<THE RED FIST> [Non Hirearchal, Stromgarde RP, Alliance Only]

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<THE RED FIST> [Non Hirearchal, Stromgarde RP, Alliance Only]

Post by Thiccroy » Sun Jun 30, 2019 6:29 pm

"Esarus thar no'Darador.
By Blood and Honor, We Serve."

- Old Stromic (Ancient Common) vow used by the Knights of the Kingdom of Arathor, later Stromgarde.




Ten years ago, during the Third War, Stromgarde fell as the last line of fully organized Human resistance against the Scourge. Its fall is attributed to the Alteraci Syndicate, invading Ogres and Trolls, as well as the prior mentioned Scourge. Its people scattered to the south and all vowed to return to their lawful land, to take it back with Blood and Honor.

It would come now. Ten years later, a young man of Noble blood has grown into a capable warrior, and with his amassed wealth through various adventures and contracts, has sent out letters-

A Call to Arms has been sent out! It is as follows:
People of the Alliance. Heroes. Adventurers. Mercenaries. Knights. Wanderers.

We have sat idle as the dead and the Horde with them have scrounged around our ancient sites of greatness and glory. Where duty and honor were law, and where Kings ruled with kindness and justice.

Not anymore.

We squabble about in the south, using our skills for naught. The war is in a stand still. It is time we changed it.

The RED FIST shall rise and deliver a blow that the Undead of the Horde shall shy and fear away from when it rises again! I, Dolokhov Steelblood, last of my line, call you now with this vow!

We swore we would return.
Let us repay this vow.


The Guild will work as so:
-No Hierarchy at all. The Guildmaster is OOC, and every man, IC, and OOC, is equal in footing.
-IC decisions considering the Guild and any entries into it by other characters will be considered in a vote.
-This will be an RP PvE Guild, but if Horde players are seen by the Red Fist, they will either be captured or killed on sight.

What you'll get out of this:
-A fun but also serious RP community
-Character progression and recognition
-War, blood, glory, loot, and honor


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