<The Ashen Vanguard> is seeking signatures!

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<The Ashen Vanguard> is seeking signatures!

Post by Menareth » Sun Mar 10, 2019 1:04 am

Well met, Stranger!

Long-time RPer and WoW player here. Posting this in an effort to try and touch base with folks through this forum in order to slowly begin recruitment for my RP guild-to-be.

I've been roleplaying through various mediums (D&D, Edge of the Empire, Mage: The Ascension, Vampire: The Masquerade, to name a few) and spent eight wonderful years on Moonguard, US-side. I've met some absolutely wonderful RPers, and had some truly memorable moments through interactions with people and characters from all walks of life.

Now that I am more used to the lore and game, I've decided to form a guild focused on roleplaying, but through which we can also hit dungeons, quests, etc., either IC or OOC. Though I am new to the server and currently leveling my main, and am more familiar with Alliance, I would be looking for characters of any race or class to join with Amren Menareth in forming The Ashen Vanguard.

For a bit of background, The Ashen Vanguard was a mercenary company formed on a temporary basis to tackle jobs in various locations along the Kingdoms that were, at the time, considered too difficult by some to tackle individually. They remained together for a time, until personal desires and goals caused the company to splinter. Menareth, the company Commander, recognizes the utility of such a group, and has, after a few years working alone, decided to recruit anew.

If there are any Alliance RP enthusiasts out there desiring to join a guild with an IC focus, but that will also help to accomplish questing and dungeon goals either IC or OOC (and perhaps even be a social guild), then feel free to message me so we can set up a meet. If by chance I am not online when you seek me out, feel free to add me or send me an IC letter!

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Re: <The Ashen Vanguard> is seeking signatures!

Post by Maxkelter » Tue Mar 12, 2019 12:37 am

I signed the guild charter on my Dwarf Warrior Gretz. I hope we can get more and get this guild running soon! I'm pretty new to the server, so here's hoping I can meet new people coming through here!

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