[HOT] reckoning leveling!!

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[HOT] reckoning leveling!!

Post by Chlothar » Tue May 28, 2019 9:02 pm

Hey guys!!

Since there is asked frequently which spec is best for leveling a pally i want to share my oppinion with you.
First things first. I started playing wow in Feb 2005. Paladin was my first pick and i never quit playing this class for long.

I have leveled in any possible way and experienced many class changes. I used to lvl ret for many years but when my understanding of the hidden strengths of the paladin got deeper i recognized that there is only one way to play paladin efficiently while leveling.

1 to 33/34

From lvl 1 to 33/34 the main talents to cover are: http://classicdb.ch/?talent#sVVzZVG0c

Use 1h+shield for good sustain. Get 2-3 adds, judge SoC (Seal of Crusader) use Seal of righteousnes and cast concecration rank 1 on cooldown. Stat-wise you go Stamina/Int ofc. Str/Agi have no higher value here.

33/34 to 60

From lvl 33/34 you respec into reckoning wielding slow (3.60 and slower weapon). http://classicdb.ch/?talent#sZVGLcc0xZxfbxrck Stat-wise go Agi/Str/Sta int has low value because you dont use mana often.
You also benefit a lot from the +3% chance to hit/not miss an enemy talent in your prot tree. If you play human make sure to use a 2h-sword or mace for another 3% hit chance on a mob at your level.
To make the explaination short, watch this video and see how it works:

The guy in the video is using a +chance to proc on hit weapon which is pretty cool in theory but using a slow ass weapon would increase his dmg output signifficantly.

The best weapon to do this is: http://classicdb.ch/?item=6327 [The slower the better - 4.00 is the slowest out there]
Use sanctity aura and Seal of Righteousnes cuz it procs on every hit of your reckbomb/Seal of command only procs once max. Alterativly you can use Seal of Crusader to hit faster/more often with a much more attackpower, you can do that on caster enemys for example, judging judgement of light/mana before that. But for melee enemys, especially those wielding a shield SoR should be more effective.

Get a swing timer addon https://github.com/Terrub/Samuel and release your dmg whenever your next swing is rdy, dont wait for the full reckbomb. To kill rare or even elite mobs, load a full reckbomb before the fight.

It`s pretty much like proccing windfury on every hit and better, cuz you have more than 2 extra hits.. "But you get so much dmg by getting crit every time!" - you might say. Let`s have a closer look at this. Getting hit by a crit is pretty much like getting hit with normal hits twice. Waiting for a 3.8 or 4.0 auto swing you will get hit 2-4 times depending on your enemys attackspeed. You are literally getting the same amount of dmg, only in a shorter time.

With this build you are very tanky and play mana efficient cuz you mainly use mana to heal up after 2-3 kills. You don`t need food/drinks at all -> no downtime

+you can switch to 1h+shield anytime and your dmg is still ok. Get a shield spike on your shield and use retribution aura.

Greetings Chlothar.
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Re: [HOT] reckoning leveling!!

Post by Chlothar » Tue May 28, 2019 9:26 pm

Oh and one additional thing for you.

There is/was a streamer on Youtube who had high qualitly videos sharing all of his insane paladin knowledge and displaying it. For a reason he left Youtube and almost all his content vanished. Some videos have been re-uploaded by his fans.

IF you are interested check this ou: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmR_b- ... p9iILdfVvw
Most of this stuff is PvP relevant but some is also good for pve and general class understanding.
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Re: [HOT] reckoning leveling!!

Post by Sinrek » Tue May 28, 2019 10:26 pm

This one's already tempting me to roll a paladin too! Damn... gotta take a cold shower.
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Re: [HOT] reckoning leveling!!

Post by Zamnilblackaxe1 » Thu Jul 04, 2019 8:28 am

The video in the first post appears to be dead, I dunno if it's that my region is fucking me or not but when I click play it just gives me a video unavailable screen.

Disregard me, going direct to the uploaders page I can watch the video no problem.

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Re: [HOT] reckoning leveling!!

Post by Chlothar » Thu Jul 04, 2019 12:45 pm

Video works for me still.

Sadly reckoning leveling doesnt work anymore. Sitting down doesnt cause a crit any longer.

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Re: [HOT] reckoning leveling!!

Post by Yutilk » Wed Sep 18, 2019 12:12 pm

Holy cow this is very in-depth keep'em coming!
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