Screen stuttering 144hz monitor

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Screen stuttering 144hz monitor

Post by Ostrogoth » Fri Aug 05, 2022 3:18 pm

hey all, with all the hype about the incoming release of Wotlk, I wanna give another try to Turtle Wow and his real Classic+ experience (that interest me lot more than a official Wotlk release), but unfortunately, like every time that I've tried to play on Turtle Wow, I've encountered the same issue : Huge screen stuttering.

I've tried lot of solutions in few threads that talk about that, but no one is working. So far :

- Windowed / Maximized / Fullscreen
- Run in Windows XP SP3
- Tried many settings in Nvidia control panel (Vsync, cap FPS, Monitor settings, ...)
- in game triple bufferingand so on enabled / Disabled
- Enable / Disable hardware cursor

I'm very sad that I can't play on Turtle WoW, this server looks amazing, but I can't play more than 5 minutes before a motion sickness appears.

Anyone have found any solution to this issue ?

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