Raid AddOns

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Raid AddOns

Post by Gifted » Sun Aug 04, 2019 9:04 pm

There are several AddOns that will help improve your play as a raider on Turtle WoW. I've listed several here and why they're useful to have. Feel free to recommend additional AddOns in replies to this post!

All of the links in this post goes to Legacy WoW AddOns to download.

Big Wigs (link)

This AddOn helps deal with raid boss encounters. It posts useful marks and timers on your screen to indicate when a boss mechanic is about to happen or is currently happening so you can react faster.

KLH Threat Meter (link)

Every DPS and healer needs to know their threat relative to the tank's threat. Everyone needs to have the same version of KLH Threat Meter in order to work. This link is to version 17.35.

Natur Enemy Castbar (link)

This AddOn will put timers on your screen for both friendly as well as enemy spell effects. Nice to know how long is left on a polymorph or a banish so you can prepare yourself accordingly!

OmniCC (link)

Places a small timer on your actionbars to show time left on cooldowns for spells and abilities.

Decursive (link)

A simple addon that shows raid members who have a curse, magic, poison, or disease effect. One-click to remove the effect or keybind the decursive macro that comes with the AddOn for quick decursing!

HealBot (link)

Makes healing easier. Highly configurable!

That's it for now. I would consider these to be 'core' raiding must-have AddOns!


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Re: Raid AddOns

Post by Punchbuggy » Mon Aug 05, 2019 4:42 pm

Quick reminder: Decursive and Healbot require you to turn off Auto Self Cast in options. You can get another addon that toggles self cast automatically, like Telo's.

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Re: Raid AddOns

Post by Xerron » Mon Aug 05, 2019 7:39 pm

For paladins I made some modifications for PallyPower to include shamans, so far I got good feedback from Peachus who's been testing it for me.

PallyPower_with_shamans ( ... sp=sharing)

Would love some more feedback from our raiding paladins.

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