Paladin abilities spellpower scaling.

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Paladin abilities spellpower scaling.

Post by Chlothar » Tue Oct 22, 2019 8:08 am

Hey guys. I just wanted to share this with our fellow paladin community and everyone else who is inerested in this topic:

These are the vanilla paladin spell coefficients:

10% Seal of Righteousness with 1 handed weapon
12,5% Seal of Righteousness with 2 handed weapon
50% Judgement of Righteousness
20% Seal of Command
29% Seal of Command (only with +holy damage bonuses)
43% Judgement of Command
33% Consecration
43% Holy Shock
43% Hammer of Wrath
43% Exorcism
19% Holy Wrath
00% Blessing of Sanctuary ;_;
20% Holy Shield (distributed between 4 charges)
00% Retribution Aura ;_;
71% Holy Light
43% Flash of Light
100% Eye for an Eye

They are not fully tested on turtle wow, but they were on elysium wow which is 99,9% like like server since we are using the elysium core.

Best regards

Chlothar of Goldshire

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Re: Paladin abilities spellpower scaling.

Post by Durnbrok » Sat Feb 29, 2020 9:22 pm

Retri aura while it may not stack with spell power,it is affected by vengeance,just the same way most holy damaging spells.
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Re: Paladin abilities spellpower scaling.

Post by Pfwg » Wed May 06, 2020 9:25 pm

Not particularly related to this thread but I wanted to put this down for future reference:

Spell crit and Holy Paladins:

Obviously, we know that spell crit is good for paladins because it gives a chance to refund the mana from a critical heal. How good? Let's look at it in a couple of difference scenarios. 1% spell crit gives a 1% chance to refund the mana from a spell, we can boil this down to an average of 1% mana refunded per spell cast.

Flash of Light - 140 mana per cast, 1.4 mana refunded per cast.
Holy Light - 580 mana per cast, 5.8 mana refunded per cast.

To get these in usable numbers, we can compare them to values of mp5 currently on items.

FoL: 3.3 casts/5s * 1.4 mana/cast = 4.62 mp5 when only casting FoL.
Holy Light: 2 casts/5s * 5.8 mana/cast = 11.6 mp5 when only casting Holy Light.

Now, obviously we don't always cast only one or other of the two healing spell, but this illustrates that when using Holy Light over FoL, we get a much bigger benefit from spell crit. If people are interested in real world examples, I have data from logs that i can use to work out the effective mp5 of spell crit in a real raid situation.

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