[Paladin] Team 5-Paladin Dungeon builds

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[Paladin] Team 5-Paladin Dungeon builds

Post by Jcarrill0 » Wed Feb 13, 2019 2:39 am

So back on "old" project servers, I enjoyed doing end-game dungeons using all Paladins.

we had a group of 5 Paladins that was Talent-Spec'd to compliment each other.

while the runs were all successful, I wanted to see if it could be done again.

Here is the 5 Paladin builds:

The Tankadin - Protection Paladin. Judgement of Justice, Blessing of Sanctuary, Resistance Aura (Fire/Shadow/Frost).
The Healadin - Holy Paladin. Improved-Judgement of Light, Improved-Blessing of Wisdom, Improved-Concentration Aura.
The Reckadin - Hybrid Reckoning Paladin. Improved-Judgement of Crusader, Blessing of Kings, Improved-Retribution Aura.
The Ret Pally - Retribution Paladin. Improved-Judgement of Crusader, Improved-Blessing of Might, Sancity Aura.
The Shockadin - Spell Power Paladin. Improved-Judgement of Wisdom, Blessing of Light, Improved-Devotion Aura (With Libram).
please note: these Talent-Specs were designed only for the purpose of clearing all the end-game dungeons and while they were all successful and fun, it's not recommended for Hardcore Raid or Hardcore PvP.

the end-Goal was to get a joint 10-Man UBRS using the Paladins as well, but that never happened.

Thoughts? Please reply with you comments/Concerns/Rants below.

Keep it civil please!

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