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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Seabraid » Mon Oct 29, 2018 4:49 pm

The community and development team here have been so refreshing and along with an RP niche, really make me want to keep playing here. But the rates are a bigger barrier than I expected...I like the idea of going slow and enjoying the journey, but I burnt out by the time I hit Redridge. With Classic around the corner, I don't think it's an attractive feature to get, and retain, new players. Quite the opposite.

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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Eluneara » Mon Oct 29, 2018 6:11 pm

I am a discipline / Holy Priest level 31, I want to share opinion why creating groups for dungeon/5ppl elites quests it's too difficult for now.

Healing classes leveling is very slow if they are specialized on instances / groups.
What do I mean by "specialized on instances" - the character from the 10 level in the holy (disc) / restore / holy spec(s)
That allows you to compensate lack of a equipment on your party tank, and to heal a bigger range of levels in the instances. Now, when the server is very small, it allows you to collect groups more often.

Healer levels not for himself, but in the interests of the guild.

I will describe the situation for my class, unfortunately I have not played here as a druid / paladin / shaman, but it seems to me that their situation is the same (please correct me if I'm wrong)

So Holy / Discipline Priest

The auction is still too small, it is still difficult to equip the character - there is no way to quickly earn and wear blue gear, which means the closer you are to level 40, much harder will be healing as a shadow (dd) priest. When you play on a populated server, you can compensate lack of a mana regen / healing efficiency by equipment quality, now it is really pain in the neck.

Why do many healers prefer to level in a Shadow / Enhancement / Feral (balance)/retribution spec? I think because the exp is cut off, that creates "holes" in the leveling process that you have to compensate by grinding. The first "hole" I met was at ~29 level, when the quests were almost over, and the new ones were not yet present/known to me.

Can you imagine what is grinding as a holy priest? You have a wand + 1 dot (shadow word: pain) and that's all. Your holy spells damage is low, and the shadow spells are not efficient and have a huge cd. The priests have huge mana costs for their abilities and buying mana from a vendor is a luxury. There are not too many mages now, so you can't save money on buying mana from them.
It means that only a Wand + Dot leveling. Because making money on auction is very difficult for now. I have no luck, people rarely buy what I sell :(

Nobody wants to level with healer - since they are slow and "eat" the exp.

After spending a huge amount of time to get 1 level by grinding mobs with 0.5 exp rate, I thought a million times - is it really worth to be a healer?
Even exp amount in dungeons is cut, so it is normal thing to visit each dungeon only once for quests, otherwise it's just wasting of time.

Cut exp affects first of all the classes having healing spec (or going to use it)

Sure, I can make a dd spec and forget healing like a nightmare, should I remind that without healer dungeons become not available.

I hope that after the Blizzcon people will come here and boost the economy and it will be easier for me to wear decent equipment and the grinding itself will not be so unbearable anymore.
Rate x0.5 is a cruel blow to all heal classes without exceptions.

As a healer I prey you to change rates to normal x1.
For now I have only one choice - "patience and discipline"(c)Undead, so grinding and so on.

Darkshrine <Partisans>
Undead priest

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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Torta » Mon Oct 29, 2018 7:46 pm

Thank you everyone for participating to our gameplay experience survey!
Please expect new announcement in a few hours :)

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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Sinrek » Mon Oct 29, 2018 9:20 pm

Just an exapmle I used to do with stop xp on another server (let's not name it) with a command you could stop xp gains and why I like Turtle WoW way of XP rates right now.

1. When you get to level from the start you crave XP as everybody else. So up to level 6 while you're in nubzone you don't need to stop xp, hence I didn't use it, however I had the feeling I'd outlevel these quests due to the amount of mobs I had to kill just to go where you needed.

2. Past level 6 I used to stop XP whenever I had my quest objectives done even though I'm in the middle of the mobs, since I'd have another level while getting out of all these mob infested areas, like mines, caves and forest's edges…

3. Later on I had to stop XP every time I'd go into the dungeons and instances, since elite mobs give out increased XP + you killed much more since you're in group and groups seems like feel inclined to kill EVERYTHING around. And I didn't want to outlevel the dungeon before I complete it quest-wise. As you know some quests require you to go the same dungeon twice sometimes.

4. I used to stop my XP gain when I traveled through higher level zones and on those mobs that didn't drop quest items, since I'd outlevel too fast and had my professions and items I'd make obsolete and useless. Turtle WoW gave me the chance to actually use my professions almost up to the full potential. I actually made myself a sword I'll be using a level or two more! Dunno, may be I'm unlucky with drops, anyway… I like it as well!

5. I like the idea of lower level XP rates since they make you go to the areas of the zone you'd likely skip if you had it on normal. Also while you level up you tend to sometimes see treasure chests around. On Turtle WoW I actually had my luck and almost all chances to see most of these chests and map them out for extra treasures! :D

6. Gold. If you level on normal or increased XP rates you tend to be as poor as a monastery mice. Turtle WoW have this fixed since you will kill extra mobs, that means some extra money. My first gold coin on normal rates I'd only aquire by level 15-16. On Turtle WoW I had my first gold at level 7. And yes, I took my time. :D

7. Secondary trade skills.
Normal rates - almost always underleveled if leveled at all, like fishing.
Turtle WoW - where's that trainer there again?? Ah, yes, a book... Sweet!

8. Mobs.
Yeah, that Claw or that Huge Gnoll Paw won't come easy since you'll need help and guess what? That's AWESOME! Here's the challenge for those "meh, I'll solo this again" quests from normal rates and "oh, again this green / grey quest" finally.

9. Community.
Dey got arrrpeeee 'ere!! :D
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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Potatoknight » Wed Oct 31, 2018 2:20 pm

Eluneara wrote:
Mon Oct 29, 2018 6:11 pm
...a lot of things.
Eh, just on the topic of levelling as a healer - you can heal dungeons perfectly fine as a DPS spec! Even at cap this is mostly true. :) Mitigating circumstance perhaps.