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Raid Macros

Post by Gifted » Sun Aug 04, 2019 9:16 pm

There's not a lot of raid-wide macros that are particularly useful. Sometimes a custom /target or /assist macro can make your raiding life a whole lot easier! If you have your own custom raid macros please post them in a reply to this thread.

Announcement Macro

/cast ressurection
/say Rezzing %t

The only macro I'm going to recommend is one that announces when you're performing a specific ability. A good example of this is rezzing raid members after a wipe. It's much more efficient if you announce who you're attempting to rez so another healer doesn't attempt to rez the same person wasting both time & mana!

The %t will be replaced with the name of your current target. This can be modified for any spell you want to announce like banish, polymorph, innervate, battle rez, shield wall, etc...

DO NOT use this macro for abilities you might spam a lot during raids (like decursing ). It gets annoying quick!

I hope this macro helps!


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