Gameplay Experience Feedback

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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Basileonardo » Sun Oct 28, 2018 6:04 pm

I'm happy with the server as for the xp, I'm lvl 35 and I'm having fun, each level is an achievement, however I would like more people to play and it would be nice to take some action. A little more exp? well maybe, just a little, to me in particular I would like to have more interaction with the opposite faction.
I think you guys do a really good job: D I love the turtle theme and low stuff, keep it up
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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Minigig » Sun Oct 28, 2018 7:03 pm

I been playing since 2004 and private since 2009. My wife and I, plus my 4 children are here because of the advertised rates. I been highly enjoying this server and been having as much fun as I was in 2004.

with 1x rates this is just another server with no pop. I am not sure if we would stay for another 1x server.

I like some of the ideas above. Maybe a bit more quest xp and if you could get xp from professions and pvp that be nice to see. I also like the idea of the > 1 exp rate potion. Maybe have it in the store and maybe have it be a drop from quests in the level ranges were it would help the most. Even have it be a craftable thing that a 50+ char could make with enough mats.

I am open to tweaks to the this idea of a slow server. I am open to help in testing and bug reports and this journey to find a server that we all can enjoy.

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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Dodge » Sun Oct 28, 2018 8:09 pm

As the population goes down, maybe we should consider introducing some crossfaction interactions? I do not want make everything common, but on the other hand, some crossfaction things can be even explained in-game, for example: If neither side (ally/horde) is not strong enough alone to defeat a global threat like a raid boss, maybe allow them for that ocassion to work cooperate?

Regarding experience rates: 0.5 xp rate is what makes this server special, abandoning this low-rate idea would make our Turtle just another vanilla server - which in case upcoming Classic retail would be even worse for our population (probablty all regular vanilla servers will lose a lot ppl then). Thus I'm against increasing mob xp rates to 1.0 original rate, but...

Instead, I would suggest to add more, alternative ways to gain experience, other than killing mobs, such as:

- give XP for exploring areas - I've noticed there's in xp for this (is this a bug, or was it missing on vanilla?), instead, player could be rewarded a high amount of experience for exploring areas, to encourage traveling and exploration, let's say: total xp from all sub-areas of a zone should reward xp = 1 average level-up for this zone's level range - example: zone X is for lvl 20-30 and has 10 sub-zones -> each explored sub-zone should reward xp = 10% of 25 lvl-up range.

- give XP for professions - for example for each gather (like it works on newer expansions) but also for crafting (for example a small amount of exp for each skill up or for each item made), could also be applied to secondary skills like cooking

- give SMALL amount of XP for grey mobs - this should be a really low amount, but making it non-zero value could encourage ppl to do more low lvl quests

- give some more XP for certain quests, for a period of time - this could be related to some in-game RP events or something, like: "1.5 xp from all quests for Darnassus faction"

- make some quests repetable or reset them after some time - I'm not sure how this would work but maybe there's a potential here
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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Aldrie » Sun Oct 28, 2018 8:31 pm

The leveling is not that hard, i'm level 28 and had some problems because i can't find people to do quests but just a few of them, and the same for dungeons. I agree with some people who asks for crossfaction interaction, coz the server still have low players and that could help grouping all the comunnity, and yes, that's not blizzlike but it don't annoys me.
The exp rates are good in my opinion, but maybe increase a little the exp given by quests.

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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Zodiacarg » Sun Oct 28, 2018 10:37 pm

Normalized XP rates, for example, slightly increased rates for quest and/or kill XP<<< this

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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Almondx » Mon Oct 29, 2018 12:59 am

I've been playing on this server since it opened. I've found the community much nicer than other servers I've been on and the .5 experience rate makes questing and leveling much more enjoyable. At least for me.

I think the settings should remain as they are. What we need is for the new people who join the game to enjoy their first few hours of play and its up to the existing players to create that experience. There are many hours that go by with no one posting in World chat which makes the world seem dead. It really brightens up when a few people chat and joke for a while, but then it slowly dies down to a long dead period again. I think this is the main reason people find the world empty and leave. I try to join conversations when they occur as much as I can.

One idea I have been thinking about it to watch the /who screen for new players that join and to send a greeting to them. If a few of us did this it might keep the new people longer. Kind of a 'Hey Norm' from Cheers thing.

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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Qesley » Mon Oct 29, 2018 3:40 am

I would like x1

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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Broglin » Mon Oct 29, 2018 4:29 am

Good to you all!

It's already been said but I would agree that the premise of the server being rp/pve is going to be a low population and personally I don't mind that in the slightest. I accept that some zones I might be doing a couple of quests and then needing help and that is why World chat and Guild chat is great because you have that forum. Obviously not everyone is going to want to stop what they are doing to travel 10 minutes to help bur there are some of us that are constructive and will help out strangers and friends alike.

The mob xp does make a difference, some times you just want to gain that bit of experience boost clearing a group of beasts to get you better prepared for that tougher quest or next zone but when you see so little gain it can feel futile.

In keeping with the roleplay feel (and yes, not everyone here cares that some of like to play in character and recall that WoW used to be an RPG) what about some sort of xp gain when doing professions? Not quite sure how practical this is but I know I've encountered that mechanic on other servers in the past.

Another feature I've seen is where accounts earn reward based on time spent in game, maybe Turtle Coins could be gained using something like that to entice people to persist in their adventures.

I wouldn't mind seeing cross faction groups as an option, after all we can make our own mind up if you don't want to group with 'the enemy' because of your roleplay reasons, same as if I don't care for the company of someone I meet, I'll not rush to interact with them either.

All in all I love that you're hosting the server. I have spent a good few hours just sitting and roleplaying stupid stuff in chat, I've laughed while playing more while being a Turtle than I can remember in my many years of playing WoW. World chat is often quiet and not so receptive to RP (maybe you need to promote an In Character Channel, moderated for only RP based chatter) but on the plus side it isn't full of the usual childish swearing and joke that often leads me to leaving global channels on larger community servers.

I'll end there, sure that your tea has gone cold by now reading that. Thank you!

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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Darknessbg » Mon Oct 29, 2018 8:44 am

Don't change the rates. All is good.

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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Dutchie75 » Mon Oct 29, 2018 9:03 am

At start let people choose between 0.5 exp or 1.0 exp. And give the 0.5 exp people a reward when they hit level 60 like a title, mount or pet.