[Dungeon Idea] The Forlorn Cove

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[Dungeon Idea] The Forlorn Cove

Post by Oethrain » Mon Aug 30, 2021 5:05 pm

I enjoy creating things or coming up with ideas of games I like to play and I wrote this idea down for a dungeon idea I had years back, including quests, level range and a little backstory. Thought it might be cool to let it loose here since this place is all about custom stuff.

So the basic idea of this dungeon is that it is located underwater east of Theramore. Intended as a 40-50 dungeon or so. With it mainly being a throwback to warcraft 3 and opening the way for a loose end in that story.

If you swim out far enough east of Theramore there is a rocky reef terrain and wreckage and flotsam of crates, planks floating on the surface of the water indicating something is different about this space of water. Swimming down below is a cove which is the official entrance to the dungeon.


The start of the dungeon is little more than a cave mouth small cavern. In it are two friendly Theramore marines (to the alliance) named NPCs that give a quest. These two are a search party sent looking for the Tempest -- A trading ship due for Theramore that never made port weeks ago. They inform you that the new commanding officer Lieutenant Doyle Rahnhard have gone mad from delusions and paranoia and is fortified inside with the remnants of the crew. They currently hoard supplies and very important cargo for Theramore. They give a quest to eliminate Doyle and retrieve 6 cargo crates.

For Alliance there is the quest above and a quest from Captain Garran Vimes from theramore that tells you of a nasty storm they had a few weeks back and a ship went missing. He asks you to check on his search party he sent a few days ago in a known problematic rocky reef. Your standard quest to get you in the right area for the dungeon.

For Horde their direction lies in a different area.

After completing the skull rock chain (Hidden Enemies RFC questline) that orcs/trolls normally do in Durotar. You get a follow up chain available at 37 named "Finishing the Job". Thrall informs you of a high ranking agent that escaped the Skull Rock massacre and that he has since begun to practice his dark magics without restraint in an evil cavern in dustwallow marsh. Thrall fears he could be in league with a more sinister ally and wants to you to kill the Orcish warlock Neekrosh Redhand before he grows stronger.

With no prerequisite Voljin also has a quest at 37 called "A forgotten Enemy". Vol'jin has learned the whereabouts of the sea witch Zar'jira who killed Sen'jin and captured Thrall before the formation of the Horde. He wants you to seek revenge for Sen'jin and the Horde.

Those are the three bosses in the dungeon. A powerful Naga boss, a warlock orc and a mad marine.


The dungeon is basically just cavernous to start with one entrance lined with supplies from the Kul'tiras shipwreck. Nets, rope, barrels, a general hastily living quarter feel. You fight a few sailors/marines here but not many. Once you get out of this area the dungeon will snake off into three sections. Going straight ahead will lead you on a deadpath with Lieutenant Doyle and his marines who have barricaded themselves in using any scrap/supplies from the wreckage. They are constantly attacked by phantoms/demons from the western cave and murlocs and water elementals from the eastern cave.

The western cave has an evil atmosphere about it with strange purple/red crystals, summoning circles, altars, and red mist. Here is where you fight hellhounds, ghosts, satyrs and imps and anything else menacing. This part of the cave is what drove the Kul'tirans mad.

The eastern cave is a shrine dedicated to the Naga witch Zar'jira. Murlocs worship her as a goddess. Its a small area but is filled with treasures and statues/architecture resembling night elf/naga structures. You fight water elementals and murlocs here. The sea witch escapes when she is "killed" opening the door for maybe a raid boss one day. It is hinted a little bit that the sea witch and Redhand are allied in some way.

And thats all for the idea really. I had an idea to make the two NPCs for alliance killable on horde similar to how the lost vikings in uldaman operate but decided against it. I also had loot tables drawn up but seem a bit moot now. Anyways hope you enjoyed reading it lol.

