Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

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Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Wed Jan 20, 2021 8:58 pm

Hi, my name is Mantigora,

I have been writing a story for a while and I thought to share it here on the forum.
It is fan-fiction in the WoW-setting, but with some liberties, so things are not always exactly like in-game.
Also, I tried to give some extra information here and there, so that people who do not play WoW, can still enjoy it.

I plan to post here a bit, every week, or sooner if it is only a short bit. We will see.

In order to get into the story, I will put up a few bits to start off.

Any comments, corrections, typo's, bad grammar, praise(?) or curses(?) are welcome.
I also hope that people who are not the regular forum-lurkers will come to read it, so tell your friends!

And lastly, since there will be lot's of other writing in between (presumably), you can read the whole story in one piece here:

I hope you will all enjoy it!

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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Wed Jan 20, 2021 9:01 pm

Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps

As we neared the entrance of Blackfathom Deeps, the Naga, that were a menace here along the shore of Zoram Strand, became even more aggressive and seemed determined to keep us away from that smelly pit. Even though they themselves never went in there. So, a quick run inside freed us from their attacks.
But not from the stench. It was revolting. Every benefit we had from our previous meal vanished instantly and the mere thought of eating would make our stomachs turn.

The heaviness of the stench was attacking our health, as well as our will to live, so in order not to waste away there and then, we hurried down the stairs.
They were slippery from sand and scum, that had been deposited when the water-level had been higher and the walls were covered with dead seaweed that was responsible for most of the overwhelming smell.
Our Priest put a Spell of Renewal on each of us, to counter our declining health, but the Warrior said that it was of no use, because soon we would reach the bottom and were to go into that pool of filth that is down there. There would be enough healing to be done, once we would get out of that, nearly half dead.

It became more and more dark, the deeper we went and at the same time the stairs became more treacherous. We told the Warrior to slow down a little, lest we fall all the rest of the way down. But she kept going and we tried to keep up with her as best as we could.
No-one would like to be caught without a Warrior at your side, in a place like this. Save perhaps for the Shaman. He carried a shield of his own and was looking pretty grim in his Dark Leather gear.

He was bringing up the rear and helped the Priest as good as he could.
The poor Priest! He was struggling to keep up, his bony legs not used to running.
At least he was not bothered by the smell. I think being Undead does that for you.
They say that the whole of the Undercity is filled with green slime that stinks at least as bad.

I looked at my Spirit-level and saw it was still quite a bit in the safe zone, so at least I would be able to cast unimpeded, we should be nearly there anyway - and slammed into that damned Rogue. Why was he standing still in a place like this?! There were no traps here, people had been going down these stairs countless times. Oh, sure! A great time to loot a crystal! What would he need that for?! This guy was going to be more trouble than he was worth, just as I had told them before we went.

We should have taken that Warlock-girl but nooo, she was tooo inexperienced, they said. But at least she had a Void-Walker with her, which could have given us an edge in case the Tank was going to have a hard time. Who ever wants a Rogue in their group?
Well, at least one less Clothie to roll against, I guess.

We neared the Warrior who was standing at the edge of the pool of slime, all that was left of the water that had been in here. For some reason, it was no longer being replenished, as it had been, long ago. Strange, that such a deep pit, so close to the shore, would not fill back up with water.
I took a deep breath - it was agony filling my lungs with that stank - and saw the Priest, being bodily dragged along by the Shaman, come into view. We were about to face the worst bit so far.

The Warrior had already stowed all her metal gear and was looking rather frail and sad.
She would be of little use once we would emerge on the other side. It would all come down to me, to make the fire and the Shaman and the Rogue, to keep the Priest and me alive.
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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Wed Jan 20, 2021 9:02 pm

"Ready?" I said, looking at the Priest.
He nodded with a big grin. I suppose he can't really do much else, can he?
"You have your daggers still out", I snapped at the Rogue. But he said that OF-COURSE he does not need to stow them since they ALREADY have poison on them.
Sure, whatever, this water is more like acid, but who cares?!

"Let us go." said the Shaman, his deep voice resonating between the walls, as he strode into the goo. I quickly followed him.
The others should follow right behind us, if they knew what was good for them.

From the corner of my eye, I saw the Priest get into the wake of the Shaman and then the water level made me close my eyes. It was just a few yards and not even very deep, but it was only by touch and you had to not lose your way. We had explained it to the Priest as well as we could, while we traveled to reach here. It was the best we could do. Everyone, whose first time it was, had to go through this unsettling and nerve-wracking feeling of not knowing where you had to go, while being unable to breathe.

