Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Thu Apr 14, 2022 6:19 am

To be sure, I will not speak of what happened next, I don't want anyone to get killed because of it, but after that, we found ourselves sitting down by the side of the Shaman...
...Unless you really want to know. Then you can click here to see it.
He sat down next to the corpse of the Tauren and unrolled two long bands of a coppery color coming from the thing he had taken from his bag. One of which he worked under the chest. Laying the other band over the Shaman's chest, he said: "Stay clear from him! I will attempt to resurrect him by mechanical means. If we are lucky that is. At least, I think he has a better chance than the Priest, with his long dead body."

'By mechanical means', I thought. How was that possible? Only magical users could ress.
And not even all of them, Warlocks and we Mages could not do it.
"All I know is that it uses Lightning." he clarified, seeing my puzzled stares.
"Now stay clear! And pray to your gods or ancestors, we have only one shot at this!"

Lightning! I thought, that could only damage and kill! How would that bring someone back from the dead?!
The Rogue did do something and a flash of Lightning shot between the two bands. The Shaman's body jumped up, due to the force of the Lightning. A sound came forth from it as it dropped down.
For a moment nothing else happened, but then a wheezing breath could be heard.

"Did it work?!" I asked.

"Thank the Earthmother" whispered the Shaman.
He coughed. It sounded terrible.
"Her blessings, however, are sometimes not easy to receive."
I offered him some conjured water and food; he only took the water.

"She made me stay at my body, so I would be able to use it again when the time came.
I envy not, the Undead, that have to reanimate a long dead corpse."
He coughed again.
He drank some more water and was able to cast a little heal on himself.
I looked around for any signs of enemies; he was in such a fragile state and was our only hope.

He got up and casted more and more heals on himself after which he had to sit down and drink again, to replenish his Mana.
Getting up again, he started to cast the resurrection-spell on the Priest.
I would have loved Wilani being ress'ed, but to ress Gregory first was the wise thing to do.

The spell was finished and the Shaman went on to cast lots of heals on the Priest who got up and said:
"That took a long time, didn't it? You guys must have had a difficult fight, I presume."
"Yes, it was not easy." said the Rogue and me both at the same time.

Finally it was Wilani's turn. The priest started to cast and I waited in anticipation.
Then the Shaman and he cast lots of heals on her and she got up. I was so happy to see her back to life, but she was not happy at all!

"Why did I not get any heals any more?!
"The Priest had died." I replied.
"And what about him then?!" she asked bitter, pointing at the Shaman.
"The Priest was dying!" I came again quickly, preventing him to say something that would raise more uneasy questions.
It seemed to placate her and her grumbling died down slowly.
I could only hope that there would be no more questions coming forth that would draw attention to the death and secret resurrection of the Shaman.

We all went to the place where the fire was burning and sat down around it. Bathing in the warm glow, those recently ress'ed most of all, we felt our Spirit rise and the doom and gloom of before was driven away.

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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Thu Apr 21, 2022 3:03 am

"This is a good Fire," said the Priest "if only I had something to cook. But I don't feel like fishing in that water there, with all those Naga."
"I am sure I saw some Giant Clams, when we were in the water. I could go back and try to get them, unnoticed." said the Rogue. "If just someone will come and help me carry them."
"I will assist you." said the Shaman "Perhaps I will get some clarification too."
"Do you really want to go back?" I asked.
"Anything for my Friends!" he replied.

"What got into him?!" asked Wilani, when they had left.
"Don't ask me." I said. "I have tried to figure this guy out from the start and got nowhere."
"So you were interested in him!" she replied triumphantly. "I knew it!"
"Och go away!" I replied. "He is an Orc, Wilani!"
"Don't mind me, Ladies." said the Priest.
"She is just teasing me, Greg." I replied. "I have had to deal with that my whole life."

Wilani got up, quietly humming "Na na na na naa na", but so that I could hear it and went to look what was in all the crates and boxes.
And I had to smile: She knew me so well.

I felt happy that she had something else to focus her attention at, away from the mysterious resurrection of the Shaman, but also unhappy, that I had to keep it a secret from her for the rest of our lives.
We always had shared everything.

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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Sun Apr 24, 2022 1:09 pm

"Pfioew" whistled Wilani. "Would you look at this!"
She had broken open a long flat crate which contained several very long swords, packed in straw. Clearly never used.
She got one, very rusty, sword out and asked the Priest: Greg, do you think these are made by the Undead?"
"Newly forged swords?" he said. "Can't imagine us forging new swords, the War has left us with so many weapons and such. Those cursed Humans must have made them!!"
She nearly dropped the weapon, startled by his sudden expression of anger.

None of us liked the Humans, they were just as dangerous as the Dwarves, but tend to cause much more problems. Dwarves would not bother you as long as you kept out of their way. Humans, however, they made plans and had politics and were always present in the midst of troubles. Never content doing their own business.
Yes, we all had suffered a lot, due to the Humans, but none of us were hunted down like the Undead. It seemed that they could not stand the idea of their former fellow man walking around as Undead.
We had rumors of Undead Trolls, but those were just used in scary tales for the little ones.
All the Undead from the Undercity had been Humans before.

