[Warrior] A guide for Warrior 2Handed PVE playstyles

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[Warrior] A guide for Warrior 2Handed PVE playstyles

Post by Connelly » Mon Oct 07, 2019 11:27 pm

Hi there. I just started playing here, and while I realize this is a roleplaying server, I thought I could bring a little something I did some time ago.

I have some experience raiding as warrior, and I wrote a guide to playing the 2handed styles: Arms and 2H Fury. I did this because dual-wielding Fury bored me, but I could never find a central document about playing with two handers, only loose comments and suggestion in many different forums that could at times contradict themselves. It's absolutely possible that there is something that you might find wrong or that isn't applicable to Turtle Wow (because each server has their own weirdness), but I'm open to discuss anything about it. It's not a guide where everything is explained for maximum effectiveness, but explained in a simple way so a player new to the style can catch up quickly and learn from there. If you're already an expert, you might not discover America here, but you might still appreciate a couple things.

I was in the process of updating a bit of the guide when by accident I locked myself out of my old account, leaving the document blank, so I proceeded to copy a backup into my other account. I had this forum open, so I thought I might as well share it here while I was at it.

The guide is split in seven parts:

1 - Creating your character (the considerations every player new or unwise should know before starting)
2 - Talent builds (four different non-niche builds, their strengths, and how to configure the talent points)
3 - Skills and rotations (self-explanatory)
4 - Lists of pre-raid and end-game gear (an excel with all the gear recommended for several stages of raiding)
5 - Enchants and consumables (those things that are a pain to maintain but you can't live without)
6 - BIS gear (what one would expect to be kitted with at the very end of raiding)
7 - Snip stories that nobody will care about (Just a few small one-shot fanfics about the BIS weapons and some characters that wield them. I was bored at the time I thought "why not"? You roleplayers here might get a kick out of them, who knows)

You will be able to find the guide in this link, and the gear list excel in this other one (remember to use the tabs below to switch one list for another). And you can, of course, find me ingame as Connelly.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you find it useful. satisfied_turtle_head

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Re: [Warrior] A guide for Warrior 2Handed PVE playstyles

Post by Yutilk » Tue Oct 08, 2019 7:36 am

this very thorough good job!
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