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Guild Housing

Post by Coun » Wed Jan 12, 2022 6:03 pm

One of Turtle WoW’s unique features is the option for guilds to request guild housing. All guild housing is built manually by the team, for the players. In contrast to other systems, Turtle WoW guild houses are not instanced. Instead, they are an actual part of the open world and can be visited by all players.

Who can request a guild house?
All guilds that are at least 3 months old and have at least 15 active members can request a guild house. An active member is a player (not character!) who logs in at least once a week.

What needs to be considered before requesting a guild house?
Guild houses are a lot of work to build. Please, before requesting one, reflect on the following questions:
  • Are you and your guild planning to stay on Turtle WoW for a year or longer?
  • Will you be using the guild house regularly?
  • Will your guild benefit from having a guild house?
  • Can you define a purpose the guild house will serve?
  • Do you have an idea of your guild house and does that idea fit well into the game world and its lore?
If your answer is ‘yes’ to all of these questions and your guild meets the above requirements, you can proceed to request a guild house.

Requesting the guild house
All guild house requests need to include a document (e.g. Google Docs or PDF) covering all of the below chapters. Guild house requests are sent via Discord to Coun Ironhoof.

1) Location
When picking the location, please keep the following rules in mind:
  • The location should not be too populated.
  • The location should not be frequently used by other players for any activity (e.g. questing, roleplay) so that those players would be hindered in their activities.
  • The location should be suitable for the guild house and the theme you have in mind. In other words: Your guild house being in that specific location needs to make sense from a worldbuilding perspective.
2) The design theme
After having picked your location, you need to describe the general theme of your guild house. This is the most loosely defined process of guild house requests: it is up to you whether you precisely describe how the guild house should look like, or just name a general theme and leave the rest up to the builder’s creativity, or do a mix of both. It is also possible to request specific assets.

However, it is ultimately up to the team member building the guild house to decide what fits and what doesn’t. Since guild houses are part of the open world, it is mandatory that they look like they belong. This is not debatable.

Finally, please be reasonable. Most guild houses are built into existing Vanilla buildings or represent camps. Spawning buildings or other large assets server-side is often not an option due to how they pop up when entering view distance. If you are unsure about what is appropriate to request, visit existing guild houses and use them as a benchmark.

3) Feature requests
Guild houses usually come with a set of features, all of which are optional. You need to explicitly mention each feature you want and provide the required information if necessary.

Regarding NPCs: Please note that it is not possible to build custom NPCs (appearance or armor). Instead, the team member building your guild house will pick an NPC that closely resembles the appearance you describe. Alternatively, you can mention an actual in-game NPCs (e.g. “should look like a Barrens guard”).
  • One NPC with custom dialog. Please provide name, race, gender and a rough description of appearance. The dialog must not have more than 500 characters.
  • One vendor & repair NPC. Please provide name, race, gender and a rough description of appearance.
  • One or two types of flavor NPCs without dialog or function. Please provide names and a rough description of appearance.
  • One mailbox.
  • One bank mule or kodo.
  • Functional crafting stations (cooking, smelting, smithing).
  • One door sign or pointer with your guild’s name or the name of the guild house.
Send a document covering all of the above chapters to Coun Ironhoof on Discord. After submitting the document please have patience. Reviewing requests, building guild houses, creating NPCs – it all takes time. Depending on the team’s current capacity, the process can take up to several weeks.

Final notes
Guild bases are unique and have been around since Turtle WoW exists. Ultimately, the team member building your guild house decides on what your guild house will or will not have. If a part of your request is being rejected, that happened for a reason – be it lore, worldbuilding, balancing or other concerns. In some cases, this might even mean that your guild house will not have something you saw in another guild house – possibly because that other guild house was built long ago under different conditions. In other cases, a feature might make sense in location A, but not in location B. Debate is okay, as long as you keep it respectful and are willing to accept final decisions.

Finally, the team reserves the right to remove or alter guild houses at any time, for example when new content is being added to the specific area or after the guild has become inactive.

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