Forgotten Knowledge II: Lost and Found

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Forgotten Knowledge II: Lost and Found

Post by Dragunovi » Wed May 19, 2021 5:48 pm

Greetings! These recipes were made available with the expansion release, but they were never mentioned aside from some small teasers on our discord, so I thought I'd mention them with the feature list revamp. Better late than never.

List of plans and patterns:
  • Pattern: Stormcloth Vest
  • Pattern: Stormcloth Shoulders
  • Pattern: Stormcloth Gloves
  • Pattern: Stormcloth Headband
  • Pattern: Stormcloth Pants
  • Pattern: Green Woolen Robe
  • Pattern: Boots of Darkness
  • Plans: Inlaid Thorium Hammer
  • Schematic: Goblin Radio
  • Soon™ Enchant Gloves - Holy Power
  • Soon™: Enchant Gloves - Nature Power
  • Soon™ Enchant Gloves - Arcane Power
  • Soon™ Schematic: Recharge Manual Crowd Pummeler

How to get them?

You can learn their source by looking them up on our dedicated database, but for those that like exploring here are some clues:

The Stormcloth recipes drop from creatures that harness natural healing or lightning around level 35-45.
Pattern: Green Woolen Robe is sold by a hidden peddler in Westfall.
Pattern: Boots of Darkness is sold by a travelling merchant and his guardian robot.
Plans: Inlaid Thorium Hammer is sold by a blacksmith in a sandy goblin town.
Schematic: Goblin Radio is sold on the newly established goblin town in the murky swamp, only to those who get on their good side. (Horde Only)

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