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Server Rules & Terms of Use

Posted: Fri Oct 01, 2021 12:39 pm
by Tinyfin
Server Rules & Terms of Use

Hello! Below, we have outlined our expectations for appropriate behavior on Turtle WoW. These rules flow from our forums, to our discord, to in game. By joining this server you're joining a collective effort of players and staff to create a respectful and friendly community. Please read the rules we have set up to avoid any misunderstandings during your gameplay. Remember, you have a responsibility not only for your own behavior here, but also representing the entire community and the server.

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Posted: Fri Oct 01, 2021 12:39 pm
by Tinyfin
Cheating, botting, modifications & third-party programs

Turtle WoW is committed to provide a cheat-free environment. Usage of any cheats and modifications to client files to benefit your in game characters will lead account suspensions. The use of third party programs to automate the control or actions of your character is considered botting, and it is prohibited. Macros are fine to use, as long as you are the one using them.

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Posted: Fri Oct 01, 2021 12:39 pm
by Tinyfin

Multi-boxing is the act of controlling multiple WoW clients at the same time. Whether it be multiple clients open on one machine, or using multiple machines.

We allow the use of multiple accounts. However:
  • You are not allowed to multibox in PVP in any situations.
  • You are allowed to multibox in PVE, but you are not allowed to use third party software to control them.

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Posted: Fri Oct 01, 2021 12:39 pm
by Tinyfin
Account sharing, gold selling and other types of RMT:
  • It's forbidden to sell gold or promote gold-selling services on Turtle WoW.
  • It's forbidden to trade Turtle Tokens for in-game gold or items.
  • It's forbidden to sell power-leveling or promote power-leveling services on Turtle WoW.
It's allowed to share your account access with other people, as long as it's not used to scam or trick other members of the community. However, you are accountable for any breach of the rules while other people are sharing your account. We won't reverse any character changes caused by other people while using your account.

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Posted: Fri Oct 01, 2021 12:39 pm
by Tinyfin
Interactions with staff

Turtle WoW staff is expected to treat all players with respect, professionalism, and kindness. We expect the same from our players. If a player is found being toxic, disrespectful, manipulative or insulting towards any Turtle WoW Staff member, it could lead to account warnings, suspensions or closures.

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Posted: Fri Oct 01, 2021 12:39 pm
by Tinyfin
Things to take into account in a RP server like Turtle WoW

While we don't enforce RP, all players must respect those who decide to RP. Disrupting any RP event/interaction can lead to actions being taken against your account.

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Posted: Fri Oct 01, 2021 12:39 pm
by Tinyfin
Naming rules for a RP server like Turtle WoW

We do not force our players to use RP-friendly names, but we would be grateful if you contribute to the immersion by using a good fantasy name. However, some name type are forbidden and players will be requested to changed it:
  • Names that reference well known people: politicians, social activists, religious figures, culprits, actors, celebrities, etc.
  • Names with political , religious or controversial connotations
  • Names which are referencing inappropriate explicit matters: extremism, sexism, racism, mocking certain groups of the people.
  • Names which are overly vulgar and sexual.
  • Names created to mimic any staff name.

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Posted: Fri Oct 01, 2021 12:39 pm
by Tinyfin
Chat abuse

Here at Turtle WoW, we encourage players to come together, form communities, and openly chat with their fellow players. There are some chat rules that we must insist upon to maintain healthy and family-friendly vibe on our server.

The rule set for the following public channels: /world, guild chat of <Still Alive>, guild chat of <Newcomers>:
  • Language: public chats are English speaking only. The only exception are guild recruitment announcements, those can be in your native language.
  • Spam: do not post more than 3 consecutive lines of the same text per minute.
It's strictly prohibited to:
  • Discuss politics, religions or any other socially controversial matters. Keep real life drama in real life.
  • Encourage racism, extremism, sexism, violence, doxxing, hate speech of any kind toward certain groups of people.
  • Insult players, group of players (such as guild) or staff members of Turtle WoW.
  • Promote phishing websites, cheats, inappropriate links to the website containing explicit content.
  • Fail to follow directions of a GM on content that they find offensive or inappropriate.
The rules set for other types of in-game communications. Under normal circumstances we do not interfere in conflicts emerged in private chats: whispers, guild chats, groups, raids or custom channels. However, there are certain cases where we could interfere and take actions against certain individuals:
  • If you suspect that someone is committing sexual harassment towards minors, report it immediately.
  • If you suspect that someone is violating your privacy by spreading personal information about you in private chats, report it immediately.
  • Ignore command avoidance: if someone who's in your ignore list continuing on making new characters to insult you, you may report it to GMs.
  • Inappropriate promotions and links to phishing websites, cheats, inappropriate links to the website.
  • Joining a custom channel with the intent to harass the players who are having a conversation there.

