GM-supported Roleplaying Events

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GM-supported Roleplaying Events

Post by Coun » Wed Feb 02, 2022 2:04 pm

Turtle WoW offers limited GM support for roleplaying events. We aim to limit GM support to a single event per month (server-wide) as we think that such events should feel special and unique and also to limit the workload inherent to this unique feature.

How does it work?
In general, guilds can apply for GM support on their events. In specific cases, we might make an exception and allow guildless event hosts to apply as well. We encourage hosts and guilds to hand in mutual applications to increase their chances for their application to be successful, and to encourage interaction and cooperation within the roleplaying community. The application deadline is at least two weeks prior to when the event should take place. Please keep in mind that it might be required to make adjustments to the planned date and time depending on when a GM is available.

What can be expected?
In general, hosts will need to consider the following rules and limitations:
  • No raid mobs, dungeon bosses or world bosses will be spawned.
  • The amount of spawned mobs will be limited to a reasonable amount depending on what makes sense, the number of participants and also on whether the event is public.
  • Spawned mobs may need to match the level of the area the event takes place in if the area is easily accessible and frequented by other players. Alternatively, dummy mobs can be spawned.
  • For boss encounters, the GM can spawn a special dummy mob with a lot of HP and no damage.
  • No mobs will be spawned within towns, capitals or other places that are considered too populated.
  • Temporary morphs (temporarily making a character look like a mob or NPC) can be requested.
  • The event will be announced in <Still Alive> guild chat so hardcore players are aware and can avoid the area.
  • A limited amount of non-interactable game objects can be requested (e.g. a corpse, a book or a chest).
  • No items will be added to any player’s inventory.
  • No custom NPCs, items or game objects will be created (custom is everything that does not already exist in the game world and can be found on the database).
  • The supporting GM has the last word. This is not debatable. This is a voluntary feature that requires GMs who enjoy offering this kind of support to work at all. The less fun GMs will have by providing that support, the less likely it is they will keep providing it.
  • Most GMs are in EU time zones. Please keep that in mind while agreeing on a date and time.
Handing in event applications
Hosts must DM me (Coun Ironhoof) a message or document on Discord covering the following points when applying for GM support (details can be discussed and changed after the application has been approved):

Suggested time and date
Please give one or more suggestions for the date and time.

Primary event host
The discord username as well as the in-game character name of the primary event host.

Involved guilds/hosts
Name any guilds/hosts that are involved.

Name the location or route for the event.

Describe your event in a few sentences.

Name the number and types of mobs/NPCs you need as well as their rough location and setup. Include database links.

Game objects
Name the number and types of static game objects you need as well as their rough location.

What else?
What else do you want the GM to know?

GMs as Dungeon Masters
Alternatively, to simply request GM support for a player-hosted event, some staff members are willing to act as a dungeon master for guiding tabletop-like roleplaying events. As this goes far beyond what we can offer and commit to as a team, agreements and rules will be set up on an individual basis between the players and the dungeon master (the above limitations for NPC and object spawning still apply). Approach Gheor if you are interested in this.

Some final words
All player-hosted events should first and foremost be considered “from the players, for the players”. As members of the Turtle WoW staff, we try to intervene as little as possible with things that are driven by the community, as we think that this can potentially limit community engagement. However, we wish to support players the best we can in making their own content. For this to work out, please keep in mind that GMs are not to be involved in drama regarding roleplay, event participation, hosting or anything similar. It also will most certainly happen that the GM has concerns about specific requests, be it because of their interpretation of the game lore, worldbuilding, potential conflict with other roleplay groups, the safety of Hardcore players or simple fairness. Everything is up to debate, but please accept final decisions.

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Re: Roleplaying Event System

Post by Bisbyhoughton » Wed Feb 02, 2022 4:30 pm

Thanks for this Turtle Team.
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Re: Roleplaying Event System

Post by Cervantes » Wed Feb 02, 2022 6:45 pm

I really like the idea of this so much.
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Re: Roleplaying Event System

Post by Niralthas » Thu Feb 03, 2022 11:44 pm

Very nice to see there is attention for the RP community in these busy times! turtle_in_love

Because there is a very powerful RP community present on Turtle WoW, I am very curious as to see what this will bring in practice. I trust a new dimension of immersion of a fitting type. smiling_turtle_head

In any case, cool and innovative initiative. Thank you. GG!
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Re: Roleplaying Event System

Post by Coun » Tue Mar 15, 2022 2:50 pm

Hello roleplayers!

I made a few changes to the event system rules.
1) I scrapped the priority system since I felt it was simply not needed. It seems that I have overestimated the demand for the feature. If need ever arises, I might re-implement it.
2) The "one GM-supported event per month" is now more of a soft-cap, for the same reasons as 1).

Happy roleplaying! smiling_turtle

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