Beastmaster Hunter: scaling and pet variety.

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Beastmaster Hunter: scaling and pet variety.

Post by Yeti » Sat Jun 11, 2022 10:15 am

Hey everyone,

I recently found this amazing server what I find much more interesting than the basic vanilla wow experience. About myself and why I would love to see some changes to BM and pets overall. I started playing vanilla back in 2005, and I was hooked on BM spec, I found it most interesting and unique specs of all 3 hunter builds. I didn't know anything about the end game, but I was certain that I wanted to be a beastmaster hunter till the end. And then I found out very quickly that the spec was probably one of the worst possible specs when it came to end game pve and pvp. (marksman being the only option for pve and pvp)

So, here's couple ideas I would like to present to everyone. 1. Pets scaling from hunters AP and stamina. 2. Stronger pet families and forgotten pet families. 3. The number one pet. 4. pet abilities and special abilities.

1. This one is pretty clear. It would be the very thing that would fix the beastmaster performance in late game pve and pvp.

2. Okay, so this is one of the disappointments of vanilla wow for me. There are couple options we are given for both pve and pvp. these are cats/windserpents/boars/scorpids/bats/wolf. these pet families have special abilities that make them a lot better than most other options we have. For example: Cats and raptors have almost identical stats but raptor cannot learn prowl or dash, which makes them less effective for any content you are doing.

3. Okay, so everyone reading this so far knows probably that our best choice for BM pet is Broken Tooth from badlands. This cat has 1.0 attack speed, making it the strongest pet for BM for frenzy procs. I'd like us to have better customization options when it comes to our companions.

My first idea would be having the option to choose between high damage, high health, high armor, or a pet that has all of these stats but not best in any of them. This could be done by having us the option to change these specializations of the pets we tame from the wild. Maybe we could only change them at loyalty level 6, or perhaps we could buy the change from a pet trainer. And even more important that we could choose our pets attack speed from 1.00 - 2.50 ( maybe a trainer could teach this also).

Second unfortunate thing about vanilla pets are special abilities and attack speeds I mentioned before. Some pets do not have any abilities to dump off their extra focus, these pets are mostly stuck with Bite that has 10 second cooldown. Making them clearly less effective than those that can use claw / screech to dump their extra focus. My solution would be making universal focus dump to every pet. Basically claw with a different name for different type of pets.

Special abilities:

This was an tricky one, since only some of the pets were given special abilities, some were not even given the quality of life abilities like claw / screech etc. My personal throw on this one would be that, making certain abilities like claw, dash, charge, screech, universal pet abilities. We would still have to tame the wild beasts order to get these abilities. But, we could teach them to any pet, we decide to choose for our companions. (pet abilities that doesn't fit the pets look, could just be renamed, and be the exact ability as the original stat is stat wise)

Last couple words. I think these changes would change a lot of the "meta" mentality people have burned in their heads, of having certain pets for their abilities and attack speeds. This would make people see a lot of different pets around the world, not just the cats/serpents/pigs. In the end, pet should be a personal option just like picking your hunter race imo. :)

Thanks! I hope you guys could share your thoughts and opinions about these concepts. Keep on hunting!

Btw, english is not my native language. I hope its some what readable. My first forum post ever.

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