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Posted: Fri Oct 01, 2021 12:39 pm
by Tinyfin

Griefing refers to the act of a player ruining the gaming experience of another player. We encourage the Turtle WoW community to respect other players different play styles and to not ruin their experience. Everyone plays this game differently and all playstyles should be welcomed.

To keep the community friendly the following activities are strictly forbidden:
  • Farming quest givers, important quest objectives and important NPC's for long periods of time and blocking other players from accepting or turning in quests.
  • Harassing a player by following them around and tagging mobs they need to kill for a quest or tricking them into getting flagged for PvP without their intent.
  • Kiting a group of mobs into another player's (AoE) spells.
  • Interfering with any player trying to complete The Balance of Light and Dark or the Stave of the Ancients quest chain.
  • Dropping infernals and doomguards on a group of players in low level zones.
  • Block entrances with tents or other spawnable objects.
How to report: contact support on Discord or open an in-game ticket with as much proof as possible of the event:
  • Link of video uploaded on : Youtube, Streamable, Vimeo etc.
If you plan your RP event it's your responsibility to ensure all your members have PvP flag off. GM will only interfere if you are being tricked into PvP or your event is interfered with in any other fashion.

As a reminder: staff is not responsible for the actions of the player that griefed and can't take actions against a player that did not do anything as a preventive measure or without any proof being offered. With those in mind, please keep discussions civil when reporting to staff.

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Posted: Fri Oct 01, 2021 12:39 pm
by Tinyfin
Behavior during PvP encounters

During PVP encounters, we discourage any toxic behavior or abuse of game mechanics, bugs or glitches. Any of the following behaviors will lead to being issued a penalty:
  • Wintrading. Wintrading is the practice where players throw games on purpose, in turns, for the purpose of collecting the rewards.
  • AFK-ing during a battleground. Not taking any action during the match and being tagged as Away from Computer.
  • Refusing to play the match. Refusing to play the match is a behavior in the same vein as AFK-ing in a match, but the player is still at his PC. He just queues to the match for the population and during the match he just moves around so he does not get the AFK status. During this time he refuses any communication with his team members or clearly states he is there just for the population or just to observe.
  • Using multiple accounts to queue. Logging in using two or several accounts to queue both sides so their faction can join, and then leaving without playing the match.
  • Safespotting is the act of PvPing from an advantageous position that cannot be reached through regular jumping or walking. If you got to the position by using a spell, potion, wall climbing, or other additional means, it is likely safespotting.
  • Cross-faction grouping during open world PvP encounters. Horde and Alliance grouping together during open world PvP encounters.
Hardcore Characters & PvP

To prevent griefing, we have implemented several server-side checks to stop Hardcore Characters from accidental flagging for PvP. If the hardcore character dies as a consequence of choosing to tag himself by using /pvp, starting the War Mode challenge, attacking a PvP NPC or buffing/healing a player tagged for PvP, he will not be considered a victim of griefing.

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Posted: Fri Oct 01, 2021 12:39 pm
by Tinyfin
Behavior reports

Behavior reports will be done in private with as much details as possibile.

Chat abuse
  • Open an in game ticket with character names, date, hour, and chat channel in which the conversation happened.
Other types of reports
  • Open an in game ticket and describe the players behavior with as much details as possible.
Reports without details that are done with the intent to slander, insult or start drama will be severely punished.

The GM's will review the report, check what is happening and act accordingly to the situation. Different situations will require different penalty's.

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Posted: Fri Oct 01, 2021 12:39 pm
by Tinyfin
Requesting GM assistance for bugged quest

When unable to complete a quest due a bug, but you completed the objective, assistance will be given if there is proof of the completed objective.


Example 1. Quest objective is completed in the quest log but I can't interact with the quest giver.

Evidence: Items in your inventory, quest objective completed in your quest log.

