Hardcore Mode & Rewards

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Hardcore Mode & Rewards

Post by Torta » Sun Apr 07, 2019 11:08 pm

Take it slow, 'mon!

If you really like questing and leveling, play in hardcore mode, your creature kill rates will be set to 0.5 raters.
Enjoy your journey and receive rewards every 10 levels :)

How to enable Hardcore Mode?

Speak to Speedy and get an item that will lock you in Hardcore Mode. Choose wisely, as once you decide to level on lower rates, you will not be able to return to the higher rates. Hardcore mode is only be available up until level 10. If you do not select it by this level, you will remain on normal mode without the option to change.

Dungeons Rates remain x1.0 for parties only to encourage players to group up and do dungeons.

Current Hardcore rewards:
  • Level 10: Turtle Egg (Olive), Murloc Skin Bag, Fine Cloth Shirt, Right Juggling Torch.
  • Level 20: Black Piglet, Strange Bottle x10.
  • Level 30: Half-Eaten Mutton Chop, Carved Ogre Idol, Magic Muffin x10.
  • Level 40: Turtle Traveller’s Bag, Highborne Soul Mirror.
  • Level 50: Perpetual Purple Fireworks, Diet McWeaksauce x10, The McWeaksauce Classic x10.
  • Level 60: Hardcore Master’s Tabard, Darkmoon Strider, Sword of a Thousand Truths*, 200 Turtle Tokens
Sword of a Thousand Truths* is a vanity item without combat characteristics.
We reserve the right to change rewards if we feel like we have something better to offer :)

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