There! My hand grabbed the edge. That welcoming edge! And I dragged myself out of the sludge.
Wiping the goop from my eyes, I saw the Shaman putting down a fire-totem.
Fire! We need to have a fire as soon as possible. I found the bones, the stones should be right in front of it.
But these were not the right bones! Someone must have died here since the last time. Where was the place with the stones?
Frantically, I felt around for the stones, until a flash of the fire-totem made me see them. I had not advanced enough. But there never used to be more bones here! Quickly, I grabbed in my bag for the wood. It was not a good sign that the fire-totem had already found something to shoot at. They would be upon us any moment.

The Warrior was still busy getting on her gear and where was that Priest? He had been right behind the Shaman. No time to think of that now, we need to have a fire! I had put the wood in the circle of stones and started to cast.
The Rogue was emerging, finally! He really had taken his time, didn't he? And why did he get out, all the way over there?! He might attract more Naga, if they would spot him!
Speaking of Naga, there were already two that were attacking the Shaman. He was doing OK keeping the male at bay, but the female was casting some nasty bolts onto him, that were eating up his health way too quickly.
"Get that Naga-Seabitch off of him!" I yelled at the Rogue.

That was too much for my casting and it failed. It failed!
Quickly, I re-casted, a small fire-bolt, it had to do. There was no more time to cast a big one.
It caught, thank the spirits! The fire was burning!
I started to cast onto the Sea-witch.
"Get ready to heal." I told the Shaman. "I will take care of her."

The Rogue was moving towards the Sea-witch. Why?! Could he not see that I was already taking care of her?! She was quite far in the back. In the time needed to reach there he and the Shaman could have finished off the Naga-Warrior.

All in all, we were doing reasonably well, I even had time to lob a quick bolt onto the Naga-Warrior, who was nearly dead. If only the Priest would show up! The Shaman could not be expected to do serious healing, not for long, at least.
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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Wed Jan 20, 2021 9:03 pm

"Don't worry! I can have him!" I heard the Rogue shout and looked up. Oh-h no! He had ran into another Naga! This one was clearly no match for him and he was dishing out appalling amounts of damage. It should be illegal for someone to be able to do so much damage so easily.

But then it happened! The Naga threw a net onto the Rogue and made a run for it.
He was well out of my reach so I quickly ran towards him, he could not be allowed to escape!
"Find the Priest!" I yelled. "He is getting away!"
The nearly dead Naga made it round the corner and was gone, permanently out of my reach.
That meant that a flood of Naga would soon be upon us.
Oh! What a great start this was.

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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Wed Jan 20, 2021 9:04 pm

I ran back and saw the Warrior sitting by the fire, trying to get her Spirit back up. She, having to get in that awful pool with no gear, was the most affected by the plunge and also had to put her gear back on without being able to clean it all off. I did not envy her the least. We Trolls are pretty clean, when it comes to it and we don't like to smell.

Unlike the other races! If I had to choose, I would think that the Tauren smelled the least bad. It was strong, but not a bad smell, like the Orcs. They said they had been cured from the blood of Mannoroth, but they never got rid of the stench, it seems.
And Undead, well, they are actually smelling very dead-dead, all be it more faint.
At least the fire was burning fine.

But where was that Undead? He still had not emerged from the water!
"I should go get him, don't you think?" I asked the Tauren.
He nodded, while he was bandaging his arm.
"Are you guys gonna be OK?" I asked again. He nodded again.
I knew what they were going to face and they knew too.
"OK then." I said and ran towards the water.

Getting back out was much easier, but still yech!
Why do we even go here? I thought.
But everyone knew the answer to that.

You can read the whole story in one piece here:
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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Xantros » Wed Jan 20, 2021 9:36 pm

First! hehe Also, I love it! :D Keep it up!

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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Thu Jan 28, 2021 1:15 am

When I surfaced on the other side, I did not see the Priest.
That was not good. Had he got stuck somewhere, perhaps?
They can stay under water for a very long time, since they do not have to breathe the same as we, but it had been a pretty long time.

I started to cast a fireball into the wall, an old trick: it would light up the whole place like the inside of a Core-Hound.
Whammmm! The impact echoed deafening against the walls. If he could not see the light, he surely must have heard this!
In the decaying glow, I quickly looked around. Was that a leg? It was, but not of our Undead friend. This friend had been dead-dead for quite a while.
That must have been a bunch of pityful noobs, that went in here, leaving someone like that, brr.

Suddenly, there was a bony hand on my shoulder and I let out a little yelp.
"It is only me," he said, "I can't seem to find the other side."
"I knew that", I snapped, "that's why I came back to get you. We must hurry, they have already run into some and more are coming soon. Grab the end of my staff and don't let go and try to feel where I go and to not slow me down, since I can not stay under like you can and I can actually die here!"
I spat it all out in one go.

