Gifted's All-in-One 0-33-18 Druid Build

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Gifted's All-in-One 0-33-18 Druid Build

Post by Gifted » Wed Sep 04, 2019 12:33 am

I thought I'd post my all-in-one druid talent build that lets you both tank and heal 5-man instances. This is my permanent spec on Turtle WoW, and with the right set of tanking and/or healing gear you can do both without having to respec every run. You can also do some dps with this build in cat form, but you'll never be able to compete with the 'pure' dps classes!

Balance - 0 Points

Feral - 33 Points

5/5 Ferocity (reduce cost of maul, swipe, claw, and rake by 5 rage)
5/5 Feral Instinct (increase threat 15% in bear form)
5/5 Thick Hide (increase armor from items by 10%)
1/1 Feral Charge (a charge that interrupts spell casting for 4s)
3/3 Sharpened Claws (increase crit 6% in bear or cat form)
3/3 Predatory Strikes (increase melee AP 150% of level in bear or cat form)
2/2 Primal Fury (100% chance on crit to gain 5 rage in bear form)
2/2 Savage Fury (increase damage by claw, rake, maul, and swipe by 20%)
1/1 Faerie Fire (ranged attack, reduces armor by 175, high threat)
5/5 Heart of the Wild (increase int 20%, increase stam 20% in bear form, increase strength 20% in cat form)
1/1 Leader of the Pack (increase melee crit in party by 3%)

Restoration - 18 Points

5/5 Furor (100% chance of 10 rage in bear form or 40 energy in cat form)
5/5 Improved Healing Touch (0.5s reduced cast time)
3/3 Reflection (15% mana regen)
5/5 Subtlety (20% threat reduction)

This build affords you all of the talents needed to tank, so you should be strong there. The healing is just enough for the reduced cast time on your major heal (Healing Touch), increased mana regeneration, and the all important threat reduction! The talents in Heart of the Wild in the Feral tree give you a 20% increase in intellect that most full restoration druids don't get to benefit from! Using mostly Rejuvenation (instant HoT) and spamming Healing Touch (Rank 4) with the occasional Healing Touch (Rank 10) for emergencies you can heal most instances and off-heal during raids pretty effectively while still having all your druid flexibility with innervate, decursing, a fearie fire debuff, and a battle rez!

The only sacrifice you're making from a full feral tank build is the points in the Balance tree. You lose Natural Weapons which gives a 10% increase in physical attacks in all forms as well as Omen of Clarity which gives you a chance to enter a Clearcasting state where your next spell or ability costs no mana/rage/energy.

Not a bad trade-off for the ability to heal 5-mans and raids if you ask me...


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Re: Gifted's All-in-One 0-33-18 Druid Build

Post by Yutilk » Tue Sep 17, 2019 7:54 am

Interesting build I'll login and try it out it!
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Re: Gifted's All-in-One 0-33-18 Druid Build

Post by Gifted » Thu Sep 19, 2019 2:22 pm

This is a stronger tanking build than it is a healing build. If you're just starting to try it out I recommend tanking several instances first and build a decent healing set along the way before you try healing instances.


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Re: Gifted's All-in-One 0-33-18 Druid Build

Post by Claboth » Mon Feb 17, 2020 1:22 pm

I've been using 0/30/21 again lately, as respec money went down the drain.
I like to have the nature's swiftness as an extra 'oh shit' combo when healing dungeons and raids.

Before that I used to moonglow spec to heal in raids, more mana efficiency for longer fights.
When gear upgrades came along I returned to the heart of the wild/nature swiftness spec.

The points in feral tree are 3/5 Thick Hide and 0/1 Leader of the Pack.
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