Song to the Community of Turtle WoW

A server thats lost to the world
A name not many will have heard
Where quickly helping hands are lent
And "thank you", "you are welcome" sent

A place where people group and say
"How can I help you, if I may?"
A place where you will truly see
"Do not worry, I give this for free"

The friendly, sincere attitude
An arrow to your heart will shoot
But instead of piercing it will say
"How can I help you, if I may?"

You will not believe your eyes
As this server dispells lies
Of ill intentioned people's hearts
Harsh words spoken, sharp like darts

But none of them, no dart at all
Will pass this server's mighty shield wall
Made up of sincere heart's love true
Strengthened by each and all of you

You might wonder yet "How can this be?"
How exists such a community?
The secret is one known to all
That which has no love will fall

But love in this place is so vast
That for three years already it does last
And many, many more such years
Are ahead, worry not and have no fears

A place that does not take but gives
A place where the community -lives-
A place you have arrived here now
The name of the place? Is Turtle WoW
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Re: Aydeas Poetry

Post by Aydea » Wed Feb 16, 2022 6:14 pm

I wrote this poem for the Hard Core challenge community.

The Price of Arrogance

What could it bring you, he had said
If you die you will stay dead
Your pain, frustration, misery
For not just you but all to see

His words cold, sharp like an icy blade
Those struck down, their vision fade
Remember those words sure and true
And mayhap think "I should have listened to you"

And yet they come and more come still
And upon their backs they all feel chill
When they accept and complete quest
Their character's life in their hands rest

To those who make it, and prevail
Those who endure and without fail
Preserve their life, and guard it well
Those who live a tale will tell

A tale of hardship and of pain
To them all of it was not in vain
No! None of it, not one moment
Of their precious lifetime lent

One has to wonder, stop and think
For all of the journey on the brink
Is your character's life and all the way
The loss of it all one mistake away

A choice made quick, and quicker yet
Can come the pain and the regret
Of when thinking you had what it takes
You had said "yes!" and upped the stakes

Neither cruel and nor unkind
Your character death will not bind
Instead undo and then remake
Asked "Do you have what it may take?"

A flaw of all that lives and breathes
You are spared yet from eternal grief
You may start over as penance
And pay the price of arrogance

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Re: Aydeas Poetry

Post by Xantros » Thu Feb 17, 2022 5:35 pm

Beautiful poems, really speaks to the heart of Turtle WoW! :)

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