Gameplay Experience Feedback

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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Wyke » Sun Oct 28, 2018 1:23 pm

I am enjoying the lowered exp rates, and am slowly approaching 40 with no real issues. Have enjoyed being forced to travel and find obscure quests and levelling professions as I go.

My suggestion would be to revert kill exp to 0.8 xp. This will make the pain slightly easier on newer players but not take anything away from the existing players that have dont it the long way. Maybe offer a 2x exp potion in the shop that allows players to PURCHASE 1.6x exp if they wish make this work like a flask so lasts 2hrs and lasts through death, this way people can buy the exp in short boosts but not as a permanent 1-60 thing unless they are prepared to pay a large ammounty, but if so please make it so that its pretty prohibitive. I dont like shops, I dont like people paying to win and I dont like exp boosts, but that is my opinion on what will potentially help recruitment and retention even if I personally dont really approve.

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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Talespinner » Sun Oct 28, 2018 1:31 pm

One idea I've come up with for the leveling grind is to make repeatable quests give EXP. As many of these come into play around the levels where it starts to get grindy (Hippogryph Eggs, Blasted Lands quests, Zapper Fuel, Wastewander Pouches, Argent Dawn Scourgestones, Timbermaw, Salve via Hunting, etc.). You'd have to use some discretion to make sure people couldn't abuse the system by essentially turning gold into unending EXP (perhaps make quests that have tradeable items as the objective give EXP up to say 15 turn-ins, and 25 for Soulbound items that you only need to gather in the open world without fighting anything). It's not much more different than powering through mobs, but it helps to ease the grind and gives you a bit of help in the endgame by starting on your reputations.
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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Rurarus » Sun Oct 28, 2018 2:23 pm

I play Warlock on horde site, and my name is Morty. I'm the GM of the Russian Guild "Partisans". My people play together with me more than a year together, there was drama and other stuff, but we are sill together, we played on different servers, now we play here. How long it will be, i don't know. Well, but let's talk about the threat here.
There are few thinks I think people need to know about private servers, especially Vanilla servers.
Ok First of all. The only think about the server staff needs to care is only to fix bugs and making the server playable.
That's all, xp-rates are not the main issue. If I play here 1 month or 3 months to reach the max lvl, doesn't matter, only what matters so it is to have fun, because it's a game.

OK, other aspects what is important, then it's the kind of the server, this is a multinational server, so people play here from all around the world, and now the think is, everyone has a different language, timezone and culture. So it means, in order to play here, there need to be more people available at all. Because people are different, and have other views what is fun or what isn't. Also, people want to play with the people they like to play with, its normal and also right, Russians want to play with other Russians, Spanish with other Spanish, French want to play with French, and so on. Because culture binds people together, it's also a social game, to achieve something u need to be social.
So, second also very important think is, people will leave the server if they can't find a group to quest, or to go dungeons with, it's normal. So in order to find a group with other people, you need to be in a guild the people in there want to help you. Most International big guilds don't have this kind of community, because they are not for lvling, they are actually for raiding there. And don't tel me that tale of "lvling guilds" and "social guilds", in all multinational guilds, most of the relationships between the people there are formal, so it means, people don't gonna help you with your quest, because it's not in their interest right now, also the same think is with dungeons, and imagine you play a holy priest here or a warrior tank, its even hard to kill a non elite mob solo, so yes, who wants to play this way, OK, maybe you're a hunter who can solo it, but guess what, there is not a single raid with only hunters in it.
People will stay on server, if they will be "bound" to other people by informal relationships, so communication between peoples in the same guild is important. It makes actually fun. Also, the more different guilds are around, there more different people will likely stay here, because there will be more choice for people.

So in my eyes, this server will die. Sadly but true, people will leave, because no people are around. And the problem is, no one will help you either, (yes, maybe there are a few individuals who gonna help you, but this is a minority of the server population). New people will always show up, they gonna level to 10 or 15, and then, finish the game, because no other people are around, no guilds where you can ask for help. This is very depressing. No one wants to play like this.

Well, what maybe could help, is making a default guild. Everyone will be in there from lvl 1. Also, the people in there need to help other people with some elite quest, and getting parties together for dungeons. Maybe this gonna help. But it's just my opinion.

Sorry for bad English.

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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Maerchen » Sun Oct 28, 2018 2:33 pm

Hi Morty
Rurarus wrote:
Sun Oct 28, 2018 2:23 pm
people want to play with the people they like to play with, its normal and also right, Russians want to play with other Russians, Spanish with other Spanish, French want to play with French, and so on. Because culture binds people together, it's also a social game, to achieve something u need to be social.
I always wondered why there is a russian guild on every private server. I never understood that. Is English not liked/taught in school there? Your English is good so I don't think that's the reason. Why do you feel the need to split this small community even more by running a russian guild?

Not trying to be hostile, only curious.

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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Rurarus » Sun Oct 28, 2018 2:46 pm

Maerchen wrote:
Sun Oct 28, 2018 2:33 pm

Why do you feel the need to split this small community even more by running a russian guild?

Not trying to be hostile, only curious.
Which community, do you have a leader, do you have an agenda, do you have a culture?

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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Glowek » Sun Oct 28, 2018 3:04 pm

Normal rates is the right way to do. No game without players. Give existing players a compensation for their painful efforts. I loved the concept of the server but and don't want it die so quickly!

Rp/PvE is already a niche, don't make it even more strict...

