Player vs Player Bounty Boards

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Player vs Player Bounty Boards

Post by Torta » Sat Dec 07, 2019 4:46 am


With the last server update, Turtle WoW got a new experimental feature: Bounty Boards have been placed in Stormwind and Orgrimmar.


How does this work:
  • You must kill the player listed as target to complete the quest. Group kills will not count.
  • An active player of PvP scene can become a target for the Bounty Hunt. Right now it's a voluntary role, you can apply for being a target in my PM on forums or Discord. In the future there'll be a few possible options: rather a players with the biggest amount of Dishonored Kills, or the opposite, the person with Standing 1 on this week.
  • Targets will be updated every week, for both side sides: Horde and Alliance.
  • The quest for each target is not repeatable.
  • On completion you'll be rewarded with 1 Gold and 250 reputation with Stormwind or Orgrimmar, 270 if you're Human.
If you have any suggestions, please post them in this thread.
Happy Hunting!

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Re: Bounties and the Bounty Board

Post by Torta » Sat Dec 07, 2019 4:58 am

Replying to Wenzel (sorry I've messed up the post merge on forums and your topic got lost)
Hi guys, loving the idea behind the Bounty Board.

It is very reminiscent of having a new and more fun quest-giver, and it gave me an idea where we could add both PCs and NPCs.

Leveling is a marathon on vanilla, so I was hoping we could maybe do monthly bounties or have a bounty come available every 10 levels or so, as an NPC.

This would incentives people going out to explore new parts of the map that we might not use or see much off, and it would add a bit of a single-player boss challenge to people hunting for quests.

If this is possible or something you'd like for me to expand on, I'd love to come up with some plausible scenarios or write out some of the bounties.

Thanks for reading, it's appreciated.
That's exactly why we've got this tool :)
Create a quest for your favorite location and share the link in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=820 The quest should be lore appropriate and story should fit to the game lore and do not conflict with the existing stories.

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Re: Player vs Player Bounty Boards

Post by Mercyheal86 » Sat Dec 14, 2019 4:44 am

Lol! I see ol' Johnny boy made his way to the Wanted list. I spoke with Bremdir some time ago while having a tent party at the Arena, and apparently he's been assaulting John relentlessly to the point he'd made him run. Lol! It was funny "listening" to him talk about hounding him. That's one gung-ho Paladin!
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