Rogue talent "Improved sap" is still broken

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Rogue talent "Improved sap" is still broken

Post by Anomay » Sat Aug 06, 2022 1:18 pm

Hello friends!

I and a lot of other players(but not all, that's the problem) suffer from the high severity defect after updating TWoW.

Rogue's talent improved sap was reworked and updated:

As written on the '' page:
improved Sap
Gives you a 50/100% chance to return to stealth mode after using your Sap ability.

But unfortunately it is 0% instead of 100% chance to remain in stealth after sapping the target.
Here are the exact steps to encounter bug(some peopple dont have this defect!):

1) Clear talents, and choose at least 2/2 imp sap. (talents was reset right before recording the video, in Undercity.(for 5 gold! [mad_turtle_head )
2) Test sap, and confirm it's not broken when talent is freshly applied
3) Logout
4) Login to same character
5) Test sap, stealth breaks when it should not. [bug here]
6) Clear talents, and apply 2/2 imp sap, return to step 2. (on video i didn't do this cirle because i lost A LOT OF money due to this server defect, but can show if needed to GM or developer)

Note: Video recorded from CLEAR Turtle WoW client, last version downloaded 8.6.2022 from through the 'DOWNLOAD CLIENT' link.

Dear administration, developers, and GMs, please could you please take a look at this big problem? Another player created the defect in bug-tracker but he was answeared "Couldn't Reproduce" - and thats it.. A little bit strange attitued unhappy_turtle_head
If you can't reproduce - just ask and we will show and support you as we can from Player\Client side.

I belive there are a lot of rogues, maybe 30+% have the same issue, and also a lot of another rogues said that they dont have.


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