Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Sun Apr 25, 2021 9:04 am

There were caves here, along both sides of the tunnel. All filled with deep pools of water.
The ideal place for Murlocs, so we approached quiet and carefully.

But there were no Murlocs.
In one cave we found three Naga Sea-witches.
It was a short fight: they were startled and tried to get away to be able to cast from afar, but the pool was too small for that and they succumbed quickly to the onslaught of the Rogue and the Warrior, aided by the casting of the Shaman and me.

All the other pools were empty.
Till, after we checked yet another empty pool, we heard a sound.
Quietly again, we moved closer, Rogue in front, this time.

It was clearly talking, in strange harsh voices and I had no idea of even what language was spoken.
"Dwarves!" Whispered the Rogue, and signaled us to stay back.

He slowly went closer while we waited.
Dwarves! I thought. They are very dangerous!
I only had seen them from far away. Short but strong and always busy and not to be underestimated.
They were as clever as any old Troll Witch-doctor!

The Rogue winked us to come to him and we silently reached by his side, at the mouth of a big cave.

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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Thu Apr 29, 2021 5:02 am

Quite a bit inside, there were two Dwarves, clad in Naga-scale armor.
One was sitting and the other one standing over him and doing most of the talking.

He had gray hair and beard and his armor clearly showed that he was of higher rank than the other Dwarf.
His subordinate had brown hair and a shortish beard.
He was sitting down, his bare feet hanging in the water and he seemed not so much bothered by the dressing down from his boss.
He had taken off his gloves and shoulder-pads and was only holding a burning torch.

They were fairly loud, not trying to be quiet at all while they argued. So they must feel pretty safe here.
That was a thing of concern.
We all moved back, away from the mouth of the cave, to make a plan.

"They are heavily armored", said the Rogue, "something to be expected of Dwarves, of course, but it is clear that someone is spending a decent amount of gold on their gear. Naga-scale armor is not cheap to make and since it is always wet and shiny, it is highly resistant against Fire." Here he looked at me.

That was bad news, because Dwarves are by Nature resistant to any Frost-damage. One of the many reasons why they were so dangerous.
"They also wear chain-mail-cloaks", he continued, "which is bad news for me."
"So, what to do?" he concluded.

I was surprised, I had expected him to come up with a plan, but it was the Shaman who spoke:
"The Earthmother has showed me this cave in my Dream.
It is here where I must fulfill my task."

Well, that ruled out quietly sneaking away and leaving them be, I thought.
"Here is not their righteous place, they must go." said the Shaman again.
Wilani said: "I will take on the barefooted Dwarf, if you can keep his boss busy."
"OK," said the Rogue, we will take out the younger Dwarf first."

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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Thu May 06, 2021 6:17 am

So, we had a plan.
We moved into position and the Shaman started to cast a Lightning-bolt onto the boss-Dwarf. He wavered but swiftly gained his composure and readied his shield and a short sturdy Axe.
With a loud cry, he stormed at the Shaman.
Wilani stormed past him, to charge at the younger Dwarf, who was getting up hastily.

She hit him with her Trident flat on the back while he dodged to escape her fury. Staggering, he swung his torch in her direction while she came in for another hit.
The torch left a swirling string of fire behind that coiled around her arms and head. She screamed in agony and went clear past him, backing off in pain.

"Wilani!" I shouted and went all-out, casting Arcane-missiles onto her assailant. "Get away from him!"
She was badly hit and I heard the Priest casting Healing-spells onto her while I shot more missiles.
The Dwarf did not like that at all and came running towards me.

I engaged him and casted my Fire-ward-spell; we Mages can endure a decent amount of Fire this way.
He whipped me with Fire while I kept casting volley after volley.
When he saw how little it affected me, he took his Axe from his side and advanced towards me. He would chop me to bits with that thing! I quickly casted a Frost-Nova and Blinked, out of his reach.

Even though the Frost had little effect on him, it froze solid the shallow water he was standing in. He used his Axe to cut himself free but he had to be careful not to chop off his own toes!
I looked around. Wilani had moved to the boss-Dwarf and was taking turns with the Rogue. They had little impact on the sturdy Dwarf but he was becoming more and more agitated.

"Help me finish off this one!"I called out to the Shaman. The younger Dwarf had freed himself and was now hell-bound on turning me into fish-food. I had to run for my life.
The Lightning-bolts of the Shaman, made him stagger a bit and that gave me a chance to cast another volley.
We were getting him down!

In the meantime the Rogue had received a nasty gash and the Priest had to heal him a lot. This upset the boss-Dwarf so much that he decided to go kill the Priest first.
Foaming with anger he ran to poor Gregory who froze on the spot.
But I had underestimated him. He casted a protecting Shield onto himself and sprang out of the way.
That shield would only hold one or maybe two hits, so he had to run for his life.
Now everyone was running!