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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Thu Apr 28, 2022 1:20 am

Our foraging party returned. Each carried a Giant Clam.
"Here! That must surely be enough, I would think" said the Rogue, putting his burden on the sand near the Priest. "Do you know how to open them?"
"Sure!" replied the Priest enthusiastically. His anger had vanished with this new prospect of culinary magic. "Come over here, Wilani! We are going to make something great out of this!"
"Both of you can have one" said the Shaman, putting down the other big shell.

We were doing pretty good; we were in no immediate danger, sheltered in the former lair of the Satyrs, with lots of wood for the fire and plenty food coming up.
It was hard to imagine that we had been on the brink of total disaster and death, only so recently.

By the smell of things, I got the impression that the food was coming along nicely.
Wilani was making Spicy Strips, that could keep well for later. She always was planning in advance so she would have food at the ready when she would need it.
A wise thing to do, for a Warrior. We mages were not so dependent on food but so much the more on drinking, for our Mana.
I can not imagine that you would not want to drink too, after one or a few of those Spicy things.

The Rogue was in the back, investigating the many crates etc. Picking up where Wilani had left off. And Dawnstrider sat by the fire, warming himself.
Gregory was making Clam soup or stew, a hearty meal that would make up for our meager breakfast.
I conjured some Rye bread and Pumpernickel to go along with it. After that, there would be no more hungry bellies!

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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Thu May 05, 2022 3:53 am

"We should be going back to Orgrimmar." grumbled the Rogue.
"How about: we should eat first. It is nearly ready." replied Wilani.
Grudgingly, he went to sit down at the fire.

"Come and get it!" said the Priest loudly.
The stew was ready and Wilani shared the Spicy Strips with all who wanted.
I took just one, for now. As a Mage, I did not need extra hotness, casting Fire was good enough for me.

The stew was hot and delicious, together with the conjured bread, it went down with ease and drove away the gloominess that this underground place emanated.
You could say what you want, but this Undead guy could cook for sure.
Only the Shaman was not digging in, like the rest of us. Sitting close to the fire, he had only eaten a little of the hot stew. Just munching on some of those Spicy Strips, while drinking Conjured water.

"Eat some more hot stew, it will warm you up." I said to him kindly.
Halfheartedly he ate a little more. Unlike Wilani, sitting to the other side of me. She was eating like a wolf.
"Here, have some more of these strips," she said to the Rogue, "they are easy to carry and they keep well, for when you need them." And she handed him a big handful, across the fire.
"Thanks. Yes they can come in pretty handy." he replied.

"I hope you all will agree that this place is not safe for us." he went on. "We should be going back to Orgrimmar.
OK, I guess after we are done eating then." he conceded, looking at the Warrior.
It was clear that she was not going anywhere as long as there was any food left.

"It is good to see someone enjoying my cooking, as much as you do, Wilani." said Gregory.
The Shaman said nothing. He had not said much at all since he sat down by the fire.
"We should have a vote on that, shouldn't we?" I asked.
"I don't mind, really" said Wilani, slumping back. "I feel pretty good, now I have had some decent food.
I could kill a dragon, right now!"
"What do you think, Dawnstrider?" said Gregory. "I mean, I have my Pearls and the Gravestone-piece, that I came looking for."

Poof! The Rogue Vanished.
"What!?" I started to say.
"Well, well." we heard a strange voice say. "Four new recruits! This must be my lucky day!"

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Re: Pearlhunt in Blackfathom Deeps (WoW-story)

Post by Mantigora » Thu May 12, 2022 6:51 am

Turning around I saw a female Tauren stepping into the light.
"I knew it was a good idea to go check alone!" she continued.
"What do you mean 'new recruits' !?" said Wilani, turning towards the new visitor.

"Chi uku alo owachi wa Tapupau!" exclaimed the Shaman.
"Don't speak that language to me! she replied, her eyes flashing with anger. "I am no longer a stupid cow! Tell me, is she still standing around at the bank, like always? She will never get anywhere!"
"Tapu is very well respected." gave the Shaman as reply. "She is the sister of Tapupau." he clarified to us.
"Pah! Respected! Too afraid, you mean. She always was a scaredy-cat." she replied.

I was shocked to hear him speak another Tauren's name, just like that. This unexpected encounter certainly must have caught him off-balance.
The sister of Tapupau went on: "But it does not matter. All that matters is that I will be a Lieutenant soon! Heheheh!"

Her laugh was even more unpleasant than her voice. Tauren females have such nice and soft voices, but hers was harsh and shrill. It was intolerable. I had to suppress the urge to just wring her neck, there and then.
I managed to say: "We have some food left, if you want any."
"We have no time for that!" she cut me off. "We have to be going!"

"How did you end up in this underground place?" asked the Shaman.
"Questions!" she exclaimed. "Once you meet Lord Kelris, you won't have any more questions! Now get up, the lot of you!"

There were crazy overtones in her voice, clearly something strange was going on with her.
Wilani was getting up, slowly and I quickly fired off another question, to keep her attention on me: "Who is Lord Kelris?"
"Twilight Lord Kelris! she emphasized. "Twilight! Twilight! The Hour is near!"

"I don't know what you are talking about, Lady." said Wilani testily. "You can get some food, if you want, and if you need any help, you can tell us, then we can decide what we will do."
It was clear that I was not the only one feeling instant aversion towards this Tauren that so unexpectedly had turned up.

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