"Sure, no problem," he said, with his grin, "and if you die, I will make sure to resurrect you."
I did not say anything and took a deep breath. I really did not wanted to die here!
I went under and started to feel my way with one hand, whilst holding my staff in the other hand. This was going much slower, but at least I did not have to drag him along. I could not feel him holding the staff, much, if at all. Had he let go?
Don't think about that, I told myself, you have to get out of here.

My heart was pounding at my temples, as I inched forward, not wanting to lose touch with what I knew was going to lead me out of here. We were nearly halfway and I was getting tired, doing it all with one arm. I kept my breathing-wish under control, further! Soon you can breathe, just a little more.
I reached, trying to find the edge, a bit further then?
I started to see stars in front of my eyes. The edge must be right here, where was it?
I had to come up for air, there must be air here, please let there be air here! I thought.

Gasping, I broke through the surface.
More dead than alive, I dragged my body halfway out of the water.
I felt so sick and miserable, I was ready to throw up.
"Where are they?", said the Priest while he was climbing onto the shore.
I wiped my eyes clean and when I opened them, it was just as black.

"Oh no," I groaned, "the fire is gone. They must all be dead."
"Uh-oh" said the Priest, "it seems there is work to do."
"You don't understand", I said in a raspy voice, "without the fire, our Spirit will be too low to do any serious magic."
"But you can light the fire again, can't you?" asked the Priest with an anxious yelp.
"I don't know where we are," I said, "or where the fire place is and there is little hope to find it in this darkness."
"So what can we do then?!" Shrieked the Priest.

You can read the whole story in one piece here:

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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Thu Jan 28, 2021 1:15 am

"You could come over here and toss me a heal, Carebear!" It was the voice of the Rogue, all the way to the left.
"Are you at the campfire?" I yelled back. "And where are the others?"
"Dead.", came the Rogue again.
If I could find my way back to the fireplace, we would have a chance, but getting there, in this blackness, was not very likely.

"We should try to get over there," I told the Priest.
"Oki.", he, said and he rummaged in his bags. "I have this nifty wand", and a timid green glow sprang into life at the end of a thin stick he was holding. It lit a pale green circle on the ground.
This was looking much less impossible, all of a sudden.
"We are coming your way!", I yelled at the Rogue.

You can read the whole story in one piece here:

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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Sinrek » Thu Jan 28, 2021 6:56 am

I'd say I like it if not for metagaming. Otherwise - good.
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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Wed Feb 03, 2021 1:12 pm

We still had to move carefully, staying clear from pits, of who knew how deep, and treacherous rocks hanging from the ceiling, but we got at the fireplace without too much troubles.
I saw the circle of stones and it was as I had expected: all the wood was gone. The Naga must have kicked it away in their hurry to put out the fire.
"Can I borrow your wand for a while?" I asked the Priest, "So I can find the missing wood?"
"Sorry," he said, "I can not give it, it is bound to me. But, I can cook and therefore I also can make a fire." Again that toothy grin.

An Undead that can cook? I thought. Who ever heard of that!? They were rumored to eat their fallen victims!
But he was already busy stacking wood in a nice little pile and went on to hit with a stone against something. What was he doing? Was he going to make fire with stone??
But then it struck me: this was ancient! That stone must be a Flint! An ancient, magical stone, that could make fire!
I always had wondered how such a stone could make a fire and now I was going to see it for real!

He was still hitting with the stone. Nothing much else happened. Sometimes a tiny flash sprang from the place of impact. That was all.
But he seemed undeterred and kept on hitting. Till suddenly he stopped.
He must have given up. He bowed his head towards the fireplace, was he crying?
I heard him make a slight noise. He was blowing, onto something he held in his bony hand.

A tiny wisp emerged from his hand. Smoke?! How was that possible?
He kept on blowing and the smoke became more and more, until he gingerly dropped the bundle of smoke onto the wood, where it suddenly caught fire!
Never before had I seen such a thing! This must be some powerful ancient magic!
I looked fascinated how this wondrous fire started to eat the wood, just like normal fire would do.

The light filled up the place and I could see the Warrior, lying at the edge of the circle of light.
She had fallen onto her shield and her crushed helmet was lying beside her, her Axe gone.

You can read the whole story in one piece here:

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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Sun Feb 07, 2021 7:33 am

"Do you feel you can resurrect her?" I asked the Priest.
"He should heal me up first," said the Rogue, "I have been waiting long enough!"
He did not seem to be hurt that much, but since he had been through this ordeal, I decided not to say anything. And really, I felt too weak to argue about it anyway.
"I could do with a Renew too, if possible." It was nothing more than a whisper, but there was just not enough left in me for more.