Except the Shaman. He threw another Lightning-bolt at the Dwarf, who fell to the ground.
I ran towards him to cast an Arcane-explosion. And that was the end of him.

I took his Axe and shouted: "Here! Wilani! Take this!" I waved the Axe in the air and she came running to me.
Now she had a weapon again that enabled her to use her shield.
She dropped the Trident and took out her shield.
Then she let out a blood-curdling Challenging Shout!
Our Warrior was back in business!!

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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Thu May 13, 2021 7:30 am

She ran to Intercept the boss-Dwarf, blocking him from reaching the Priest.
This was a language he understood and he let out a Challenging Shout of his own.
Shorter and sturdier, he was difficult for her to handle, but she was backed-up by a healing Priest while he wasn't. She could take more risk than him, and it seemed to cool him down from his anger, having to parry most of her attacks.

Backing up now, he saw how the odds were, definitely not in his favor.
I started to cast Arcane-missiles on him and he made a run for it, deeper into the cave.
Lani was on his heels and we were all running behind her.
But then, suddenly he stopped and bursted out laughing. The laugh of a madman.

He started to talk now, in his strange, coarse, language and winked us to come closer, while he went back, carefully.
We followed him, deeper into the cave and then we saw what he had seen: Murlocs!
Dozens of Murlocs!
They were walking and sitting around in the knee-deep water.

So, that was were all the Murlocs had gone; they were imprisoned here by the Dwarves.
And now their warder was dead. It was all to clear what would happen if he would run into there and stir up that big group. Once they had killed him, they would not stop there. They would be free!
Nothing would keep them from running into poor us.

He laughed again, seeing how we were taken aback. And even louder when he saw our anxious glances over towards the Murlocs.
He was clearly mad and it made him the more dangerous.

Lani backed off a little, by the time she would catch up with him, they both would be spotted by the Murlocs.
This was cause for even more joy to the Dwarf and he laughed again.
"He must not be allowed to escape" said the Shaman.
And I shot a Sheep-spell at the dwarf.

It was a desperate act: once he would turn back into a Dwarf, he would be his own fresh and undamaged Self again. But this way at least, he could not laugh any-more.
We all went back a little more while the sheep wandered aimlessly about.

The Warrior ran her new Axe along a Sharpening stone, but that Dwarf-made Axe had little to gain, so sharp as it was.
The Rogue applied new poisons onto his daggers.
The Priest topped-off everyone's Health.
And the Sheep wandered over towards the Murlocs!

"Run!" I said, while I casted another Sheep-spell onto it, just to be sure.
If we were lucky they would only kill the sheep and be busy eating it.
It would buy us some time until the first inquisitive Murlocs came wandering this way.

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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Sun May 16, 2021 5:34 am

I felt a stone in my stomach.
No-one had said anything. No-one had blamed me for acting impulsively.
I wished we could run away. So many Murlocs!

The Shaman looked at me and said: "You are in touch with the Earthmother.
She works through you. Know that you are blessed."

It felt as if a bomb had gone off inside me!
I stepped away for a bit to regain my composure.
Those Tauren! Always so unexpected!
I let out a deep sigh.

Big emotions were wrestling inside me to gain the upper hand.
I wanted to cry!
I wanted to scream!

But there was no time for that now!
We were going to have an enormous fight on our hands soon.
It HAD to wait.

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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Thu May 20, 2021 2:58 am

I felt anxious, what could we hope to bring to bear, facing so many Murlocs?
A mage can indeed fight many when they are in the same spot, by casting spells that cover a greater area and do damage to all in that reach. But this was such a big group, what if I would miss some?
Those not affected would certainly come to grab and kill me instantly.

Frost-nova, yes, and then Blizzard to make ice-shards rain down on them.
I was going over the actions in my mind.
But such a big group! I never had taken on so many, ever!

I was pacing up and down, whilst thinking it over, when my foot hit the torch that the younger dwarf had used. It lay in the shallow water, extinguished.
Perhaps I could light it again and use it to keep the Murlocs at bay!
I picked it up and went back to the others.

"Where is the Rogue? I asked."
"He went to have a look and maybe draw the attention of a few wandering Murlocs." said Gregory.
"We are waiting for him to return. He won't be long."

So they had started without letting me know!
Or had I been in thoughts so much that I had not heard them?
I looked at the others, they were all watching the spot where the Rogue would show up again, on his way back.
How many Murlocs would he bring?
What if they would come all at once?!

