The Shadowblade [Nelf RP/PVE]

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The Shadowblade [Nelf RP/PVE]

Post by Lukkas462 » Sun Nov 07, 2021 5:03 pm


A Night Elf RP/PVE Guild.

The Shadowblade were a group of legendary night elf agents, created in the days of the Kaldorei Empire, when Azshara ruled. They were loyal to Azshara, untill the War of the Ancient, after that, they disappeared, never to be seen or heard again... However, rumors started to move around recently, in the elven forests, whispers of a dark haired ranger appearing ocasually in The Temple of the Moon, talking to Tyrande, some say that this ranger is part of the old Shadowblade, whatever the truth is, something big is about to happen in the night elf lands...

This is a call for the children of the night, join us and help us protect our lands.
May Elune guide you.

For more info about the guild, text me on Discord: LK#7862
Or search me ingame: Faelir
Long live the Turtle

Daelir The Lone Blade
Aszura Fairhand

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