Welcome to Hyjal Project players!

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Welcome to Hyjal Project players!

Post by Torta » Fri May 21, 2021 4:38 pm

Greetings! Soon we'll be welcoming players from Hyjal Project (x1 blizzlike), which is shutting down on May 26th. We’re happy to help them continue their journey in our realm and look forward to seeing them join us.

Hyjal's raid progression stopped at Molten Core after the eighth boss. Here on Turtle WoW, we have a few active raiding groups doing all raids from MC to Naxxramas. We all hope that here on Turtle WoW you will find more friends and contestants to continue raiding and conquering battlegrounds.

Our server is offering a PvE ruleset, but we try to do our best to keep our PvP players happy with the PvP additions. Read more about our special features here: https://turtle-wow.org/features or check our #updates channel to catch up on the latest releases.

What will happen to Hyjal Project’s hardcore characters?

Due to major differences in the implementation of this challenge on both projects, their Hardcore flag will be removed and they can continue leveling as normal characters. If you’d like to start a challenge again, check out our rules: https://armory.turtle-wow.org/hardcore

The merge will be performed on May 28th. Your accounts will keep the same encrypted password and username. If there are accounts which are matching your name, your account name will get hy suffix. Example: jack will become jackhy.

This is the second time we merge a blizzlike realm into Turtle WoW. If you had characters on all three realms: Gurubashi, Turtle and Hyjal, you can request transferring them on a single account, as long as the emails match. Requests will be open in a few days after merge.

We have a very friendly and cozy community here, please make yourself feel at home and ask us anything in the #general channel of our discord.

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