The Priest started to cast and I felt the desperation lessen in my body. But my mind was still a black void. I shove more towards the fire and shivered.
"Oh! You have a Gloom-Orb in your hair!" said the Priest. "Can I have it please?"
A Gloom-Orb! I must have picked it up with my hair dragging along the rocks while I tried to get back up in the air.
"Yes, take it", I said weakly. "Why would you want to have such a thing? Do you want to become a Shadow-Priest?"
"Perhaps", he said and untangled the Orb from my hair.
Those bony hands, so close to my head! I shivered again, but I could notice the difference, light started to dawn again in my mind.

"Where is the Shaman?" I asked the Rogue.
"They killed him first", he said. "We were here, defending the fire and he had used up all his Mana, so..."
He did not finish his sentence. He must have run in and tried to slay or wound as many as possible, buying time for the others. An Honorable deed, but I felt more like crying. But I was not going to cry! Not with him being so matter-of-fact.
"They started to cast bolts of Lightning onto her", he continued, "from many sides, all far away. There was not much she could do, or I, for that matter. Anyway, she went down pretty fast."
Again this cold measured speech.

"Then they started to cast Lightning onto me, while a bunch came running towards the fire. I had taken quite a few hits already by the time they reached the fire and was ready to take out at least a couple of them, but they kept coming, there were more than eight at least. They basically ran me over and I had to jump out of the way. They did not seem to care about the fire at all! I had to Vanish and saw them kick the wood away and quickly run off, while the last glow of the fire died."
"The cowards!"
I could tell he said it out of habit, but I sensed doubt in his voice.
He must have noticed it too.
These attacks were not like their normal behavior...

You can read the whole story in one piece here:

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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Sat Feb 13, 2021 4:25 pm

I saw the Priest, next to the body of the dead Warrior. What was he doing to her? He should not raise her as an Undead or something unnatural!
"Should we not get her next to the fire?" I asked him. But he shook his bony head,
"No need", he said.
I really had my doubts. Our priests always used fire.
Had he not said that he wanted to become a Shadow-Priest? A Face-melter! They are more scary than Warlocks even!
They can make people shed so many tears, from desperation and fear, that the skin of their face bloats, until it completely drops off from their naked skull. If the poor souls had not already clawed off their own face, out of sheer existential dread.
You wanted to stay away from someone like that, as much as possible.
There was little anyone could do against that shadowy magic, that came from beliefs from inside. Warlocks were more like us Mages, in that regard. They would cast Shadow and Corruption onto their targets, like we do bolts of Fire or Ice.

He started to cast the Spell of Resurrection.
It was going to be a long cast, much longer than any Spell I had.
I kept watching, holding my breath without realizing it, not wanting to risk anything that might cause it to fail.

That was it! She was surrounded by a golden aura and light was emanating from every part of her body.
It quickly diminished and was gone.
Had it worked?! I could not see any difference, had she come back to the land of the living?

Then he started to cast quick Healing Spells onto her, in rapid succession, to help her Spirit take hold again and mend all the damage that she had sustained when she died.
She was going to be OK! I felt such a relief! I quickly got up and went to her.
"Welcome back!"

"Thanks," she said weakly. "I've not been of much use so far, haven't I ?"
I wanted to reply, but I was cut off: "Yer not gonna be much use still, with no Axe, Lady."
That damned Rogue!
But he was right, without her Axe, she would not be able to tank.

Maybe we can find your Axe, I wanted to say, but I held it back. They easily could have dropped it just about anywhere and we would never be able to find it.
"Shall we go find the Shaman? I need to resurrect him too, I think?" Said the Priest.
He seemed eager to go, I, however, felt no such eagerness at all.
But yes, we should go find him, even if we would decide to get out of here.

"Do you remember in which direction he went?" I asked.
"If you could light up, we can go look", said the Rogue.
He was right, again. I went to the fireplace to create a Fiery-Orb, that I could attach to my staff. With the fire burning, it would not be such a drain on my Mana to create it and keep it alight.
It was a feat I was particularly proud of: a well-prepared and well-studied Mage would never find herself left in the dark. It was my great desire to reach the mastery-level of this spell. Then I would be able to cast it instantly, no matter what circumstance and never be caught off-guard again!

We searched and found just his shield after a while.
Why had he thrown off his shield? Shaman don't do Berserk.
On we went, looking on either side, until we found the ground slope down and become sandy.
There were marks in the sand, something heavy had been dragged along here.
The track was going out of sight, round the corner, where I had lost that Naga.

