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Post by Al3x540 » Thu Nov 11, 2021 7:50 pm

I couldn't figure out how to do this with the creator tools. Dark Iron shells and Diamond tipped arrows (20DPS)crafting recipe for engineers that requires Thorium Brotherhood honored reputation. Needing dark Iron residue, black diamonds, dense blasting powder to create. Thought another use for residue and black diamonds would spark action house revenue and give hunters a boost to next lvl ammo was needed as well.

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Post by Mac » Sat Nov 13, 2021 2:34 pm

I don't know if this has been brought up before, but it was not originally intended for either paladins or warlocks to get a free mount at level 40. For whatever reason, the quests where these two classes would have earned their level 40 mounts were never completed in time for release, but were intended to eventually be added back into the game at a later date. This never came to pass.

Proof of this can be seen in the quest text from both the warlock and paladin level 40 mount quests.
I would give you a reward for your patience and hard work. But know this, the ability to summon a Felsteed will be much more difficult in the future. You will have to earn it... and it will not be easy.
The time has come for me to bestow a great gift upon you. But know this, for now I give you this freely, but later, when time permits, this will be a much greater challenge to all paladins who choose to undertake my quest.
While doing research, I came across an interesting little area called Shadowbreak Ravine in Desolace. Despite being a fairly fleshed out area with a bunch of buildings and mobs, and even being represented on the in-game map, there are no quests attached to this location. And within this location, I found two interesting NPCs: a Captured Stallion that looks like the summoned warhorse minus its barding (horse armor), and a Burning Blade Nightmare that uses the same model as the summoned felsteed. Both these horses are neutral and drop nothing when killed. Further research found others speculating this area was to be used for the scrapped level 40 mount quests.

So with all that out of the way, here are some quests I wrote for more fleshed out level 40 mount quests. The idea was to make these quests somewhat soloable but also require a social component by involving multiple different tradeskills (which would also add a monetary cost to the mount, but based on auction house searches, would still be much less than just buying your training). These quests were also designed to be similar but also a little different, with the paladin one being about freeing a captured paladin horse, and the warlock one being about stealing and enslaving a demon horse from other demonlovers. I also added a trinket as a part of the final reward to make up for the fact that these quests aren't freebies like they used to be.

The Test of Nobility (1)
The Test of Nobility (2)
The Test of Nobility (3)

Rein It In (1)
Rein It In (2)

Truesilver Barding
Cursed Feed Bag
Lucky Horseshoe

This is all still very much a rough draft, so I'd appreciate feedback. Additionally, if the idea of taking away the free mount is too much, it also possible to let players choose between doing the freebie quest and getting no trinket (and also living with the eternal shame of taking the freebie mount) or doing these quests and getting a nice little trinket that'll help them level. Also as a note, if these quests are added, the Captured Stallion and Burning Blade Nightmare would probably have to be changed from neutral to friendly so you could right-click them and finish the quests without killing them. And it'd be neat if the NPC horse actually despawned when you completed the quest.

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