A balanced approach to retribution paladin

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A balanced approach to retribution paladin

Post by Kwayver » Tue Jun 14, 2022 7:35 am

Hi all.

Just downloaded the client and have begun the reccuring experience of leveling a ret paladin. It's been pretty fun so far! Dev's have done well with Turtle WoW.
As someone who started retail wow in wrath, played through classic to tbc, played Vanilla+, ascension, and a handful of other private servers, I'd like to bring my experience as a very seasoned ret paladin to what appears to be a commonly debated issue on this server.

Firstly, this is only advice. Nobody has to take it (especially devs) and everyone is welcome to disagree with it. I'm always open to feedback and criticism.

Ret paladins have a place in fantasy MMOs (pre-wrath) as a utility/support character. They're invited to dungeons and raids for reasons very different to a fury warrior, rogue, or mage. You're there to improve the performance of the group and bring a couple of "oh $#%T" buttons that will hopefully prevent a wipe. But most importantly, you're there because of your attitude, and ill explain why.

If you've ever mained a ret paladin during vanilla or TBC, you'll know that generally theres between 0 and 1 places for you in a raid. If there IS A POSITION for you, its likely because:
1. Your friends want to play with you, enjoy playing with you, and will find a place for you despite the fact most of the community see you as a burden or liability (i dont agree with this view, but we have to live in reality. people see ret this way).
2. Maintain seal of wisdom for the casters (or seals in general in TBC with crusader strike, plus improved aura)
3. Nightfall duties

This is why as a ret paladin the MOST IMPORTANT thing for you to do is to have a good attitude. If you prefer to pug or don't have friends on the server to play with, you have significantly less chance of getting into a group if you are judgemental (no pun intended) or generally negative. Part of the reason i enjoyed playing ret is it basically FORCED me to be an optimistic person. As a result, I made many friends over my wow experience i still have to this day.


Now that we've covered this, I want to give my 2 cents about how the class can be improved and why the above is important to it.

Firstly, opening up exorcism to all targets is a bad idea. It unbalances pvp by adding too much burst to the class and makes the mana-regen problem even worse than it already is in raids. In reference to the above, it is better left becoming a useful utility once gear has assisted a solution to the problem (T2.5 mana regen and int specifically, plus i also heavily recommend Black Grasps of the Destroyer). Put in the hard yards with your guild/community by reputation for a while through the initial raids of vanilla and when Naxx comes around you will feel more powerful having your toolkit open up just in time for your gear to handle it.

Having said that, mana regen is still an issue worthy of a solution. It probably shouldnt be tied to an item/libram as it just creates another "warrior flask" situation, mandating a class to go through a specific ordeal in order to be viable. In wrath, Judgements of the Wise solved this problem very well as the regen was calculated using BASE mana (not abusable by holy) and providing the replenishment effect (expanding a utility class's utility, perfectly). A similar effect would achieve the same result IMO. To further prevent it being exploited by healers it would be better tied to physical damage rather than holy damage. A talent which modifies crusader strike to restore mana based on damage inflicted would probably be the way to go. Having it provide the replenishment effect (or equivalent) would be an optional bonus to help the 'fantasy' element of the class.

Remember that as a ret paladin, you're going to have plenty of open global cooldowns in your rotation. The reason for this isnt to handicap your class, its because those GCDs are to be used to help your party/raid. You are the only dps with a poison/disease/magic cleanse and popping this off at the right moment to take the pressure off a stressed healer will get you re-invited to groups, even if you're at the bottom of the dps meters.


I hope this has given everyone some considerations for how the class can be improved without becoming unbalanced. As mentioend before, I welcome all feedback to the above and would like to hear what the long term comunity thinks of it, as of course, I am a noob here.

Retpal for hire. Will cleanse, hand of freedom warrior, and pocket heal 2s upon request

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Re: A balanced approach to retribution paladin

Post by Augustfenix85 » Tue Jun 14, 2022 11:27 am

I was(on my Paladin) dps in a stockade run recently and I’d BOP on the healer if the adds ran on him when it was available. The success of the run isn’t just just on the tank and healer. It’s the whole groups job. Once my rogue gets blind you bet I’ll be doing it to a loose add that attacks the healer.
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