Revamped Outland idea

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Revamped Outland idea

Post by Diademuertos » Fri Nov 12, 2021 12:43 am

Ok so my earlier raid idea was not well throughout so I went back to the drawing board and took it in a different direction and even added in a idea for a new natural faction as well

Here's the revamped version

The Watchers

A neutral faction comprising the Surviving Night Elves left over from Maiev Shadowsong's expedition who still fight against Illidan and his Forces while trying to Free their mistress from her Prison

The watchers have 3 encampments across outland that are full of Quests to get players up to exalted with the faction

Once players hit Exalted The watchers task the players with Assulting Maiev's Prison and freeing her after which Maiev leads her watchers in a attack on the Black Citadel alongside players

Following Ilidan's defeat maiev reconciles with Tyrande wisperwind and settles in Darnassus as a rouge trainer

Faction bases

Watcher's post- the original outpost established by Maiev shadowsong when she first entered outland. The surviving watchers managed to Drive Back the Illidari following Maiev's capture and secure the encampment

Now the Location is used by the watchers as their main base of operations

Watcher's Supply post- a small outpost set up by the watchers for the transportation of supplies

Watcher's Forward post- established on the boarder with the Black Citadel. It is here that the watchers prepare to break maiev shadowsong out of her prison and plan their final attack on the Black Citadel


Following the pit lord's defeat at the hands of Illidan Stormrange the fallen pit lord's body is recovered by Doom lord kazzak and transported to his headquarters atop the Throne of Kil'jaeden

Kazzak now uses Magtheridon's Corpse in order to create new Fel orcs to reinforce his demonic armies


Maiev's Prison

A small heavely Guarded Prison where Maiev Shadowsong is kept chained up

The Raid is only one room with a single raid boss along with 5 Illidari jailers

After players defeat the boss they can use the key that drops from his body to Free Maiev

Raid boss- Butcher

Impressed by the Butcher he faced during his battle with Magtheridon's Forces Lord Illidan created his own Butcher and has the monstrosity guarding Maiev's Prison cell

Kazzak's Fortress- A large Sprawling Fortress that surrounds Throne of Kil'jaeden

Raid Areas

The Black Gates
Burning Village
Magtheridon's Burial Site
The Stairway of Corruption
Throne of Kil'jaeden

Raid bosses

Master of Pain- A bloodthirsty orc Blademaster who took the title of Master of Pain following the original's defeat

He can be found defending the Black Gates

Zatzogtha- the chieftain of Burning Village and one of the few Female orcs to advance in rank within Doom lord Kazzak's fel horde

Urnuk the collector- oversees the Blood ritual cast upon Magtheridon's Corpse. It is Urnuk's job to make sure the Doom lord has a steady supply of magtheridon's Blood

The Black champion- known for countless victories against the Illidari.

The champion now guards the stairway of Corruption which leads to his master

Doom lord kazzak- the Leader of the Legion forces on outland following the defeat of magtheridon

Kazzak now oversees the Legion's war against the Mortals of Azeroth and the Illidari from his seat of power atop the Throne of Kil'jaeden

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Re: Revamped Outland idea

Post by Gheor » Fri Nov 12, 2021 5:45 pm

The Wardens.

Thank you for the suggestions however, we don't plan to do anything to Outland in the near future.
We'll have a look back, then.
A sheet of paper and a pen can give birth to many things.



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