Stromwind "Orphan" gang, looking for Peeps!

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Stromwind "Orphan" gang, looking for Peeps!

Post by Zowcor » Mon Jul 01, 2019 6:49 am

Hello and I'm new 'round this here sever and I've got big plan's for my "possibley" two dodgey outlawish people that I've been roleplaying on retail for about 13 years with! Seeing as retail is going to shit and the Roleplay is rather poor I'd come and express myself here on this turtle sever!

I'm looking for like minded people to help me make this "Orphan" gang that one of my old characters used to run, however.- He has gotten rather old after the years and he's hoping to start a new age for the Orphan's, and those begging on the streets. I'll explain the story of him and what he is like and you all can be the judge mabye even join up?

Edward Longshank age 10 submitted to being an orphan, however he wasn't the nicest of people going around the streets starting small with pick pocketing and petty thief among city shop's, however he did have a soft spot for Orphan's and helped out the best he could with small donation's he gotten form thiefing. However actions have consequences from his bad humour and vile human be behaviour he never did find a familt to adopted him.-

Many years go by and he hit's the age of 18 he is now legaly a man, he was kicked out of the orphanage with a set last name and afew others the same age as him, they all are named "longshank" Edward knows the streets and know's how to make easy money however now he wanted to hit it big! He convinced the other orphans, well some of them to team up with Edward being all in the same boat homless without a family.. - He gave a heart warming speach on the lines of "'Ey, ey listen up, those cunts didn't give us a family, so let's make our own and call ourself's, The Longshanks Family" Atfer some hard hug's the new former gang has been made and the team set off with adventures of thiefing and robbing.

Many years have gone afew of The Longshanks Family have been arrested due to petty thief, aswell murder. Edward is trying to comeup with a plan for the gang atfer the missing crew-men. - However Suddenly a Nobel steps forword at the bar looking at the group smileing. (At this point the gang i semi known, however they havn't gotten so big yet) The Nobel try's to shake eveyones hand however they give back a dirty look, Edward cut's to the chace and questions why the nobel man came forword to such lowlifes. - The Nobel give's the group his name with a speach- "Ahem, sorry for interrupting my name is Pile Gumas I serve under the knight himself, I'm what you call a nobel. " Atfer he said this the Longshanks look at each other worryed, some speak about pick pocking the nobel, however Edward just stares with a flat stun look "I heared about Robby Rodent and your friend called Steven Stern." Atfer he speaks of these names the groups seem to look upset and annoyed, they seem to possbley kill the nobel, however they are in the public eye. "And I'm here to aid you, you all infact. You see I once was an orphan such as most of you lot here, and I was given a chance to prove myself to the king himself. I started off low cleaning spit pot's and cleaning knights armour and boot's, now I'm helping with tax credit's and house placement in the city.-" Edward Suddenly cuts in "Hurry up chump, we aint got all fuckin' day do we boys?!" The rest of his crew dosn't seem to reply to shitty however they seem to listen to the nobel. - The Nobel carrys on "Well I'm here to look for more hand's, I'm seeking more replacements for cleaner's and kitchen staff." Edward Stands up slaming his hands on the table, as he dose this the nobel stands up placieng his fingers on the hilt of his sword.. Edward loudly speaks "You aint taking any of me crew, they are strong and loyal! Aswell we got sum boy's to break out of the Stock's, so..- If you don't fuckin' mind do one." The Nobel shakes his head and speaks out with a playfull tone "Hahaa.. Mr Longshank I'm here to offer warm bed's a home for life, and mabye a job for life, if anyone wants to come with me please do." He Suddenly turns and walks to the door slowly.- Whlie this happens the group seems to look at one another, one of the longshanks run at the nobel with two more leaving. - Suddenly only one is left he hugg's Edward and say's "Good luck older brother." As this happen's Shitty is telling them to stop, don't go it's a trap! However they all leave him. That night he drank himself to forget what the nobel's have done, ploting for what come's never however..-

Many years latter and Edward seem's to be loseing his mind due to mixxing odd toxic mixes into deadly durg like potion's with "snuff" and among other crap. - Afew afew harden long years of self abuse and drug abuse he's seemed to be a whole new person, one with nothing but hate and anrger towards the nobel heads of the city. - However he's gotten abit bigger now.

After much longer now, about twenty year's have gone past and Edward seem's to have forgotten his past life due to his toxic brew potion's he likes to down on a daily bases, people on the streets call him "Shitty Scab" however his "friends" call him Uncle Pop's. He has just gotten out of the Stockade for the second time looking for people to start his new crew. -

Thanks for reading! This is just a short part of shitty's life, I missed alot out like how he was in the Stockade the frist place! However I just wanna explain what he's like and his back story. Please let me know if you do wanna make this crew, I'm egar to find some cool new roleplaye!

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