What do to: Send an in game ticket.

Example 2. Killed required mob but it won’t complete in quest log, quest item with 100% drop rate did not drop, can’t interact with quest object.

Evidence: Screenshots of you near the dead mob/object you can't interact.

What to do: Upload the screenshot on a website like Imgbb, Photobucket, Imgur etc and link it in an in game ticket.

These examples don't cover all situations of bugged quests, what we are trying to point out is: If we can't find proof on your character, you need to offer us screenshots. Presenting an issue without any proof or sources and telling GM's to check logs is not acceptable.

When opening a ticket for a bugged quest, please state the following:
  • Quest name
  • NPC name
  • Encountered problem

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Posted: Fri Oct 01, 2021 12:39 pm
by Tinyfin
Loot distribution issues

Ninja-looting. We will not be involved in most inter-player disputes on loot. However, there are some occasions where we will investigate and assist: if you are in a group or raid, and the loot rules are clearly defined in game, prior to the raid beginning, and those rules are not followed when the time comes to receive loot. You may open a ticket for investigation.

Items will be redistributed only in the case of loot that is assigned to the wrong person by a Loot Master or mistakenly looted by a party member.

Loot redistribution is done only during the period of 7 days after it happened.

The character who has the item in their inventory needs to open a ticket and make a request for an item transfer between two characters. The raid leader needs to also open a ticket to confirm the story. The ticket needs to contain:
  • The name of the item.
  • The name of the character the item is to be transferred to.
  • Transfer Reason

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Posted: Fri Oct 01, 2021 12:39 pm
by Tinyfin
Item restoral

Items that were destroyed, sold to a vendor or lost because of a bug will only be restored during the period of 7 days after it happened.

The character who owned the item needs to open an in game ticket. The ticket needs to contain.
  • Item name
  • How the item was obtained: Quest reward, Dungeon drop, Bought on AH, Crafted etc.
Items below blue quality won't restored.

Enchants won't be restored with items.

Items that were never looted won't be restored unless proof of ownership is provided. Example of proof: screenshot of the character winning the roll ,video of the event etc.

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Posted: Fri Oct 01, 2021 12:39 pm
by Tinyfin
Token items refund

If you wish for a refund of an item purchased from the donation shop, open an in game ticket with the following information:
  • The name of the item.
  • The quantity of the item.
  • The name of the character that has the items.
  • The date of the purchase.
  • The quantity of tokens that was paid for the items.
Token items will be refunded as their value in turtles tokens:
  • Token items refunds from softcore and alive hardcore characters are limited to the period of one week after purchase.
  • Token items will be refunded upon death for hardcore characters by our automatic refund system.
  • Tokens items purchased before the automatic system was enabled, won't be refunded for deleted dead hardcore characters.
  • Tokens items won't be transferred between characters, they will be refunded as turtle tokens.
  • Tokens items won't be exchanged for other token items.
Promotional Sale

During the promotional sale, those following rules will apply:
  • Items purchased at full price won’t be refunded for softcore or alive hardcore characters.
  • Items purchased during the promotional sale will be refunded for their discounted tokens value, not their full value.
  • Dead hardcore characters will get their items refunded at their purchased value. If you purchased items during the promotional sale, it will be refunded in their discounted tokens value. You won’t be able to purchase the items again for the same token amount after the promotional sale is over. Tokens don’t have an expiration date and shop promotional sales happen periodically. Token can be hold on an account until the next event.
Any scam attempt by trying to refund items purchased at half the price for full price will lead to a severe punishment.

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Posted: Fri Oct 01, 2021 12:39 pm
by Tinyfin
Decisions appeal

Every decision can be appealed for a different outcome. Please open a in game ticket and argue your case.

In the case of a ban appeal, contact staff at: [email protected]

If the ticket contains any of the following, it will be closed without a reply:
  • Insults
  • Accusations of staff favoritism or bias towards players
  • Manipulation
If a final decision is reached, any further tickets on the topic will be closed without a reply.

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Posted: Sat Aug 06, 2022 9:37 pm
by Tinyfin

This list may not address all types of behavior. Turtle WoW has the right to amend, update, or alter this document at any time. If we change any piece of this document, we will notify all players. The GM team may take alternative actions than stipulated in these terms of use, as they are entrusted with making decisions on unique situations.