This uneasy feeling was still there.
I looked at the Shaman. He seemed calm enough. Even Gregory had spoken with just excitement in his voice.
The only one who was some kind of tense was Wilani, but she had to spring into action as soon as the first Murloc would show up. Her normal Warrior's job.

So why was I so nervous then? No-one had suggested I should take on that whole group.
It did not matter, I still felt a stone in my stomach.

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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Sun May 23, 2021 5:15 am

There he is! I wanted to shout, but I did not want to make a spectacle of myself and I was able to say nothing.
He was running towards Wilani, who was standing in front.

"Four!" He said, a little out of breath, while he ran past her and then he Vanished.
The Murlocs ran straight towards Wilani and since they could not see their former target, they went to assault the Warrior.

This was what she had trained for, making sure all the Murlocs would attack her and only her.
I targeted the one that was closest to her and casted a fire-bolt onto it.
The Shaman and the Rogue were doing the same and the Murloc was going down really fast.
Gregory was tossing many heals onto her, since she was getting hit from four sides, so he was really busy.
And when I saw she turned to the next Murloc, I followed her lead while the first Murloc died at the hands of the Rogue.

With one less, it was a little easier and number two was going down even faster.
Then it was the turn of Murloc number three. I saw that Gregory was using his wand, in between the now fewer heals that he had to do.
The last one died almost directly after the third.

That was a well-executed fight!
Nothing had gone wrong! I gave a cheer of relief.
"There are at least ten times more, Lady", said the Rogue in his familiar cold tone. "I don't think we want gamble on being this lucky, ten times in a row!"
Ohh! This guy! What was I thinking?! He was just the same as before!

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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Thu May 27, 2021 6:30 am

"Well I have found this!" I said and held up the Dwarven-torch.
If we can light it again, we can keep those Murlocs at bay!"
"Do you know how to light it?", he asked.
"Well, it is a torch...", I started.

I looked at it closer: the handle was made of wood, but the wood was un-burned. The part on the top was made of metal and that was blackened by fire. Had they used some magic to keep the fire in-place?
It was quite different from my Fiery-Orb, that did not whip-out strings of fire.
"But it is unlike any torch I have seen before. I don't know."

I felt deflated, my initial enthusiasm had vanished without a trace.
"Perhaps I know", he said, "if I may have a look please?"
"Sure", I said. "But wait, what is this?"

As I held the torch upside-down, I saw on the bottom of the metal part a sort of button.
I pushed on it, in the hope to light the torch, but something fell out instead.
It dropped in the shallow water where it left an oily circle that slowly became bigger.
I picked it up from the water: it was a small glass vial, nearly empty, only a little oil and water was in it.

"Well, now we can be sure it is not going to work." said the Rogue.
"I can put it back in." I said hastily.
"That's not the problem, Lady", said the Rogue. "The oil is finished.
And by chance I did not happen to bring any oil with me." He added wryly.
"In my bags there is some fish-oil." came the deep voice of the Shaman.
"Shaman need it to Water-walk." he clarified. "It is for future use that I gather it."

"Well, it is not Fire-oil, but it might still work." said the Rogue. "I probably have to adjust the burner."
Since he seemed to know what to do with it, I handed him the torch and the Shaman gave him a vial, somewhat bigger than the one that had fallen out.
"I need something from my bags for that." he continued and turned away.
"Keep watching out for any Murlocs!" he said over his shoulder.

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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Thu Jun 03, 2021 6:44 am

"Even if we can keep all the Murlocs in one spot, I can not kill all of them on my own!
They have too much health, I will be Out Of Mana before they are dead."

I was explaining to the others that I could not be expected to cast area-damage-spells onto all those Murlocs. But I think I was just trying to convince myself that I was not going to do that.
Somehow a pity. It is the trademark of a Mage to slay many in one go.
But one has to be realistic.

"To kill without need is not the way of the Earthmother." said the Shaman.
"You can say that again!", said Wilani.
"There was nothing to Need for: empty shells and broken stones! Nothing worth anything, we threw it all away."

She and Gregory had searched the dead Murlocs for pearls.
"Not even a fish-head", said Gregory. "They must be as hungry as church-rats!"
I had no idea what kind of rats that must be, but if bony-Gregory thought they were hungry, they certainly must be starving.

"Their freedom is in their hearts", said the Shaman, "They will be glad to leave from here.
Then Her task can be fulfilled without disruption."

"Hah!" we heard and we turned towards the Rogue: He was holding up the flaming torch. It was giving-off a lot of black smoke and did not look at all like how it had been burning when the Dwarf had held it.
And not just smoke! There was an enormous fish-smell coming from that thing!

"You guys go hide out of sight, quickly", said the Rogue "while I will go round them up and herd them out of this cave. I don't know how long this thing will keep on burning, so I don't want to waste any time.
Now go quickly! And don't worry about me, I can always Vanish!" he told us while he ran further into the cave.