"I don't like this", said the Rogue, and I agreed wholeheartedly.
"I go to check it out. Be ready in case things turn bad."
And he Vanished, right in front of our eyes.

Since we could not see where he went, we could only wait, in anticipation of his return.
The Warrior had stashed her shield and was wielding a Battle-Axe. It was an old Axe and it looked terrifying and she looked really menacing, but I knew it was mostly show. She was not as trained, nor skilled for that matter, in the use of such a weapon. A lucky hit would probably kill an opponent, but to have to depend on luck does not let you grow old.

She was practicing swings and stances, to get into the feel for her weapon.
"I wish that he would hurry", she said, "I could do with some real practice!"
I smiled: you could see that holding a big Two-hander did do something to a Warrior.

You can read the whole story in one piece here:

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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Thu Feb 18, 2021 9:14 pm

"I found him", said the Rogue, stepping into the light, "and I don't like it.
They have laid him on some makeshift altar or something.
It is too dark to make out anything else, so we have to take position around the corner.
If you girls would go in front, then I can keep an eye on our life-insurance", he chuckled, pointing at the Undead.

I wanted to protest, but this was his area of expertise and it would not do to speak against it.
Still, I did not like it one bit, how he commandeered us 'girls' around.

We went past the corner and we could see a pile of stones with the great bulk of the Tauren on top. There was nothing else to see, so we checked both sides of the tunnel. When those seemed clear we advanced towards the Shaman's corpse. They hadn't been very careful with him and he was going to need some serious healing, once he got resurrected.

"Well, there are no Naga here," said the Warrior, "let's get him ress'ed and then we can go on."
"Perhaps you forgot how you got killed, Lady. I told you how I don't like it here. So I suggest we be very careful."
What was going on here? The Rogue being all concerned all of a sudden and she was so impatient, I hardly recognized her.
I looked at the Priest, was he noticing anything? It was his first time here, it could all be normal as far as he would know.

But it did not feel normal to me at all. "He is right," I said to her, "we must be careful."
"Are you going to say the same thing now as your Rogue-friend?"
She said it in such a way, that left little doubt about what she meant. What had gotten into her?
"I think you behave strange", I said.
"And I think that I am going to pee, if we are not going to ress him quick," she said.
"I think I am going to do that anyways."
And she walked out of the circle of light.

"I can start the preparations while we wait for her to come back", said the Priest in an effort to defuse the situation. "Can you see if there is any Magic hidden in that pile of stones?"
I casted a Magic Detection spell. It came up empty. "It's clear", I told him.
"Great!" He said, "that saves us a lot of work, dragging him to the side." "I can begin once she returns, OK?"
"You can start, as far as I'm concerned, darling! I'm nearly done."
A few moments later she stepped back into the light.
"I'm fine now," she said, "I really needed that. Let's get our fuzzy friend back, OK? Then we can go."

The Priest looked at the Rogue, who said; "Are you sure you are OK?"
"Yes, I'm fine!" she said. "I will shut up now, OK? Then we can get going at least."
"OK, then", grumbled the Rogue.
The Priest started to cast.

"I get sooo pissed when people keep asking me if I'm OK, that I really have to take a piss.
But now I have pissed and I still feel pissed."
"I thought you were going to shut up, Lady," said the Rogue in his familiar cold tone. "He is casting, you know?"
"He is casting, he is casting", she echoed. "Let's see how he is going to cast this!"

And she swung her Axe onto the Priest, but the Rogue was quicker and blocked her swing.
"Mind-Control!" he shouted.

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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Thu Feb 18, 2021 9:23 pm

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You can read the whole story in one piece here:
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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Sun Feb 21, 2021 10:23 am

Mind-Control! That was why she acted so strange and now she was trying to kill the Priest!
I did had my doubts about the priest when he said he might go Shadow, but she was attacking him now! And he was still casting the Resurrection-spell.
So where was it coming from then?!

She came in for another swing and the Rogue had to parry.
He was in a disadvantaged position, due to the Priest limiting his movements.
"Don't kill her!" I shouted.
"Find the one who is doing this!", he said with a grunt.

A flash of panic struck through my body. Then the training took over.
Detect Magic would be of little use here. The caster had to be in Line of Sight, but still we could not see him.
So he must be Stealth-ed.

I ran towards the side of the tunnel, casting explosions of instant Arcane damage around me. Nothing here.
To the other side.


The explosions lit up the wall, but there was nothing.
That left the far end of the tunnel.
I ran again.


The noise reflected on the walls and rang in my ears.


I saw them!
"There's two of them", I howled.

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