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Re: [Dungeon Idea] The Forlorn Cove

Post by Paw » Tue Aug 31, 2021 11:41 am

Funky! There is a dark portal beneath the water surface on the eastern shores of Azshara. It would mean a 5 level increase in the dungeon difficulty in case you would like to use its location for the story. They used to plan to enter every dungeon through a dark portal. Why is there the dark portal on the starting screen? However the story would change somewhat.

/Thrall grew up as a gladiator under the hands of Daelin Blackmoore whence he broke free he rushed all the encampment sites the humans held the fatigued green orcs in cages lost of their power from the Fel bloodlust. He turned the encampments upside down through cunning and prowess. Ripping apart their shackles they regained their powers though but a faint of their glorious past. He travelled to the snowy mountains of Alterac for he was called by the elementals where he newfound the old ways of the shaman. With the support of nature he continued raiding the human settlements and they grew in power then dream then ships, Mailstorm, islands, trolls, murlocs, naga. Senjindeath. Cool quest./ This 3 sets of dungeons however is basically Maraudon?

There is an awesome marine quest on the south side of the Azshara foothills right between the cracks where it connects to the ocean. The one of the alliance quests could originate from there built upon that story. It's an escort of sorts that mostly everyone skips cause its so out of the way. (Just like Azshara. That is a half finished zone admittedly by blizz.) Also there are naga to begin with so the horde quest could connect as well and some blue dragons if we are talking raiding? :D

If the content of the cargo carries big significance to Theramore most likely travelled a big much but to sink so close to its destination would mean that a terrible foe intercepted them in order to stop the cargo from arriving but that is not the case. A curse weakened their mind and turned them paranoid which would take time. Not to mention if the hoard was of heavy importance they would avoid such places known to be perilious.

The Skull Rock stuff is then again Funky! There's not moch moar to say about that! I always felt let down when that quest chain abruptly ended in my quest log's journey. Ye... we already have a Nekrosh (Skullcrusher) from the Day of the Dragon book. Orco Morgo :DDD Let's come up with some other name. (Redhand is a reference to Rend Blackhand in some freudian way which tho would make it hard to compensate for a warlock since I believe Blackhand has no affiliation for magic.)

I believe it would be better if we have the naga killed, Zar'jira then Orco Morgo as well and have the captain turn to sanity after a combat encounter thus continueing the quest line through this interaction we have afterwards. (Works for Horde too since the tenious pact between the Horde and the Alliance have "just almost" all but evaporated and we could have like a chest appear for goodies.) Then for raid purposes we put there a blue dragon somehow if you catch upon my idea about Azshara.

We could make the cargo quest to be like the Utgarde Pinnacle quest which requires you to collect a shitton amount of valuable things. We could even do that we only put in 3 of something that in a party of 5 everyone would require for the quest but make it harder to complete by having them run the dungeon twice.

I would put the dragon with the orc's part for u named it Nekrosh who was in the book the keeper of Alextrasa's jail. Brainstorm: Skull Rock < Nekrosh Skullcrusher, Blue dragonflight < Red dragonflight, Azshara < Zar'jira. Azshara made a pact with the Old Gods thus the naga came to be but how do they connect to the dragons? How can we connect them to the orcs' Fel magic?

Found something we can work with here. Just don't shit yourself too much. :D This is the son of the Nekrosh from the book I was talking about: https://wowpedia.fandom.com/wiki/Nek%27 ... ullcrusher
Seemingly it is a story similar to the Hidden Enemies. Ends with room for continuation. Maybe we put a hint there of a looming threat bound to manifest itself in the future with some naga and shit or even better... we could link him to his father and the blue dragons... I have an idea but I'm curious what do you have to say on the matter so far. So the ball is yours or whoever catches it! /throwball

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Re: [Dungeon Idea] The Forlorn Cove

Post by Mantigora » Tue Aug 31, 2021 2:55 pm

Wow, so much! All I can say, how great it is to see so much talent here. I am not versed enough in the lore to give any more comment. Who needs Blizzard anyways?

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