WRONG Hit formulae for mobs levels

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WRONG Hit formulae for mobs levels

Post by Rvindvnce » Mon Apr 26, 2021 4:50 pm

As a HC-mode player, I have noticed that green and even GREY mobs almost never miss.
And most likely their spells - curses, diseases, traps - will hit and have full effect on you.
More than that, they can Crit you.
This way, even three grey mobs 10 (!) levels below you can quickly kill you - due to their spells and hits never missing.
To test it, try Jerod's landing - as level 20 or more.
Three green casters (as always, chain pulled on this server) can destroy you because of that.
Test - Loch Modan, Stonesplinter Seers, same as level 20.

But at the same time with yellow mobs of your level you often miss, you never crit, they dodge your attacks and your spells are too often resisted. How can you miss an ogre of your level? How can an ogre dodge your attack? It's very big. This makes no sense. It should block, parry, but not dodge.
As a result, same level simple mob can kill you.

Try it yourself. Just don't die if you're on Hardcore.

I believe this needs adjusting because it's just simply not logical in RPG sense.
Your own level mobs should mostly have the same hit rating as you, with balance shifting towards damage or armor.
You should have the same advantage over green mob as an orange mob has over you, and grey like red.
So grey mobs should almost always miss you with spells and attacks.

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