Paladin ret talent overhaul

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Paladin ret talent overhaul

Post by Geojak » Thu Apr 21, 2022 1:42 pm

I found the proposed paladin changes bring many good ideas, but they won't help ret paladisn enoguh.

Here are some suggestion I would like to see based on top of the current 1.12.1 talent tress with holy strike we currently play with.

I thought of these for a long time after reading many discord discussion. This is my approach on the topic, maybe it can inspire some ideas for the fut8ure.

1. Make seal of crusader usefull
New baseline additional effect. Seal of crusader hits one addition target for 25% weapon dmasge as holy damage,similiar to sweeping strike. Can proc stuff on the secondaey target, but can't crit. This is like SoR.

Improved crusader talent new additional effect
Increase the holy dmasge on the second target by additonal 10/20/30%.

It will deal 55% holy dmasge with 3/3 in that rarely used talent.

2. Make sanc holy damage aura generally usefull instead of situational.
New effect: increases all dmasge by all party members by 5% and holy damage by an additional 5% (total 10% more dmasge on holy damage stays same)

3. Make the last ret talent usefull and exocism a part of ret rotation not just in naxx.
Additional to granting access to repetnace the talent gives the following effect:
Reduce cooldwon, manacost and damage of exocism by 50%. Allows the spell to be used against all targets. The damage against undead and demons stays unchanged.

Its a shame that many rets skip their 31 talent completely at the moment.

4. Make ret scale with paladin gear with more focus on spellpower and int and not second grade warriors

Vindication new additional passive effect. 33/66/100% of your spell power gives you additional attackpower

5. Replace 2h specc with the following talent
Receive an additional 33/66/100% of your spell critical chance from your intelligence as bonus meele ciritcsl chance

6. Make pursuit of justice not obsolete with riding gear and boots speed enchantment

New additions affect: refibd 30/60% of spell and abilities mana cost back on miss and resists.

Note that warriors and druids have a Similiar mechanic already for rage

7. Rework SoC to give ret the mana sustain he needs
Additional new effect.
Receive on procc, 3/6/9/12/15% of holy damage dealt as mana
And judgement of command: all party members in a 20 range receive 3/6/9/12/15% of the damage caused as mana.
Rank 1 is 3%, rank 5 is 15%. This is to stop paladins using rank one Soc all the time since the proc dmasge is always fixed at 70%

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Re: Paladin ret talent overhaul

Post by Redmagejoe » Thu Apr 21, 2022 4:00 pm

I'd argue the only thing ret ever really needed in vanilla to make its 31 point talent worthwhile is to make it only last 1-2 seconds, but have a 10 second cooldown, that it could be used to effectively give that niche benefit from Judgement of Command a core part of the ret playstyle.

Frankly if you could guarantee a stun-incapacitate every time Judgement is off cooldown, but that lasts almost no time, it could actually be pretty meaningful. Or if the CC aspect of it is somehow appealing and people don't want it changed, leave Repentance as it is but add some sort of low cooldown "mark" that gives the same bonus damage effect to Judgement of Command. That way you could utilize it every time Judgement is off cooldown and noticeably increase the damage output of Ret Paladins.

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