looking forward experienced guild/players

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looking forward experienced guild/players

Post by Hardwelsam » Sun Jun 06, 2021 6:19 pm


I am completely green-eared, I am a new player, with little interest in server and company, what the gaming experience is like, what the mood is, etc.
You need to know about me, I've spent most of my time with wotlk, but after I've burned out of it with the vast amount of bad-sounding players,
whose knowledge had spread to the point that they were loot-ninja, greedy for everything that was not only their own, but didn’t even fit their class.
Not to mention the open, free pvp context.
So, I’m here now and I’m curiously looking for players who have been playing here for a long time and know something else about the game.

One more little bit about me, my favorite pastime outside of playing, scripting, making music, for today’s modern age, in almost every type available.

I hope a more great adventure awaits here sad_turtle

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