We all got up, like stung by a bee and scrambled to find some good hiding spots along the side of the cave.
Oh! To run in without preparation is a sure way to die!
But it could not be helped. He was already gone.

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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Sun Jun 06, 2021 4:58 am

I had only just found a spot when we heard the Rogue scream. His voice was getting louder, he was coming back towards us!
"Out of the way!" he yelled as we saw him running back.
He kept on running and instead of herding the Murlocs, they were chasing him! The fish-smell from the torch was irresistible for the ravenous Murlocs.
More and more Murlocs were running past us, even when he already went out of the mouth of the cave.
I could not help wondering if Vanish would help if you smelled like fish.

The last Murlocs had ran out off the cave but we all stayed where we were. What if they would come back?
The Shaman was the first one to get up from his hiding-spot.
"Now that they are free, they won't come back." he said.
"This has been a bad place for them. However, for your comfort, I will inspect the tunnel outside this cave."
"I will come along, in case you need Healing." said Gregory.
"We all come" said Wilani, standing up.
There was not much else left to do, so I followed without much enthusiasm.

At least we did not get killed because of that brash act. It could easily have gone bad.
Very bad indeed.
As for Mr. "Lee-rogue Jenkins" himself, it still had to be seen if Vanish had saved his skin.
Of-course I did not wish him to be dead but such an irresponsible act would warrant some kind of repercussion, would it not? And what would we encounter if we had to go look for his corpse?
No, it would be best if he would show up soon.

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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Thu Jun 10, 2021 5:47 am

We came to the part where the Murlocs had been.
The water was a bit deeper here, nearly knee-deep and we were sloshing about.
At the back of the cave there stood a rough Altar: a big boulder that rested onto three smaller ones. If it had not been for the flattish top and the gigantic pearl that was lying on it, it could well have been just a pile of rocks.

But that pearl! It must be as big as a Murloc! That thing would be priceless!
But so big, no-one could hope to take such a thing anywhere.
And for what? Who could even pay for what it was worth?

The voice of the Shaman ended my dreams of boundless riches.
"The Earthmother had showed me this Altar in my Dream.
I will prepare for my Task, now. Please leave me until I return."
So we turned away, back to where we had come from, while the Shaman slowly neared the Altar.

“Owwaargh!” We heard the Tauren scream.
Shocked we quickly turned back and saw an enormous Murloc standing on his chest, clawing at his armor and biting his shield. He tried to cast a healing-spell onto himself, but he was greatly hindered. He had to keep his head above water and was unable to get up.
Horrified I watched how this monster was tearing patches of leather with it's flat fingers, out from the Shaman's armor.

But Wilani was already charging in, shouting and bashing her shield. Did she not know any fear?
Gregory was casting heals onto the Shaman and all I could do was watch.
Lani was slamming her shield on the Murloc’s head, to make him let go of the Shaman. She was really going all-out.
And I started to cast the biggest fire-bolt I could make.

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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Thu Jun 17, 2021 4:54 am

At last, the Murloc turned towards the Warrior and the Shaman could get back up.
"Strength of Earth!" he roared and planted a totem and a fire-totem too.
Wilani was having a hard time just to keep standing, while the Murloc was clawing and biting at her.

"Help me heal her!" said Gregory to the Shaman "I can not keep this up for long!"
He had to equip his Staff to be of any use for Healing and then they were taking turns healing the Warrior.
Meanwhile, I was casting great balls of fire and my Mana was draining fast.
I was the only one now, doing any kind of significant damage to that monster and it had still more than half of it's Health left.

Suddenly, the Murloc tossed Wilani back and jumped back towards the Tauren. Whilst also kicking down the totems; it happened so fast. He quickly had to take up his shield again.
Gregory had to switch his heals fast and was trying desperately to keep him alive.

Wilani was back on her feet and tried with all her might to make the monster turn back to her.
It finally worked and the Shaman was able to crawl out of reach. He was badly hurt and only managed a little heal onto himself, using up the last of his Mana.

My Mana was also reaching it's end and the Murloc was still far from dead.
The last bit of Mana from the Priest and the quickly diminishing health of the Warrior was all that separated us from a grueling death.

"Sheep him!" shouted Gregory. "I have no Mana left!"
"I am OOM too!" I replied.
"You have to take a potion!" said Gregory again.

There was no other choice.
Mana-potions were a last resort. They were not cheap and could only be used once.
In order to take one, you really had to make it count. There was not going to be a second chance.

I quickly took one, even though they were not used often, they were always held at the ready.
Then I quickly casted the Sheep-spell onto the Murloc.
If it would fail, it would all be over fast.

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