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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Josefina » Sun Oct 28, 2018 4:21 pm

If possible, I am really in favor of progressive XP rates and increased XP for dungeons (ie, normal rates from the beginning). I think that will draw an additional player base without diluting it. Or have quests give full XP when grouped to encourage questing together, since there is already a leech to XP when grouped. Obviously this might lead to people trying to multibox, but with vigilance on the part of all players this could be avoided.

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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Promethorn » Sun Oct 28, 2018 5:48 pm

I've been playing a little bit each day after work so I haven't really gotten far, but from what I've experienced I'd say increasing the kill xp from .5x to .75x or even 1x would be fine. As others have said maybe have that be a toggle that people can set. Maybe give quests and dungeons an xp boost to still encourage that over grinding.

I don't think we need to try and attract a bunch of new players, but keep current players from getting frustrated and leaving. The niche style of this server is going to draw a certain kind of player and I think that's fine, we just don't want the small details to drive them off.

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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Wyke » Sun Oct 28, 2018 5:52 pm

Here is an out of the box suggestion, make exp rates 1x rates from now, as there is a 60 already, and then grant every character that levels at that rate the higher rank of riding skill as compensation. Huge saving in terms of gold and more than enough compensation for those that level at 0.5x rates.

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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Zulfurax » Sun Oct 28, 2018 5:58 pm

So far ive only played a hunter to lvl 10, the leveling is just as you advertised, slow and relaxing, in a month or two enough people will be high level. My guildmates are having fun leveling slowly and growing together, maybe doing some dungeons together or some elite quests, and they are all around lvl 40, the content is there, you just need to have the patience to experience it, we even have new pleople in the mid 20s lvl range. They are having a blast and they know it takes time, it is a mistake to take Tavernia as an example of the leveling process.

A good thing would be to have some quests that encourage changing zones to lvl, this would give some more guidance as to where to go next to find quests that you can do and maybe make dungeons give some more XP as an alternative to mob grinding?

Thanks to all the Turtle WoW Staff this server is amazing and I hope you keep up communicating with us.

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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Basileonardo » Sun Oct 28, 2018 6:04 pm

I'm happy with the server as for the xp, I'm lvl 35 and I'm having fun, each level is an achievement, however I would like more people to play and it would be nice to take some action. A little more exp? well maybe, just a little, to me in particular I would like to have more interaction with the opposite faction.
I think you guys do a really good job: D I love the turtle theme and low stuff, keep it up
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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Minigig » Sun Oct 28, 2018 7:03 pm

I been playing since 2004 and private since 2009. My wife and I, plus my 4 children are here because of the advertised rates. I been highly enjoying this server and been having as much fun as I was in 2004.

with 1x rates this is just another server with no pop. I am not sure if we would stay for another 1x server.

I like some of the ideas above. Maybe a bit more quest xp and if you could get xp from professions and pvp that be nice to see. I also like the idea of the > 1 exp rate potion. Maybe have it in the store and maybe have it be a drop from quests in the level ranges were it would help the most. Even have it be a craftable thing that a 50+ char could make with enough mats.

I am open to tweaks to the this idea of a slow server. I am open to help in testing and bug reports and this journey to find a server that we all can enjoy.

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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Dodge » Sun Oct 28, 2018 8:09 pm

As the population goes down, maybe we should consider introducing some crossfaction interactions? I do not want make everything common, but on the other hand, some crossfaction things can be even explained in-game, for example: If neither side (ally/horde) is not strong enough alone to defeat a global threat like a raid boss, maybe allow them for that ocassion to work cooperate?

Regarding experience rates: 0.5 xp rate is what makes this server special, abandoning this low-rate idea would make our Turtle just another vanilla server - which in case upcoming Classic retail would be even worse for our population (probablty all regular vanilla servers will lose a lot ppl then). Thus I'm against increasing mob xp rates to 1.0 original rate, but...

Instead, I would suggest to add more, alternative ways to gain experience, other than killing mobs, such as:

- give XP for exploring areas - I've noticed there's in xp for this (is this a bug, or was it missing on vanilla?), instead, player could be rewarded a high amount of experience for exploring areas, to encourage traveling and exploration, let's say: total xp from all sub-areas of a zone should reward xp = 1 average level-up for this zone's level range - example: zone X is for lvl 20-30 and has 10 sub-zones -> each explored sub-zone should reward xp = 10% of 25 lvl-up range.

- give XP for professions - for example for each gather (like it works on newer expansions) but also for crafting (for example a small amount of exp for each skill up or for each item made), could also be applied to secondary skills like cooking

- give SMALL amount of XP for grey mobs - this should be a really low amount, but making it non-zero value could encourage ppl to do more low lvl quests

- give some more XP for certain quests, for a period of time - this could be related to some in-game RP events or something, like: "1.5 xp from all quests for Darnassus faction"

- make some quests repetable or reset them after some time - I'm not sure how this would work but maybe there's a potential here
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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Aldrie » Sun Oct 28, 2018 8:31 pm

The leveling is not that hard, i'm level 28 and had some problems because i can't find people to do quests but just a few of them, and the same for dungeons. I agree with some people who asks for crossfaction interaction, coz the server still have low players and that could help grouping all the comunnity, and yes, that's not blizzlike but it don't annoys me.
The exp rates are good in my opinion, but maybe increase a little the exp given by quests.

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Re: Gameplay Experience Feedback

Post by Zodiacarg » Sun Oct 28, 2018 10:37 pm

Normalized XP rates, for example, slightly increased rates for quest and/or kill XP<<< this