Turtle WoW and streaming [QUESTION]

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Turtle WoW and streaming [QUESTION]

Post by Humbaba » Mon May 09, 2022 8:24 am

What are the politics of streaming gameplay of private servers and what is the Turtle WoW teams stance on streaming their server?

I know Twitch doesn't allow private server streams. It's a bannable offence on their site.
Youtube seems to not care as much, if at all.
Blizzard used to hunt down succesfull servers and shut them down. I don't kow if they're as vigilant these days.
This information is what i gathered through browsing topics i found online, so i might be wrong with my assumptions.

I'm mostly interested in how the Turtle WoW team feels about their server being publicly streamed. Seeing that this already is the most popular Vanilla private server, could bringing more attention to it prove dangerous and attract blizzards legal team?
I know there was a post on this forum in 2019 where they were looking for "their official streamer" or whatever.
What's the stance on this today?

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