[Shaman] Healing Stream Totems Usefulness

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[Shaman] Healing Stream Totems Usefulness

Post by Snigery » Sun Jan 09, 2022 4:01 pm

Hello players. Leveling a restoration shaman here and noticed with around 100 healing power at lvl 37, r2 Healing Stream totem is not yielding any improved #'s. Does it maybe use Nature Spell Power or does it only work at higher ranks? Or does it require lvl 60 gear to see changes? I have heard mixed results from online and players here about how it works and really if it is even useful. I know it's very efficient mp->heal but over 1 minute I am not convinced it is better to just use normal healing spells and let mp from spirit replace the less-efficient cost. I say this because totem placement terribly interupts shaman mp regen which already shaman suffers from sustainability. Full totem placement with GCD is over several seconds which delays that 5 second spirit delay. Restoration talents reducing totem cost do not nearly make up for their cost and interuption along with the fact they are immobile.

So just wondering what its' purpose is.

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Re: [Shaman] Healing Stream Totems Usefulness

Post by Fornow » Sun Jan 23, 2022 7:48 am

Without a whole lot of research I would assume that totems count as minions and therefore do not benefit from from the owner's bonuses such as healing power, but I could be mistaken.

Your point about totem placement interrupting mana regen is very valid. The only real advantages I see for healing stream totem is that you can place it before engaging and thus regaining the mana before the fight and that it can provide healing without the shaman being closeby (or in line of sight).

In Warcraft 3 healing totems were very potent as they healed not a fixed amount but a percentage of a unit's maximum health. But. thiel were also balanced by the fact that a single hit would destroy them. Enemies in PvE WoW always ignore totems so I guess they had to tone down their effects in exchange.

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Re: [Shaman] Healing Stream Totems Usefulness

Post by Overi » Sun Jan 30, 2022 9:16 pm

As classic shaman I never used healing stream at level 60 but it has niche use while leveling.
In dungeons it's very usefull in some bossfights that do little constant damage to whole party (cant remember which bosses).
In world it greatly help to kill elites and tough enemies, when fight lasts move that 20 seconds. In that case it's better than mana tide cause it's hard to cast heal on yourself while being attacked by mob.

Notably it's main use on levels 20-35, because later it heals so little. 6hp/2sec on lvl20 is something, 10hp/2sec on lvl40 is common, seriously?

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Re: [Shaman] Healing Stream Totems Usefulness

Post by Mcnair » Mon Jan 31, 2022 8:19 am

Healing stream is currently in a bugged state, do not base your judgement on its current form. In 1.12, and in Twow before 1.16, it was scaling (if badly) with healing power. The devs for some reason removed that scaling entirely in the last patch. Even though this now means that shamans have (almost) zero water totems they can use in a party/raid environment due to paladin buff/aura clashes, there have been no hotfix for this yet.

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Re: [Shaman] Healing Stream Totems Usefulness

Post by Mekunekud » Mon Feb 14, 2022 4:37 am

In Vanilla, it did scale with healing. 65% over the duration/2.16% per tick. If you went for maximum healing power, at least by BWL levels, you can reach nearly 1000 healing power and your 650 extra healing over 30 ticks means its nearly 40 healing a tick every 2 seconds for 5 people for 80 mana for no real upkeep. Its one of the most efficient spells in the game.
Ofc it COULD scale better and shamans aren't lacking for AoE healing in the first place but the only "better" healing spell in the game in terms of mana value is Judgement of Light.
It's just all dependent on group setup and fight. Would I use it in an extremely intensive fight where I'd be spamming Chain Heals constantly? Not really. Would I drop it on a fight like Huhuran where there's a slowly increasing DoT where a melee group gets progressively harder to heal? Yes. I would because it'd be roughly 500 Hp/5 for absolutely no effort.
OFC its bugged on Turtle WoW, like alot of private servers but when working as intended, on the right fights, it helps healing shamans immensely.

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