Warrior Anticipation Talent Bugged

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Warrior Anticipation Talent Bugged

Post by Xerrash » Sat Apr 30, 2022 7:06 pm

**Please, provide a clear description what the bug is:**
There is no indication of Anticipation increasing defense skill in-game like it is supposed to.

**Steps to reproduce the behavior with as much detail as possible:**

1. Put talent point into Anticipation in the warrior Protection talent tree.
2. Look at skills page, then defense on character sheet. The defense cap is increased but you can not level it up beyond normal untalented defense.
3. Look at parry, dodge, block in the spellbook. They are not increased.

**Expected behavior. Describe how it should work:**
Defense is supposed to increase your dodge, parry, block and decrease your chance to be hit and critically struck by 0.04% respectively. Currently the talent seems like it does nothing.
EDIT: It seems to only be a problem while levelling. My theory is that you only get the active defense points when you put points into anticipation and the max cap is only visual, so you end up being behind when the cap actually increases.
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Re: Warrior Anticipation Talent Bugged

Post by Geojak » Sun May 01, 2022 9:52 am

Has been reported on github before for paladin. Back then it was closed without fix because not reproducible. Big it seems there rly is an issue

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